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How To Get A Sexy Smokey Eye [Step By Step Guide]

One of the best eyeshadow makeup you can easily create is a sexy smokey eye look. Creating smokey eye makeup is not as intimidating makeup, which you might think. 

But it is for sure that you need to practice a bit before you can call yourself an expert in doing smokey eye makeup. To practice the correct way of doing smokey eye makeup, you need to know the steps that you need to follow while doing your eyes. 

A smokey eye is a perfect way of combining both sexy and sultry elements to your eye makeup. It is, without a doubt, the perfect makeup for a night out at the club or at a party. So if you wanna know more about how to do smokey eye, here are the steps that you need to follow. 

Things You Will Need For A Smokey Eye

Before you start doing your smokey eyes, there are a few things that you need to have in hand; these things are all listed down below. 

  • Eyeshadow primer (base)
  • Dark-colored Kohl eyeliner
  • Lighter eyeshadow (cream or pearl works great)
  • Darker eyeshadow (colors that you prefer)
  • Eyeshadow brush 
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler

Tips For A Sexy Smokey Eye

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So to start with your smokey eye makeup, here is the step-by-step guide that you need to follow properly. 

1. Do Your Eyes First

Do Your Eyes First

To start off with your makeup, the first thing that you should do are the eyes. Whatever makeup you do on your eyes should be the first thing you start with. 

That way, whatever fallout happens on your face won’t ruin your face makeup at all, and you can do your eye makeup as perfectly as you want. 

2. Add Primer To Your Eyelids

Add Primer To Your Eyelids

Now let’s start with the makeup; the first thing that you wanna do is use primer on your eyelids to prep them properly. Starting with the primer is something that is not done by everyone. 

It’s totally upto you whether you wanna prime your eyelids or not. The reason for using a primer is that it holds the eyeshadow colors together and helps to blend the eyeshadow colors properly without any cracks and creases. 

3. Find Different Shades

Now to start with the colors, there are a lot of different shades with which you can do a smokey eye with. There are shades such as grey smokey eye, blue smokey eye, green smokey eye, and also purple smokey eye. 

For each of these eye makeup looks, you need to use different color combinations. If when you are choosing the color combination for your smokey eye, you can match the colors with your dress

4. Use Eyeliner

Use Eyeliner

Now that you are all set with the eyeshadow color shades, and you have blended the color shades properly, now it’s time for eyeliner. 

With the kohl eyeliner, draw a line on your lashline and then smudge it to make it look smokey. The eyeliner actually adds definition to the eyes and creates a smoldering eye look altogether. 

5. Invest In Some Good-Quality Brushes

On the one hand, you can always use your fingers to apply the eyeshadow and even blend the colors with your hand. But to wanna do good eyeshadow makeup and wanna take it up as a career option, then you need to buy good makeup brushes. 

To start off with, you can buy only a few makeup brushes. But you grow as a good makeup artist, and you need to buy a lot more brushes that too of good quality. 

6. It’s All About Blending

To get the perfect smokey eye, you need to blend the colors beautifully without any cracks and creases. Unlike any other eyeshadow looks that are neatly and carefully blended, the smokey eye is usually done in a harsher and untamed manner than any other eyeshadow looks. 

You can use multiple makeup brushes to blend the eyeshadow to get a more even look. With a shorter brush, you can first add the colors to your eyelids, then with a fluffy brush; you can start blending the colors together. 

7. Highlighter Is Important

Highlighter Is Important

Just because you are creating smokey eye makeup, it’s wrong to think that it can’t shine. And to give that shine to your eyeshadow, all you need is a little bit of highlighter. 

Add a little highlighter to your brow bone, and then you will get a beautiful seamless finish to your whole smokey eye makeup look. 

It is possible that you don’t like a very shimmery highlighter; in that case, what you can do is apply a more neutral tone highlighter to the brow bone to make it stand out. 

8. Don’t Forget The Waterline

When you are creating a classic smokey eye, there are certain areas you need to apply makeup. Especially on your waterline, you need to apply black eyeliner to make it bolder and darker. 

By doing this, your eyes are gonna larger and more prominent as well. Other than black, you can always add any color other than black, such as purple, green, turquoise, brown, or even white. 

9. Mascara Is A Must

Whenever you are doing a smokey eye, it is important that you apply a somewhat heavy coat of mascara at the end. That way, your eyelashes are gonna look bigger, beautiful, and luscious. The mascara also adds a certain amount of volume to your eyelashes. 

If you are planning on applying the mascara on your lower lashes, then make sure that they are waterproof, or else they will all be smudged. 

Tip: “To protect your lashes, add a coat of water-based mascara first and then go over with your waterproof.”

10. Apply A Natural Face Makeup

Now that your eyes are all done, and your smokey eyes are looking sexy and gorgeous, it’s time to do the rest of your face. 

While you are doing your face, keep a few things in mind; since your eyes are quite bold, keep your face as neutral as possible. This is important, or else your eyes and face are gonna clash with each other. 

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go, you are all done with your sexy eye makeup. But even though you are done with your smokey eye to make it stand out, you need to keep your face makeup to a minimum, more towards nude makeup. 

That way, your sexy smokey eye will stand out even further without any other distractions. So if you are satisfied with the step-by-step guide on doing your own smokey eye, give this article a like and comment below.

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