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Sleeper’s Best Selling Clothing – Get Ready to Upgrade Your Style

We all want to refresh something in our lives, to add something new from time to time, and our wardrobe should be no exception.

However, finding something extraordinary might be a hard task these days. Fortunately, some brands are like gifts that keep on giving – they never fail to amaze their customers with fresh designs. And by just taking one glance at Sleeper’s best-selling clothing, we can say that it is such a brand.

Having been started by Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa back in 2014, Sleeper has become an ever-evolving label that keeps on conquering the hearts of its customers. They have already launched several women’s clothing lines, such as:

  • Bridal Collection
  • Party Collection
  • Summer Market
  • Vacation Styles
  • and many others.

As you can see, they have a wide range of styling options and can offer outfits for any occasion. That’s why Sleeper became a perfect solution for those who value practicality.

First of all, they have a vast variety of looks to choose from, so there won’t be any need to spend hours searching through the Internet, Secondly, their clothes are perfect for combination with your day-to-day wardrobe.

So, even if you buy a party pajama suit, you will be able to wear it whenever you want and not just for celebrations. However, besides obvious multifunctionality, Sleeper also attracts with its original views on style.

They started with the idea of turning simple pajama suits into something more casual or festive. Now, all their clothes project their idea of making simple look fabulously fashionable. Are you intrigued yet? Well, then go on and read about what Sleeper has to offer.

Obvious favorites: from pajama pants to knitted cardigans

Obvious favorites: from pajama pants to knitted cardigans

                                                                Source: the-sleeper.com

Sleeper is a brand, that successfully brought up women’s clothing to another level. With all the diversity in colors, patterns, and styles, it’s hard to imagine not finding anything at all. Let’s look at some of the best-selling clothing items, and maybe you will find something for your taste too.

First, let’s start with their signature pieces – pajama suits. They were the first outfits, designed by Sleeper, so it’s no wonder they have become one of the most beloved items.

Among the favorites, you will find a Sizeless Sleeper pajama set, a relaxed design made from 100% high-quality Eco-rayon. With this set, you will have a chance to fully express your love of freedom. This will be a great option for sleep, as well as for a laid-back coffee date.

For those who were looking for a summer outfit, a Rumba linen lounge set, as well as a regular linen lounge suit can become an expedient solution. These linen leisure sets with ruffle-trimmed details will make you look extra playful on a hot summer day. Not to mention that they come in all the fun colors too, like Bosporus Navy, blue Vichy, lavender, mint, pink, and even in some floral patterns.

And if you were searching for the classics, Party pajamas set with feathers is also here among bestsellers. This nightwear-turned-partywear design made from lightweight material and detailed with detachable feather cuffs is just an essence of elegance and comfort.

And the most attractive thing is, this Sleeper pajama set will look as good at a cocktail party, as during an evening stroll around the city. And for those of you who get excited about the feathers, there’s an option with double cuffs – both on the pants and the shirt.

Other Interesting Designs

However, even though Sleeper is known as a not-so-sleepwear brand, they also got many other outfit options besides pajamas. Just look into the variety of dresses they offer:

  1. Opera linen and silk dresses with relaxed necklines, lantern shoulders, and embroidered details.
  2. An all-time favorite Atlanta dress with puffed sleeves and a stretchy bodice.
  3. Marie linen dress with a detachable statement collar.
  4. Briggate maxi dress that can be worn with or without a belt.
  5. A classic Loungewear dress with adjustable shoulders and loos fit.
  6. And an interesting Michelin linen dress with fabulous sleeves.

Other Interesting Designs

                                                      Source: the-sleeper.com

And there’s even more! Playful and flirty Bodouir pants with feather cuffs, the Weekend chic sets with leggings or bicycle shorts that also have fuzzy details, Azure Blue Unisex linen robe, and knitted Cardigan with detachable feathers – everything to emphasize your fabulous self.

For those who are getting ready for summer Sleeper has also made an Ariel swimsuit design with ruffles. However, considering the elegance of this piece it might as well be worn as an Athpleasure bodysuit with some shorts. There are also some footwear options, as Sleeper has decided to expand even more their field of influence.

The most favorite shoes among bran’s customers now are Mille-feuille silk Flats and Shearling slippers. With such variety all in one place, it’s just impossible to leave empty-handed.

The innovation of women’s clothing by Sleeper

Why has Sleeper become such a bop among modern fashionistas? Well, we have explained some of the obvious reasons. They have successfully implemented the notion of practicality into their designs still maintaining the sense of style in their clothing.

However, that’s not the only one of their merits. What they did was turn over the perception of women’s fashion. There was this belief that women have to spend hours picking out the right outfit to look flawless. Thanks to Sleeper, this belief became just another myth.

There is no need to be extra to look stunning – just put on that linen dress by Sleeper and you will look like the fashion icon you are. The brand translates this message, that we have enough hustles on our plate already, so why not just roll out of bed, stretch out, and go grab a coffee in your favorite pajamas? At least their designs allow you to do so.

The brand has also made a huge emphasis on the feeling of comfort in style. Clothes shouldn’t make us feel awkward or inconvenient. It’s hard to feel beautiful when your pants are too tight or your blouse is too itchy. That’s why they only use high-quality material and offer a wide range of fits and sizes.

Moreover, Sleeper also encourages diversity and self-expression. Because an option of mix-and-matching your clothes with Sleeper’s styles is not just about practicality. It’s also about versatility and a chance to express oneself through style while still feeling comfortable.

Therefore, it’s needless to say that Sleeper is not just about clothes – it’s also about the idea of comfort, simplicity, and beauty in modern fashion.

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