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How To Refashion Your Tops For Summer

Many people can’t wait to bask in the sun during the summer. It’s a perfect season to stay outdoors get your most awaited tanned lines and naturally-blushed cheeks. While summer is a fun time to participate in many exciting and adventurous activities, it also means a fashionable time to sport your summer wear. It’s best to replace your winter wardrobe and use your tees and tank tops for the hot weather.

You don’t have to break the bank to shop for new sexy outfits. You can repurpose your basic shirts into something else with some creative ways and out-of-the-box ideas. Create newly-transformed summer tops through some easy steps.

Here are some ways to refashion your tops for the summer season:

1. Add Embroidery Designs Into A Plain Shirt

You can recreate a plain shirt into a tremendous summery shirt with an embroidery hack. Whether you want to learn to create the embroideries yourself or hire a pro to do it for you, you’ll be able to come up with great tips that are easy to pair.

You can come up with your own design or follow a template online and embroider it to your shirt’s front or back. This is one of the unique ways to transform a dull and basic shirt into something fresh.

2. Make Cutout Back Shirt

There sure are many options for the best tank tops for women. Check out a few thin fabric t-shirts in your closet and create a cut-out back shirt out of it. Cut out a large part of the back of your t-shirt, except for a few thin strips that you’ll tie together. When done right, this shirt can look and feel cool.

The key is to make sure to cut it properly so you’ll get the proper proportions. This is a great shirt that will work well with any summer outfit. You can even achieve great tan lines by wearing this shirt on a full day under the sun.

3. Create Lines Of Bows On The Back

If you’re a fashionista who loves bows, then this will be right up your alley. Much like the cutout back shirt, a similar concept applies to this shirt. But instead of tying them back together, you can create bows instead. You’ll need to sew for this one since you’ll need to use other fabrics as bows. You can go for patterned or colorful cloth and use them as bows that can stand out on your back shirt.

4. Cut Your Long Sleeves Short

Cut Your Long Sleeves Short

In the summer, long sleeves are way too hot. One easy way to repurpose your shirt is to cut the long sleeves and keep them short. Just like cutting pants into shorts, you can do the same for your long-sleeved shirt. With scissors, sewing kits, and basic sewing knowledge, you can make a new shirt out of your autumn wear. You should measure one inch beyond where you would like your final hem to lie on the sleeves. You will need to sew the hem and keep the stitches even and well hidden.

5. No-Sew Crop Top

This is the easiest way to transform your t-shirt into a summer top. Without the need for sewing, you can cut a shirt and make a crop top out of it. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn over your sports bra at the gym, over your swimsuit at the beach, or layered over a fitted tank top for everyday wear. This style is very versatile, so you can decide on its length, design, and sleeve styles.

6. T-Shirt Lace Insert

Almost any shirt can be updated with this method. Lace cloth looks elegant and feminine. Why don’t you use it as an excellent addition to your summer top? The first thing you need to do is cut some hole on the back of your plain shirt. It could be a circular shape, heart, or moon form. After that, patch it up with some lace cloth.

You can find some spare lace fabric in your closet and cut it out to be placed into the hole of your back shirt. You can glue the sides or sew it with some threads. The key is to secure the lace so it won’t come off easily, especially after washing.

7. Sew Some Extra Straps On A Tank Top

Sew Some Extra Straps On A Tank Top

Another fun look for summer is to wear a tank top that comes with many extra straps. Depending on your preference, you can add more straps to the sleeves or neck area. The straps can be made with vertical cloth pieces to attach from one side onto the opposite side.

8. Modify The Collar Area Of A Basic Tee

You can go for this summer top if you want to make your collar look like you’re wearing a fashionable neckpiece. Without the need to wear a choker or a necklace, your neck area will look glammed up. Simply find a normal shirt and modify the collar area. You can cut it out and sew some designs on it using other fabric or lace cloths or simply glue some loose stones, gems, or other artistic patches.

9. Repurpose An Old Shirt Into A Bikini Coverup

Since the summertime means you’ll be frequenting the beach, it’s only best to invest in a bikini coverup. However, with this fashionable DIY shirt project, you can forego a shopping spree and develop a bikini coverup from your old worn shirt. Cut your shirt into a racerback-styled tee, cut some holes here and there, and remember to allow the swimsuit to be visible from your bikini coverup.

10. Create A Braided Racerback

This racerback shirt is an excellent addition to your summer outfits. Jazz it up by creating braids down the back in place of its plain racerback style. Combine three strips out of the back and braid them together. Don’t forget to sew the braid into the neck area. This is a versatile piece that can be used for beach coverups too.

11. Bleached Art Shirt

If you’re feeling more creative and artistic, it’s time to play with colors and art designs. This time, gather materials like bleach, inks, or colorful pens. It’s best to use old and worn shirts for this project as you experiment everything out.

You can create your own design; you can perform a tie-dye or write out some sayings or words into your tank. Refer to some videos on how to perform tie-dyed shirts, and you can enhance it more by adding graphics or handmade wording.


This year, your summer tops don’t have to cost a lot through the fantastic ideas mentioned above. You can refashion your old tops into fresh and fashionable summer wear. The journey of creating them is also a plus as it allows you to have fun while expressing your creativity.

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