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5 Ways To Reduce Back Pain With A Large Breast

It’s no secret that large breasts can cause back pain.

Being blessed with bigger breasts comes with its perks, but it also comes with downsides not many are aware of. From having difficulties finding the right bra to experiencing disturbances while running, to back pain… These are all possible scenarios.

If you can relate to this, then shoulder and back pain are not new to you. It is common for ladies with large breasts to report mild-to-severe shoulder, back, and neck issues.

Checkout Five Prime Ways To Reduce Back Pain With A Large Breast

Here are five ways you can lower your pain and still love every movement.

1. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Dropping pounds can help your spine feel lighter. Extra pounds of pressure compresses the lumbar spine in the lower back, which results in strong pain. Those who are overweight know that the entire movement is much lighter once you drop extra pounds.

If you have tried different ways to lose weight, or you came to a certain level where you did all that you should, you might want to opt for weight loss surgery Montreal – this can be an option even if you went through a weight loss already, and you have excess skin that you want to deal with.

All in all, if you know that you have extra pounds, start with diet changes and incorporate some sports activity in your lifestyle, such as long walks, swimming or even daily stretching.

2. Wear The Correct Bra Size

This may sound obvious, but you might be surprised to learn that around 70-80% of ladies, around the globe, are wearing the wrong bra. How do you know which bra is right for you? Always go with the bra that makes you feel the most comfortable; it should also not imprint any sidelines.

If it’s uncomfortable, it’s not your size or your cup. Always ask an employee to help you choose the best fit.

Pro-tip: When shopping for a sports bra, make sure that you look for the one that is suitable for the activity.

Example: If you are into high-impact sports such as HIIT you will need a bra with a firm level of support, while for yoga (or any other lower-impact sport) you can go with lighter support.

3. Try Strength Exercises

Strength Exercises

How strong is your core? If you are not sure, you can probably benefit from strength exercises.

To make your back muscles more tolerant of the pressure your torso places on them, strengthen them.

Common exercises that you can benefit from in this area are:

  1. Lateral pulls
  2. Rowing exercises
  3. Overhead presses

In general, you will benefit from any exercise where you squeeze the shoulder blades together.

4. Get Up

If you tend to sit a lot, make breaks and get up. Download an app or put a reminder to get up every 30 minutes. This will make your body move, relieve your muscles, and even provide a space for deep breaths. Deep breaths will help your chest open up and improve overall blood flow.

If you sit a lot throughout the day, know that it may lead not only to back pain but to chronic health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. Good to know: If you have difficulties getting up, know that it may be related to back stiffness or even weakness of the legs.

5. Improve Your Posture

Improve Your Posture

Make sure that your posture is good. Since large breasts can lead to constant back-shoulder-and-neck pain, posture can be affected, leading to an arched back. So, do your best to stand with your shoulders back, and straighten up while you are sitting.

Various research claims that women with cup size D have more back-related issues than women of smaller breast cup sizes. To avoid any pain or complications it is important to wear the right bra, to try different types of exercises to keep your core and spine healthy and strong, and to make sure you are a healthy weight.

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