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10 Popular Rib Tattoos for Boys and Girls

People have been designing rib tattoos for several decades as a representation of some symbolic depiction. You can tattoo on any part of your body, but human beings are now more conscious and want to tattoo a body part that can enhance their appearance and give them a more charming and sexy look. One of the most sensitive and sensual parts of the body when it comes to tattooing is the ribs and rib cage.

The number of boys and girls who are going for rib tattoos keeps on growing spontaneously.  It is a great delicacy to design tattoos on the ribs. These tattoos are so appealing as long as you sketch some bold designs intricately and adequately.

But how do you get the best rib tattoos for girls and boys? This article will give you ten ideas that you can implement for the rib tattoo. The most important thing is to have a design that will make you stand out from the crowd. You cannot achieve this objective unless you get a highly talented individual to work on your tattoos.

You have to practice a high level of creativity when designing rib tattoos. The guiding principle is to get a print that will set you apart from the other boys and girls. A highly-skilled artist will help you to weigh the options that you have and choose the best course of action. In the meantime, let us look at some of the top rib tattoo ideas that you can implement for your body.

10 Popular Rib Tattoo Ideas: 

Rib tattoos are very attractive to the rib cage. Therefore, now not making you wait for any further, here are the top 10 popular rib tattoo ideas,

1. Rib Skull Tattoo Design

Rib Skull Tattoo Design

This tattoo design is a simple sketch on the ribs that outlines the skull in an outstanding way that fetches an admirable look to the individual. This tattoo design keeps on reminding the individual that death can come their way at any moment. Therefore, you have to enjoy life and make sure that you enjoy it to the fullest. It is one of the messages that young boys and girls would like to hear.

2. Adorable girl’s Rib Tattoo Design

Adorable girl’s Rib Tattoo Design

This tattoo design is perfect for individuals who love intricate and small patterns. It is an ideal match for anyone who admires the beauty that comes in a simple design. You can depict it by outlining a tiny flower with a few leaves that are ideal for people who have a strong belief in simple designs. It is quite easy to achieve such minimalist appearances. You will also not take a lot of time designing these tattoos.

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3. Pointed Rib Cage tattoos

We have individuals who are careful about moving in life despite the dangers, hurdles, and succeed irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. It is like an arrow because it has an infinity symbol implying that the arrow will continue to move in the desired direction until it hits the target. Most people who are focused in life will tell you that this is among the best rib tattoo ideas.

4. Freedom Rib Cage Tattoos

Freedom Rib Cage Tattoos

We have people who like to stay like free birds and like to lead a life of moving from one place to another like birds. These people will want to fly high without any form of set limitations and boundaries and move from one place to another without restrictions. A person who wears this tattoo will be depicting this image and has a dream of living such a life. This dream is prevalent among the young generation of both men and women.

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5. The Awesome Side Rib Tattoos Design

side tattoo design


Most people agree to the fact that the displays of the lotus flower have a gorgeous look. This flower retains a pure state even though it grows in muddy places. Therefore, it is one of the most brilliant ideas for tattoos, especially among girls. When you depict this tattoo, you will be telling your friends that you display the attributes of a lotus flower. The design communicates that you have a beautiful internal heart like the lotus flower. The person helping you to come up with this tattoo should make sure that it is as real as possible.

6. Marvelous Men’s Rib Tattoo

Marvelous Men’s Rib Tattoo

This pattern presents a beauteous and startling tattoo design in which you depict an image of a tribal lady. You have to do this in an artistic way that covers all the sides and ribs of the individual. The feathers crown will give this design a more admiring appearance.

7. Airplane Small Rib Tattoo Designs

Airplane Small Rib Tattoo

This tattoo design is one of the most fascinating and enticing designs for the ribs. Sketching the airplane on this part of the body is a cool way of showing that the individual loves adventures and is fond of traveling. You can use it to communicate your desires to your new lover without having to put them in words. People who want to avoid tattoo pain prefer to go for small and simple designs. However, getting a highly experienced professional to work on your tattoo can also significantly reduce the level of pain.

8. Ripped Skin Rib Cage

Ripped Skin Rib Cage

This design is among the best rib tattoo ideas in the industry. These tattoos have an artistic design that shows a ripped skin and the glaze comes out from it. This tattoo design gives the individual a realistic look and extends sideways giving the individual a macho appearance.

9. Inspiring Rib Tattoos

Inspiring Tattoos on the Ribs

You can hide the ribs from the general public and make them visible if you wish. Therefore, you can write the most powerful words and declare that you are in love with someone. The beauty is that you can only allow the chosen one to read these words. Write an inspirational message on the rib in the form of a tattoo, and it will communicate so well.

10. Stunning Female Rib Tattoo Design

This tattoo has a bold and striking design (rib tattoo designs), and both men and women can style it. The tattoo emphasizes the fact that the deeds of the individual are against societal law. The person has a rebelliousness bent of mind, and their acts try to bring unrest in the society. Therefore, only use this tattoo when you are sure about the message you are communicating.

With all these rib tattoos for guys, you will not fail to get the one that meets your needs accurately. Remember you have to choose carefully because each tattoo design has a precise meaning.


You want to pick something that displays your personality and goal in life. Even you can pick simple rib tattoos. Don’t forget to use experienced artists to work on your tattoo. Such people will give you the best designs with minimal pain.

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