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What Is Renaissance Fashion? Explore And Ace This Fashion Aesthetic This Season

The spirit of Renaissance fashion still lives, and it’s bigger this season, making its presence felt in women’s fashion trends. 

This year, fashion has been all about looking back at the past and trying to find some solace in escapism. As we are already referring to the fashion in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, it’s time to go back several centuries. 

The Renaissance style is definitely not an exception. The humanitarianism, art, and culture of the Renaissance period (14th-17th century) had a deep impact on shaping the fashion aesthetic of that time. Do you want to know more about this style and explore different types?

Let’s explore!

What Is Renaissance Fashion Style?

Like the core vibe of Renaissance aesthetics, Renaissance fashion focused majorly on symmetry, regularity, and proportion of the designs. Women’s fashion in the era especially focused on flowy and full-length outfits with a lot of lacework and frills. 

The tailoring was form-fitting, accentuating their bust and waistline. Further, women accessorized their gowns with beret hats and veils. They also used hair accessories in abundance for the touch of opulence in their hairstyle. 

Perfecting The Renaissance Fashion For Women This Season 

Renaissance fashion for women has always been about elegance. Even the simplest of pieces in that era exuded love for art, and the outfits depicted the social status of the wearer. 

This season, the Renaissance style is back with all its grandeur and pomp. Here, I have curated some ideas that you can adapt to ace your Renaissance look. Also, explore the style tips to get your fashion game on point. 

Velvet Maxi Dress

It’s hard to imagine Renaissance fashion without the use of velvet. The plush fabric and its unique shine truly define the charm and elegance of the bygone era. With Renaissance fashion being back in the nooks of contemporary fashion, you will see velvet maxi dresses ruling the runways. 

You can adapt this style of dressing by wearing a velvet maxi dress in red and green with statement jewelry. Be creative and contemporary in the silhouette or outfit, and wear it in style with high heels or stilettos for any special occasion. 

Layered Maxi Dress In Muted Shades

If you assess the spectrum of Renaissance fashion, you will find the presence of bright red, blue, yellow, and green on the one hand and pastel or muted shades on the other hand. If you have a liking for muted colors, you can ace the Renaissance style of dressing by wearing a layered maxi dress in ivory white or beige.

The layered tailoring of the outfit will add definition and movement to the overall design. You can wear it with pumps or heels to flaunt a minimalistic yet elegant look.

Floral Straight Gown

Long flared gowns were the order of the fashion scenario in the Renaissance period. However, if you want, you can also go for a straight-cut gown with a lot of floral prints all over the outfit. 

However, while choosing a floral gown that matches the Renaissance style, opt for silk or satin tailoring. The finish of these fabrics will be ideal to match the fashion vibe of that era. 

You can wear your floral straight silk gown with ballerinas and heels to put your best foot forward. Straight gowns do not need much accessorizing.

So you will not need an elaborate neckpiece to complement your silk dress. Choose statement earrings to complete your look in this silk dress. 

Your choice of footwear can be versatile to complement this gown. Wear it with flat ballerinas or chunky sneakers to add a contemporary twist to your overall look. 

Long Gown With Balloon Sleeves

The Renaissance style of dressing was conservative and elegant. So, you will notice a lot of flare, long lengths, and tailored designs in these outfits. 

A long gown will be an excellent choice as your party outfit. Instead of the usual long sleeves, you can choose balloon sleeves to make the tailoring more interesting. 

Square necks or V-necks go well with balloon sleeves. So, to flatter your figure in the best possible way, you must go for a combination of any of the neck styles and balloon sleeves.

Off-Shoulder Satin Dress

It’s time to introduce some contemporary twist to your Renaissance-inspired outfit by choosing an off-shoulder style for your outfit. The off-shoulder neck of the dress will give your bust area a much-needed plunge. 

However, if you want to add some layering to your ensemble, you can wear a short coat or a cropped jacket with this dress.

Diamond and pearl necklaces look good with these outfits. Wear stilettos or stone-studded high heels to step out in style in this outfit. 

Red Maxi Dress With A White Long Coat 

A red maxi dress made of satin or velvet can be the ultimate party outfit if you love the Renaissance style of dressing. The natural finish of these outfits makes you look effortlessly glamorous. Also, they need minimal accessorizing.

Further, if you love layering and it’s a party in the autumn or winter, you can wear a long white fur coat with your red maxi dress. The combination of red and white will also create an interesting visual contrast. 

Wear the red maxi dress with flat ballerinas and pearl jewelry to make a distinct fashion statement. 

Silk Dress With Flared Sleeves 

Plush fabrics like silk, velvet, and satin were widely used to make outfits of the Renaissance period. So, a silk dress with a natural sheen will be the ideal choice to ace the fashion aesthetic of that era. 

You can choose a silk dress in a solid pattern or outfits with floral prints and detailing. To add opulence to the tailoring of the dress, you can have flared or balloon sleeves for your dress.

Keep the cut of your dress straight or flared according to your preference and how you want to highlight your silhouette. 

Black And White Tunic Dress 

If you want to decode country-style Renaissance fashion for women, you will find a lot of similarities with the recent cottagecore fashion or country aesthetics. Novels like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice also depict this specific style of dressing.

Nevertheless, to perfect the country fashion of the Renaissance period, you can wear a black tunic dress with a white lace blouse.

To add some contemporary twist to your way of dressing, you can also pick a tunic with checks or a self-pattern.

Are you looking for the best footwear to complement this outfit? Choose black pumps or heels to put your best foot forward. 

High-Waist Long Skirt With A Full-Sleeve Top 

If you want to dress up like old money or bring the Renaissance charm alive in your way of dressing, you can choose a high-waist long skirt with a full-sleeve top.

To make the top adhere to the particular theme, you can get it detailed with lacework around the neck. Use frills and lacework around the sleeve hem to infuse some drama into the outfit. 

Lace Dress With A Red Coat 

If you have seen “The Cook of Castamar,” on Netflix, you must be well aware of the style of dressing I am referring to here. Choose a dress in muted or pastel colors as your main outfit. Lacework around the neckline and on the hem will further add a pristine vibe to the overall look of the outfit.

You can wear the dress with a red coat and a beret cap to complete your look for any casual outing. Wear your dress with a white beret hat or a red scarf to accessorize your outfit perfectly. 

Form-Fitting Dresses With Hats 

Do you want to flaunt your beautiful figure and adopt the Renaissance style of dressing? You can wear a gown with form-fitting or cuff sleeves. The form-fitting sleeves will flatter your bust line, and the tailoring will make you look more voluptuous.

You can match the outfit with a hat or scarf of the same color to maintain the most elegant style of dressing. You will come across many paintings and artwork of the Renaissance era where women are depicted in this way.

These dresses look great with high heels or stilettos.

Embroidered Dress With A Cloak 

You will see the presence of a lot of embroidery work in the outfits of the Renaissance era. So, you can flaunt the fashion aesthetic of the Renaissance era by wearing an embroidered dress and layering it with a cloak.

If you prefer a seamless look, you can choose a cloak that matches the color of your outfit. To add a little bit of drama to your way of dressing, you can wear the dress with a cloak in a contrasting shade. 

Final Words 

Elegance and opulence! These are the words that define Renaissance fashion for me. However, you can also see a range in the outfits women wore at that time based on their social stature and family background.

Do you want to infuse the Renassaince way of dressing into your daily dose of fashion? You can check out the ideas I have discussed in this guide.

If you have any other ideas regarding women’s fashion and the fashion aesthetics of the Renaissance period in general, don’t forget to share!

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