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Selkie Dress: The Brand Behind TikTok’s Famous Puff Dress

It’s amazing how Selkie dress is a rage on Tiktok. Watch every other video on Tiktok, and you will see how the fairytale princess vibe is reigning. 

The year 2018 and Kimberley Gordon came up with the Selkie brand. She conceived and delivered a brand that rhymes with her spirit and feminine sensibilities. 

In fact, from the name of the brand to its ubiquitous dresses, Selkie helps women to come out of their closets and celebrate who they are. 

Selkie Dress: Unfurling the Folklore Inspiration

Selkie Dress: Unfurling the Folklore Inspiration

All the hopeless romantics out there! Selkie dress is what will strike a chord in your heart. Kimberley Gordon has left no stone unturned to be effervescent with her “artistic self-expression.” 

It’s beautiful and unbelievable to see how age-old folklore became a full-fledged brand with Gordon’s Selkie that celebrates femininity and inclusive fashion.

Nevertheless, Scandinavian folklore has Selkie as a sea maiden wearing a seal’s skin. She comes to the rocks and sheds her skin to soak in the Sun. If a man gets to steal her skin at that moment, the maiden is forced to become his wife. However, if the woman manages to get her skin back, she will go back to her previous form and return to the sea. 

This simple story is empowering and an excellent portrayal of women’s freedom. This freedom and choices of women to transform and explore are very prominent in the design of each Selkie dress

How Selkie Dress Celebrates Inclusivity

How Selkie Dress Celebrates Inclusivity

Gordon was never happy with her representation in the field of inclusive beauty standards when she had to part ways with Wildfox, her previous brainchild. 

She struggled to find her mettle until the Scandinavian folklore of Selkie motivated her again. Since then, she has been working to realize this motivation in the design of every Selkie dress

Her creations celebrate women’s flamboyance and defy the beauty standards that conform to “sizes.” Women of every body type are beautiful, and they just need to shed the cocoon to get on the top. Even if you look at Selkie’s size chart, there are dresses from XXS to 6X. 

Selkie Dress Collection

Selkie Dress Collection

It was never easy for a young brand like Selkie to be on top of women’s fashion trend within such a short time. Exploring its different styles will give you an idea of why it’s such a rage. 

Further, once you visit the Selkie dress website, you will be transported to a fantasy land with puff, ritzy, day, bridal and gown dresses.

Let’s dive!

Selkie Puff Dress

Selkie Puff Dress

Who needs to set a boundary when Selkie dress can give you a dream flight to your fashion dreams? This collection stands out with its vintage puff sleeves, rich fabric, and experimentation in neck designs, hemlines, and patterns. 

From a cool and breezy summer hangout to a posh evening party, Selkie puff dresses can be the best fantasy outfits

Selkie Wedding Dress

Selkie Wedding Dress

Grab a Selkie wedding dress to look like a dream on your wedding day. The slits, the flares, and flowy hemlines! These are stuff only fairy tales are made of. The necklines of the wedding dresses, including the corset styles, are mostly to give your bosom a plunge to add an extra dose of sensuality. 

If you want something flowy and beautiful for your honeymoon by the beach, you can choose the Selkie romance novel dress in soothing pink. 

The Day Dress

The Day Dress

Let the Sun shine bright and show your spark in a chic Selkie dress from the “Day Dress” collection. Get ready to be spoilt with choices for vividness in patterns, necklines, designs, and hemlines.

My personal favorite? It’s the Beach Day dress.

The Ritz Dress

The Ritz Dress

Would you like to look like the women from Bridgerton? The Ritz Dress collection is here for you to explore.

With extra flares, a flowy silhouette, and a vintage vibe, each Selkie dress in this collection is impressive. 

Princess Dress

The Princess Dress is fun, feminine, and free-flowing. From dainty floral prints, Van Gouge’s Starry Night prints, and classy monochromes, make a choice that suits your aesthetics.

If you want a quirky twist in your Selkie princess dress, get the Strawberry Selkie dress, creating a beachy and tropical vibe. 

Selkie Ball Gown Dresses 

Be the queen of every evening party you attend in the ball gown dresses from Selkie. Exploring these dresses will be like seeing the reflection of your favorite female characters from period pieces based on royalty.

Enjoy the frills, flares, and every other thing femininity is made of!

Selkie Dress Campaigns 2023

The 2023 Selkie Dress Campaigns are taking the aesthetics and feminine vibe of the brand to a new height. The Lily of the Valley recreated the playfulness of the 1960s and presented the best outfits for spring and summer.

Another Spring Summer collection, I’m Alive, mostly offers dresses in soft pastels. The collection fuses designs inspired by the medieval ages and modern days.

You will notice how black reigns the Fall 2023 Lucy collection of Selkie. Mostly monochromatic, this collection still has some floral dresses to impress. 

Buy a Selkie Dress to Support Sustainable Practices

It’s not just about following the trend or making a fashion statement! Once you buy a Selkie dress, you endorse sustainable practices. Along with body positivity, and femininity, Selkie also supports “carbon neutral deliveries.” And it’s a great way to keep CO2 emissions and global warming in check!

Wrapping Up!

Don’t listen if a friend suggests getting a Selkie dress dupe for a lesser pocket pinch. The brand offers endless varieties of designs, cuts, patterns, and styles. It has dresses, jumpsuits, tops, skirts, bottoms, sweaters, knitwear, jackets, coats, and bags. 

With a pledge to help every woman flaunt their beauty with elan, Selkie offers a huge size range in its outfits. So, every time you feel not-so-confident about your body or plan to keep your fashion game plain, give the Selkie dress collection a look. You will find the right outfit for every occasion. 

This is a brand where you will find all the motivations you need. Happy shopping!

Don’t forget to tell me about your favorite Selkie outfit and why you find it adorable.

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