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Saudi Arabia Becomes The Middle East Fashion Hub With First Riyadh Fashion Week

Saudi Arabia became the Middle East fashion hub after the first Riyadh Fashion Week, presenting the brilliance of the local designers.

The Fashion Week took place at King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD). It was a 4-day affair and comprised 15 runway shows.

Beyond the glitz and glamor of the shows, the Riyadh Fashion Week capitalized on financial opportunities. It was very much in line with the Government’s agenda that wants to use fashion as a significant weapon for the complete transformation of the country in 2023.

The Fashion Commission of Saudi’s Minister of Culture organized this fashion week. Burak Cakmak, chief executive officer of the Fashion Commission, points out how the country wants to bring a change in its economic sector.

It wants to look something beyond oil to propel its complete transformation in 2030. In this context, Cakmak said,

“Fashion is directly supporting Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 transformation.”

He further added, 

“We look forward to seeing Saudi brands finding their rightful place in the sector as it continues to grow. Riyadh Fashion Week a stepping stone in that journey.”

Saudi Arabia already has the biggest consumer base in Gulf countries. There is also an estimation of the local fashion products reaching $32 billion in the next two years. The Fashion Commission anticipates high demand for local brands along with international goods.

It is impressive how 

the young fashion industry of Saudi Arabia contributed to the 1.4% GDP of the country last year.

The Israel-Hamas war has left a ripple in the country. However, that did not interfere with the first Riyadh Fashion Week, and it’s unlikely to affect the country’s journey toward becoming the fashion hub of the Middle East.

Couturier Mohammed Ashi started the event. The first Saudi designer to feature “on the official calendar for Paris haute couture” had his first runway show in Saudi Arabia.

Another attraction at the event was Honayda Serafi’s Cosmos collection, which paid tribute to Rayyanah Barnawi, the first female astronaut in the country to reach space.

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