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Septum Piercing – An Absolute Guide / Explanation

As a piercing lover, I do not only have them to look stylish, but also to embrace tribal culture. Piercing in many communities denotes boldness and fearless personality and many communities call it a deterioration of body modification.

I think there is no such thing as deterioration, it is your body and how you modify it is your choice. It is your personal opinion whether you have piercings or not. This article is not forcing anyone to do anything. You can style your septum with fake septum piercing.

Septum piercing is also known as septum nose piercing. Your aesthetic can be anything, getting a septum piercing, if you like , is a great way to express your personality and style. There are many types of jewelry for septum piercings which we will discuss in this article.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz and FKA Twigs look amazing in their septum piercings aren’t they?. In this article I will be giving you an absolute guide about septum piercing. You will find what it is, history, process, aftercare, side effects, cost and type of septum jewelry.

Let’s waste no time and jump right in.

What Is Septum Piercing?

What Is Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing is placed through the thin wall of the cartilage that divides the left and right nostrils. It is placed right in the middle of your whole face.

Getting a septum piercing and choosing the right spot for it is more difficult than it seems. A septum piercing has to be placed at the right spot. If the piercing gets crooked it will not look good. I had to redo my septum, because the first one was crooked and my entire face looked peculiar.

There is specific jewelry for septum piercings, nothing sharp will do because wiping the face at least once in a day is necessary, and that sharp object can catch the cloth which will stretch the hole and may lead to disastrous situations. 

Keep in mind that septum piercings compliment the shape of your nose, everyone has unique features, therefore not all faces might handle septum piercings well. Remember to ask your piercer to analyze your face anatomy and then mark the spot to proceed with the septum piercing.

  • History Of Septum Piercing

The history of septum piercing is nothing that interesting, it is as same as the history of piercings. The septum piercing is the second most common piercing done by both men and women after the ear piercing. Piercings were invented among the American Indian Natives, Indians, Bengalis, and African tribes.

Kangi Tribes of New Guinea are mostly known for septum piercings.

Septum Piercing – Process

Septum Piercing - Process

The process is very simple yet it has to be done very seriously. Whenever you decide to have a septum piercing, get to a piercer, a professional piercer. A well-known studio must be your first choice, because spending money on something that will stay with you forever, especially when there is a needle included to pierce your cartilage, should not be a big deal.

The professional piercer will be wearing gloves before touching your face and the piercing tools. He will pour alcohol on his hands while wearing the gloves. The jewelry should be washed with alcohol as well as the kit. He will then hold your face upwards and mark the septum area with a piercing marker.

The next step will be the holding of your septum cartilage with forceps. The needle that will pierce your nose cartilage will be washed with alcohol or other solution that kills the germs off any metal. The second last step will be the needle penetrating your septum cartilage. The pain you will go through will be 2 out of 10.

The last and final step will be you wearing the horseshoe septum piercing.

You look really nice.

Septum Piercing – Side Effects

Septum Piercing - Side Effects

Piercings have side effects if not taken care of. By which I mean, if you don’t clean that area often it will have crusts and that will lead to some serious problems.

Here are some side effects that you might get. Hence, this article is for alerting you about the bad stuff that comes with the good.

  • Infection 

Infection happens when people do not take care of the pierced area and fail to follow the procedure that prevents infection. If you think that you have an infection then keep an eye out for increased pain, redness, or the size of your nose. If the piercing is swollen enough to scare you, talk to your piercer immediately. Also, consult your doctor. 

  • Migration 

Many people do not understand what migration means in piercing or septum piercing. It simply means that the metal is rejecting or moving from its original spot. This also happens if proper care is not taken for your septum piercing. Contact your piercer as soon as you can, because this may lead to an infection as well. 

  • Scarring

If you irritate or tug your septum piercing you definitely run a risk of leaving a scar. Therefore do not touch it, until you are cleaning it. Touching the place unnecessarily can lead to infection. Scarring also takes place if you remove the piercing as it will close and give a mark.

Septum Piercing – Aftercare

Septum Piercing - Aftercare

After piercing any part of your body, it is necessary that you now concentrate on the aftercare. Here I have a bunch of tips that you must follow if you want your septum piercing to heal fast and not get any infection.

Tip – 1 

After coming back from the piercing studio, you must wash your hands and then wash the septum piercing.

Tip – 2

Use a sea salt solution for cleaning your pierced area.

Tip – 3 

Do not unnecessarily touch your pierced area. It might hurt for the first 3 days and later start itching, don’t worry. The itching starts when the wound starts to heal.

Tip – 4 

Don’t use any face wash or soap on your pierced area.

Tip – 5

If you have pets, stay away from them for a while because their paws or claws can damage your recently pierced spot.

Tip – 6

Be careful when wearing clothes, because it will catch the piercing metal and stretch it and trust me it is not going to be a calm situation.

Tip – 7

Be careful as well while you wipe your face with anything.

Tip – 8 

Don’t use cotton to clean that area because the fabric might get stuck in the piercing.

Tip – 9

Avoid eating sour foods.

Tip – 10

Clean your septum piercing 5 times a day.

Septum Piercing – Cost

Septum Piercing - Cost

It depends where you are going to have the septum piercing. I suggest never going to Claires, they have bad hygiene and poor service.

If you go for cheap piercing studios, I don’t know, it might turn out good for you, but mostly they have no experience in piercings.

A well-known place is always a good and wise choice.

Jewelry For Septum Piercing

Jewelry For Septum Piercing

Septum piercing does not have variations when it comes to choosing septum jewelry. There are only two options: a horseshoe, or septum piercing rings. Rings have many designs or stones attached to them. My personal suggestion is always to wear a smooth metal, don’t use curved metals as it will stretch your septum piercing. If you have plans to stretch your piercing, then check out my article on stretched piercings.

Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with an absolute guide on septum piercing as promised.

Septum piercing is cool but if you don’t like it or are afraid of it, please don’t force yourself, rather get a fake one. It will serve the same purpose.

Leave a comment down in the comment section and share your experience with me, as I would love to read it and reply as well.

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