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How to Find the Perfect Sexy High Heel Shoes

The world is opening up again and millions of us are dressing up to paint the town red like never before. The numbers have shown that the sale of high heels has risen steadily throughout 2021 so far, as more of us swap out our sliders and slippers for something a little bit more fun and glamorous. That being said, finding the perfect sexy high heel shoes is easier said than done.

High heel shoes for women can be expensive, which is why it is important to find one that suits your body and your look, offering maximum style and comfort at all times. For this, we have got you covered. If you’re on the hunt for some new killer high heels, read this handy guide to find out how to get the right pair the first time around.

1. Finding the Right Size and Fit

Whether you want black high heel shoes, white high heel shoes, or anything in between, the most important thing is that your shoes are the right size and fit. Remember, your size for high heels might be different from your size for other shoe types.

In addition, round toes provide much more room than pointy toes, while deep toe boxes offer more comfort. Being comfortable and choosing the right fit will make you look and feel much sexier when walking in your high heel shoes.

2. Pay More for Quality Heels 

This one might sound like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. Your high heels should be an investment. It is much better to have one pair of high-quality, more expensive heels than to have a dozen cheap heels that will break or feel uncomfortable.

Don’t worry too much about spending a lot of money on a shoe that will suffer wear and tear. You can use simple home guides for help removing creases from your shoes, as well as keep them clean and in great condition for years.

3. Walk Around Outside the Store

If you have found some gorgeous red high heels that you just cannot wait to take home, make sure to pause for a second. They might feel sexy and comfortable in the store, but that does not mean they are right for you. The store probably has plush, padded floors to make your walk feel as smooth as possible.

This is a trick. Ask your salesperson politely if you can take the shoes for a walk outside the store on the pavement so that you know how it feels to wear them IRL. A classy establishment will usually agree if you ask nicely.

4. Try Them On At the End of the Day

As a final little pointer, never try on high heels at the start of your shopping trip. Wait until the end, when you have already clocked in a full day or walking around and your feet are probably tired. This will give you a much more realistic idea of how it will feel to wear your heels for a longer period of time, such as during a night of clubbing.

Find the Right Sexy High Heel Shoes for You 

Now that you know how to begin finding the perfect sexy high heel shoes, it’s time to shop. No matter your look or your budget, we have got you covered. Simply consult our expert fashion buying guides to find the right brands for you.

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