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Selling Jewelry: What Are the Best Products to Sell?

If you’re considering selling jewelry, it’s crucial to know which products are trending for great sales and lots of customers.

Thanks to today’s online world, selling your own products for profit is easier than ever before.

Read on to find out which items are the best jewelry products that will get you tons of sales and a great reputation.

Layered Necklaces

A layered necklace adds depth and dimension to your look, and this is some of the best, most popular jewelry for sale today. These necklaces consist of two, three, or maybe four “layers” of chains and charms at different lengths.

You’ll find layered necklaces in silver, gold, rose gold, and more. Many have a small charm hanging from the longest necklace, while others could be several different sizes of “plain” chains.

When procuring this jewelry, it might be called “multilayered necklaces.” From classic to modern design, this is a popular jewelry trend that’s sure to sell well.

Selling Jewelry: Try Silver Rings for Success

Silver goes with almost any skin tone, and it’s a great choice if you sell rings as part of your catalog. Rings in different shapes or those with sparkling stones can add a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

You can find beautiful rings and more at discounted prices at WholesaleSparkle.com. They sell a variety of gorgeous rings and more to give your customers a wide array of unique designs to choose from.

When it comes to selling jewelry, the key is to keep everything fresh and new. Make sure you offer your customers an assortment of different ring styles so you have something to offer every taste.

Colorful Resin Jewelry

While precious metals and stones will never go out of style, new designs are using a new material: resin. This unique jewelry can be clear or opaque, and it comes in a rainbow of different colors.

Look for vibrant acrylic hoop earrings that are all the rage this year. Colorful necklaces made of resin in different shapes or pendants that feature this style are both also selling like hotcakes.

An appealing aspect of resin is that it can be made in patterns, too. Sell a pair of leopard “print” resin earrings or a rainbow-colored pendant and you should see your profits soar. Another great thing about resin jewelry is that you can find custom jewelry made of this material for a unique offering to your customers, too.

Find the Best Jewelry Products

Whether it’s a charm bracelet, resin hoop earrings, or a beautiful silver ring, selling jewelry is a profitable venture if you know where to look. Try these trends and sell a variety of different designs to keep your customers coming back for more.

You can purchase your jewelry wholesale for discounted prices, and it’s easy to change stock whenever trends change.

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