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Tips For Sewing Wonderful Yet Realistic Fantasy Outfits

Whether it’s a cosplay outfit or a costume for a Halloween party, most people want it to look good and professionally made.

Naturally, the best option is to order custom-made fantasy outfits as professional tailors make them. However, it’s not always an achievable method, especially if you want to get into cosplay. Most cosplayers will tell you that they sew or adjust their outfits. After all, not every person can afford to spend a lot of money every time they attend a convention, an event, a party, or a festival.

Even with the basic knowledge of how to sew and what materials to use, how does one create fantasy outfits? This article focuses on useful tips to help you understand where to begin your costume-creation journey.

Who’s Your Character?

Who's Your Character?

Many people don’t consider one critical point: costume designs and materials differ depending on the character or hero you want to portray. For instance, an Elven princess wears a dress made of silk-like materials, while a warrior requires clothing that would protect them from the surroundings. Moreover, it should be camouflaged according to the terrain where the hero lives or goes on a journey.

While it’s easy to recreate costumes from TV shows, movies, and comic books, it may be more difficult to figure out outfits for characters from books. You would have to consider what function the clothing item must perform. And don’t forget about accessories! If you have a magical doctor on your mind, they would need a bad for potions to carry! They might need additional weapons like a staff or a wand if it’s a wizard.


Whether you’re creating clothes for characters you’ve made up or recreating existing heroes, consider the culture they live in. For instance, take Game of Thrones (or House of the Dragon). Each house has a specific culture, wearing different colors, having various sigils, etc.

If you want to make your outfit realistic and loyal to the cannon, always consider whether the character would wear a costume or dress you’re about to create. Perhaps, the character doesn’t like specific materials or prefers only one type of jewelry. Once you figure out these aspects, you can proceed with the sewing part.

Sewing Part

Sewing Part


One of the simplest ways to sew a dress or outfit is to check online for sewing patterns. Some patterns are even available for free. You can browse the Internet to find outfit patterns for characters you want to recreate.

For instance, you can download a pattern for an Edith dress for a Victorian-like character. Such patterns have all the necessary data, such as:

  • A list of materials you’ll need: the type of material to use, how many yards, etc.
  • A list of alternative materials you can use with the pattern, so it looks natural and fitting.
  • Other details, including measurements and sizes.

It’s much easier to use sewing patterns, especially if you don’t have enough experience to create your own patterns.

If you’re afraid to spoil the materials you buy, consider browsing thrift shops for cheap materials. You may even find a few suitable clothing items that you can transform into fantasy outfits or use as sewing patterns.

Final Thoughts

Wearing fantasy outfits offers an amazing experience. However, creating such dresses and costumes is a fun hobby. It’s calming and requires you to be diligent and patient. Thus, spending time sewing dresses or outfits may benefit you in different ways.

You can find various resources to learn how to sew, some of which are free. For instance, you can check YouTube for tutorials to learn the basics and download suitable sewing patterns to start!


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