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Shein Gets The Laurel Of Fast Fashion Top Player Beating H&M And Zara

If you know, you know! Everyone who has shopped in Shein knows how this online platform is like the high-street fashion hub of your locality. You can find the most “help” outfits for all seasons on Shein, and the price point is unbelievable. 

This fast fashion Mughal now emerges as the top player in its territory beating big names like Zara and H&M. Further, this fast fashion brand is headed to an IPO with a mammoth market valuation.

The revenue figures of the brand stood at $23 billion in 2022. Almost the entire revenue was collected from online sales. 

If we try to decode the success of Shein, we will know how it has adhered to the concept of fast fashion and taken it to another level. It has listed clothes procured from mass-market retailers.

Further, the catch lies in how Shein has carefully worked to curate pieces, replicating sensational runway looks. Whenever I need a trench coat or blazer, Shein is the one-stop destination for me.

In addition, as those mass-market retailers are into mass production of clothes, you get them at a much cheaper price than any other platform.

Shein also works on the variety they offer to the customers. Variety is, of course, a driving point for shopping platforms to get more customers on board.

Even if you check out the collections on Shein on two consecutive days, you will find how new collections are listed every day.

If we compare the variety offered by Shein with the variety offered by Zara and H&M, we will understand how Shein has snatched the top spot.

From November 2022 to November 2023, Shein has managed to offer 65 times more variety than H&M. It has also come up with 37 times more variety in its collection as compared to Zara.

With these figures, Shein looks confident and is likely to go public in the USA. Further, it can be the biggest company based in China to be listed in New York.

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