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Shein Lawsuit Accuses Fast Fashion Site Of RICO Violations. Click Here For Details

The online shopping destination Shein is facing a lawsuit stating that they are “maintaining it;s edge by engaging in egregious copyright infringement that constitutes racketeering.”

The complaint was officially filed in Los Angeles, in California federal court, by three designers claiming, “they were surprised and oiutraged to see their products faithfully copied and sold by the Chinese fast-fashion retailer.” 

The lawsuit alleges, “the reproduced products weren’t close call copies, where designs are interpreted with some liberties, but were truly exact copies of copyrightable graphic design, that were sold by Shein.”

It is alleged that Shein “engages in a pattern of copyright infringement as part of its effort to produce 6,000new items each day for its millions of customers. That amounts to a violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO.”

The suit also alleges that “Shein has grown rich by committing individual infringements over and over again, as part of the a long and continuous pattern of racketeering, which shows no sign of abating.” 

Founder and director of the Fashion Law Institute of Fordham University, Susan Scafidi, said, “Shein has also been accused of other kinds of labor violations having to do with sweatshops and wage theft in China… and we don’t to be a party to that.”

One of the designers that Shein ripped off is Krista Perry. They blatantly copied her graphic posters and the words as well that said: “Make It Fun.” She complained on the Shein website, saying, “incredibly disheartening, insulting and downright evil to profit off of artists without their knowledge or permission.” 

The suit also alleges “Shein wrote back with an offer of $500. Shein made its offer as if it were a mom and pop operation rather than one of the richest enterprises in the world. Perry suffered substantial damage to her business in the form of diversion of trade, loss of profits and a diminishment in the value of her designs and art, her rights and her reputation.” 

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