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Four Tips For Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

Every piece of diamond jewelry is an investment since you can resell them at a lower cost in times of need. The good thing about buying and selling now is they accept diamonds as long as they come with a certificate. Otherwise, the price will not be worth it. In order to get a high-quality diamond, buy from a reputable wholesale diamond dealer – Shira Diamonds, for instance, who can offer you a diamond you can resell and get the value your diamond jewelry deserves. 

4 Tips For Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

In typical cases, diamond jewelry reselling is a process for presenting a diamond certificate. Unless you are submitting the certificate, the prices of the diamond jewelry can not be determined, and you are going to get a significantly lower amount for the diamond jewelry.

Here are four tips for selling your diamond jewelry.

1. Know Your Jewelry Worth

1. Know Your Jewelry Worth

When buying diamond jewelry, getting familiar with diamond properties is essential. In that way, you will know what you are buying and what comes with the money you are paying for. The same when selling, whether you bought it yourself or whether it was given as a gift, you should be familiar with its properties. 

Before selling your diamond jewelry, make sure to have them assessed by someone who is not buying jewelry to know the real value of your jewelry once you sell it. You can also have it evaluated by several pawnbrokers or professional jewelry buyers. 

You can compare their opinions and have an idea of the average price you can sell your jewelry for. Having knowledge of these things can help you get the best price for your jewelry.

2. Sell It At A Realistic Price

2. Sell It At A Realistic Price

Is my diamond jewelry worth selling? First, to know the current value of the jewelry you have at hand. Check prices in online stores to have an idea of how much you are going to sell it. Also, learn the market trends since there are fluctuations in the prices of resale jewelry depending on the current market trends. 

Setting a realistic price can make you dispose of your diamond jewelry faster. Do your research on the prices to have a basis and make an offer that you and the buyer can agree on immediately. Negotiating prices can be more accessible if you have an idea of the prices in the current market. This can also prevent you from getting scammed. 

3. Know Your Selling Option

Know Your Selling Option

How do you sell your diamond? There are two ways you can sell your jewelry: the jewelry industry or the public. There are a lot of pawnbrokers and diamond dealers who buy diamonds. Dealing with them can make your diamond jewelry sell faster, but don’t expect a high price since their main goal in buying diamonds is to sell them to make profits. 

The other option, which is selling to the public, can result in selling your jewelry at a higher price but may take too long and be risky since not all buyers might be serious. 

There are lots of online platforms where people are free to sell their items, and they are even categorized, so selling them on these platforms can have more chances of getting a serious buyer. Just be vigilant in determining whether real and bogus buyers. 

4. Make Sure To Be Emotionally Ready To Sell Your Jewelry 

Jewelry is very much loved by people, especially if they are given as a gift from their loved one. That’s why selling them can be hard sometimes. When deciding to sell your diamond jewelry, make sure that your attachment with them is gone so that way you won’t have regrets once they are sold. Another thing to put in mind is that sentimental value doesn’t count in pricing your jewelry. 

Selling your jewelry can have different purposes, such as upgrading jewelry or the need to settle an obligation. Whatever reasons you have, you have to make it with a whole heart, so you can determine whom or where to sell your jewelry to.

For instance, if it’s urgent, then the jewelry industry will be an ideal choice. If not, selling to the public will be best. Make sure to get the value of your jewelry when reselling it by checking on the four tips for selling your diamond jewelry.


How do you price your diamond jewelry for resale? This is another question you should learn to answer. Jewelry that is for resale will be evaluated according to the quality, demand, condition, and carats. So you have to know the details of your diamonds in order to answer the question when asked by the buyer. Which strategy are you going to follow to resell your diamond jewelry? Do not forget to share your experience in the comment section.

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