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How To Sell Your Unwanted Pieces Of Jewelry Faster?

Low points are expected in any person’s life. Especially during times of great economic distress, you’ll probably be looking for ways to earn or get extra cash. Before you consider getting a loan or asking a friend to lend you some money, have you tried looking around the house to see if there are any hidden gems you can sell? Try digging in your closet, and you might be surprised to find those unwanted pieces of jewelry about which you’ve almost forgotten.

Selling your unwanted jewelry could be the answer to your financial distress. But before you storm out of your house and head to someone or somewhere you think would buy your hidden treasures, you might want to read on first and find out some tips to sell your jewelry faster to make sure you get the actual value of your jewels.

Fast Cash From Your Unwanted Treasure

Fast Cash From Your Unwanted Treasure

Jewelry pieces are always a joy to receive as a gift, but sometimes, the items you get just don’t match your taste or style. In such cases, you’re likely to stash the pieces away and maybe forget about them as days pass. Or it could also be those pieces that you used to love, but over the years, they seem just to have lost their sparkle (to you) and you’re no longer excited or interested to wear them.

Whichever’s the case, selling your unwanted pieces of jewelry is a good idea if you need fast cash. It’s like getting rid of gems you didn’t want in the first place, but you get to make money out of it. If you’re from Orange County, one of the options you have is to look for trusted jewelry buyers in Orange County. The question is, how do you know if a buyer is trusted or legitimate?

Here are some tips to help you out:

Look For A Local Jeweler

When it comes to selling jewelry pieces, it’s best to look for a local jeweler or pawnbroker in your area. They’re more likely to offer the best price since they see you as their potential customer who’ll return to do business again one day.

Check Out Their Store

If you’re negotiating with a local jeweler, that means they’ve probably been in business for years. You could also try finding them on social media or if they have a website you can check. If they do, they indeed have reviews from past and loyal clients. You can get a feel of how they transact with others, and from there, you’ll have an idea if they’re indeed legitimate or not.

Know Your Jewelry’s Value

Before heading to the store and asking how much they’d be willing to buy your pieces, take time to assess the value of your jewels first. You can search online and see if there are similar items listed on auction websites. Through this, you can have an idea of how much your stuff is worth. When you already have an evaluation, it’ll be easier to decide which offer would be most beneficial to you.

You can also go to a jewelry store or pawn shop in your area to have the items checked. They’ll surely know the metal and gem in your jewelry. If you’re trying to sell jewels with diamonds, the store could also evaluate its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. They may also be able to recommend how much you can sell the items faster.

See If You Can Still Have Them Cleaned Or Repaired

Most often than not, unwanted or old jewelry pieces are left piled up in some old box or at the deepest corner of your closet. That means they weren’t handled with care and might have been damaged or ruined while stored mindlessly.

What you can do is have the jewelry cleaned, repaired, or restored if you want to raise its appraisal. The pieces may look dusty and rusty the moment you found them, but after a good cleaning and restoration, they’ll be sparkling like new again.

You can try using warm water and mild dish soap to clean the pieces. If you’re afraid to mishandle or damage them even further, you can bring them to a professional jewelry cleaner to be restored to their original glory.

Selling Your Unwanted Jewelry Pieces Online

Selling Your Unwanted Jewelry Pieces Online

Another option is to sell your jewelry pieces online. You can make a listing for them on auction websites or post them on your social media page. If you have a website, you can utilize that as well. The process of selling anything online is basically the same, although the difference this time is the possibility of meeting a buyer you don’t know or haven’t met yet.

If you decide to sell your unwanted jewelry online, make sure you meet them somewhere safe and in broad daylight. If you can, bring a friend with you so the other party will think twice before scamming or victimizing you.

There’s a safe way to sell something online, which involves receiving the payment through your bank account. And once payment is confirmed, you can ship the items to your buyer’s address. The only issue with this concept is that not everyone will trust you immediately, especially if they don’t know you at all.

Selling Old Jewelry As Scrap

Selling Old Jewelry As Scrap

Selling something as scrap isn’t only for cars and appliances. Old jewelry can also be sold for its scrap value, which works well if you need immediate cash and don’t have time to look for a reputable jeweler. Selling it for scrap means the pieces will be broken down into parts and the scrap buyer will most likely melt them down into bullion.

This process is the easiest and fastest, although it could also be the lowest price or appraisal you can get for your unwanted jewelry pieces. That might work if you know the items aren’t too valuable or they’re not in perfect shape. If you have broken necklaces, damaged bracelets with gems, or anything of that sort, selling them for scrap could be a faster way to earn cash.

Wrapping Up

Your jewelry may be unwanted for now, but there’s undoubtedly someone out there who’d find it beautiful and worth a hundred or even a thousand bucks. You can get the best price for your unwanted gems if you’d take the time to prepare them for appraisal. You can look for a local jeweler or pawnbroker in your area.

There’s also an option to sell them online, but be extra careful should you decide to do so. If you want a hassle-free and fast way to sell them, you can also sell the jewelry for scrap. Now you know how to sell your unwanted jewelry pieces faster, which is good news because you can have that extra cash you need for anything you want to buy or pay for.

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