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How To Wear Shorts With Boots – All You Need To Know

Shorts with boots! 

Yes, the imagination that flashed is not pretty. 

Fashion is chemistry on its own and there is a formula for every look. The gurus are always teaching us the importance of balance and symmetry while styling an outfit.

Both boots and shorts are loud and bold fashion choices. So, in the words of our favorite sitcom fashion expert Rachel Green, clashing them together might sound like  ‘A crime towards fashion!’

However, fashion is getting non-tangible day by day and with the advent of artistically bizarre outfit choices ruling the front pages of Vogue, boots with shorts doesn’t seem like a bad idea. 

Only if executed properly. 

Wearing Shorts With Boots

Wearing Shorts With Boots 

Wearing shorts with boots even though it sounds outlandish, is not that far-fetched in the fashion industry. Luckily, even with just one category of clothing and shoes, we get endless options to experiment with.

Therefore, here are a few choices you can opt for when you want to style a boot with your pair of shorts:

Long Cardigans

Long Cardigans

Any outfit that we wear is for our own amusement for sure but there is a part that always craves viewer satisfaction. So, when thinking from a viewer’s perspective, they will have a hard time deciding whether to concentrate on the amazing pair of shorts or those wild shoes. 

The key is to neutralize the look. Try putting on a long cardigan or a light shrug to complete the outfit. Plus, with the Fall season approaching; you will give that proper boots with shorts Tumbler Autumn Vibes. 

Not All Shorts Are Denim

Not All Shorts Are Denim

Black will always be the new black!

Try to argue your way out of this statement and the fashionistas will destroy you! 

If you want the comfort of shorts and yet want to wear them with your high fashion boots, just buy some high fashion shorts.

No matter what the material, shorts are, these boots with shorts look will always remain an epitome of comfort.

So, if you want that all black runway look, buy yourself some good-quality leather shorts and pair them with your black boots. Both being a part of neutral colors, it won’t crash. 



I can’t stress enough the wonders that a few accessories can do to your look. It can change the entire appearance. So, if you are in doubt about your abnormal pairing of shorts with boots, go for the accessories

To give you a few ideas, whatever shade you’re wearing for the upper half of the outfit, try to attire a warm-hued bandana either on the crown of your head or around your neck.

One more way is to wear a belt which is of the same color as the boots. These will help you balance the look plus give you that extra oomph to your bland outfit.

Baggy Is A Fashion Statement Now!

Baggy Is A Fashion Statement Now

You wanted to buy a pair of shorts because of the comfort and also for the fact that they come quite cheap. That being said, when you want to style it with your favorite boots may be spending a few more bucks for the purpose seems like a waste of money. 

Do you want to style it with something that is generally available at every closet corner? Then you have reached that corner of the article. In the mood for a chic casual look, pull out that baggy shirt. Its a sustainable shorts with boots style! 

It could be a t-shirt, button-down, or even a hoodie. They will go hand and hand with your tight-fitted shorts and boots.

Combat boots will go best with this outfit. However, if you don’t have them don’t worry because any other pair will do.

Go All Bold!

Go All Bold

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned both shorts and boots being a bold choice, and hence their chances of crashing increase. However, fashion is quite a relative subject and if you can pull it with confidence, you are bound to look runway ready.

If you are already choosing to wear shorts with boots, I would suggest that you go all bold. An outstanding outfit idea would be to wear your general crop top with some oversized jacket. Better if your boots have heels to elevate that dashing confidence. Total Insta baddie vibes!

Can I Wear Combat Boots With Shorts?

This is a question very often asked and let me share this news with all my edgy fashion lovers; Combat boots look absolutely stunning with shorts. You can even throw in some ripped or fishnet stockings if you are really into that grunge look.

Winter With Shorts

Winter With Shorts

Do you want to look fashionably envious during the winter without the suffering of the incorrigible winter chills?

In these shorts with boots you can. Not only will it allow you to take your favorite pair of knee-high boots out for Noel but more layers and more in vogue you will look.

Shorts with knee-high boots will look a little odd at first but the moment you hang your coat around it, the symmetry will change the look in seconds.

Boots With Shorts For Men

When it comes to fashion, we sometimes tend to forget that fashion is gender-neutral. Therefore, to all my fashionistas friends out there, here is the trendiest way for you to style shorts with boots. 

Invest On Good Ankle Shoes 

A good pair of timberlands or combat boots are the best way to accessorize any pair of shorts. 

This smart casual attire has been ruling men’s apparel for quite some time. The ankled boots are something that can be styled with everything; however, with a pair of khaki shorts, you will look summer-ready.

Desert Boots 

Desert boots can also be a semi-formal addition to your wardrobe. It is semi-formal not because you can wear them in your office, but because these shorts with boots apparel will elevate your brunch look. 

Simply wear a collared shirt and accessorize with a pair of sunglasses, and you are magazine cover ready.

Flannel Shirts 

Boots with shorts for men can look a little incomplete. So, if you want to complete your attire, then a flannel shirt can do wonders. 

With these shorts with boots look, you might also try to pitch in some socks. Don’t worry; they won’t look over the top.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The options when it comes to boots with shorts are endless and a few often asked questions are:

1. Do Shorts And Cowboy Boots Go Together? 

This is a tricky question because if you don’t choose the correct shorts, the entire look would be fashion roadkill.

So, if you want to wear your cowboy boots, the advice is to wear them with a longer shorts and take the help of some accessories that will complete the look.

2. How To Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts?

It is not weird to wear hiking boots with shorts. Hiking boots are a necessity for the activity but who said it couldn’t be a look. For women, they can accessorize hiking boots with shorts with a good flannel shirt. And, for men, a buttoned collared shirt which is slightly contrasting to the neutral color of the boots will be perfect. 

3. How To Wear Ankle Boots With Shorts? 

If you are wondering about the size of the shorts then there is nothing to worry about for all my fashionista ladies. Ankle boots are the best accessories for shorts. So, go for any kind! 

To Conclude

When I started this article, certainly the idea of shorts with boots sounded questionable. However, hopefully after explaining each style, I was able to project a better mental picture with each look.

To all the novice fashionistas out there remember, no style is too outlandish for you to experiment with as long as you live by the golden rule of symmetry and balance.

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