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5 Reasons You Should Try Clothing Rental in 2020

When using rental clothing, you will have access to a large closet of clothes without the trouble of the cost of ownership. As much as some companies are seeking to focus only on rental clothing for women’s clothes, most of them take charge of the inventory. A good number of these companies charge a monthly subscription fee as you get to decide what to wear. For instance, when you want to wear a new outfit, you will exchange it for different items.

Is It Worth It?

To be honest, clothing rental isn’t for everyone. For example, if your work requires you to wear a work uniform, then rental clothing won’t work well for you. But if you have so many clothes but still find nothing to wear, then rental clothing is what you need. Actually, most women don’t wear their clothes out, they can exchange them for new ones through this platform. While there are a lot of opinions about creating a lasting wardrobe, the reality is that our careers, styles, and lives change with time. So why should you try clothing rental? Below are 5 reasons why dress rentals can be very effective.

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Try Clothing Rental:

1. Save Time:

As many of us will agree, people need more time during the day for their friends, family, and maybe their pets. Furthermore, there are people who need more time to focus on their careers. Through rental clothing, you are able to get back a few hours every week. You will no longer spend time wondering what to wear or going to the dry cleaners. Instead, you will simply pick from the latest rental delivery and go back to your activities.

2. Better Than Throwing Away

According to Environment Ministry, over 14 tons of textiles are thrown away every year, this is directly related to “fast fashion”. This type of clothing has increased tremendously since the early 2000s because of consumer demand for something new and cheap. Similarly, renting is a very reliable way of getting ‘something new’ while at the same time keeping the environment clean. So through clothing rental, you will get new clothes at cheaper prices.

3. High Quality

Instead of going for fast fashion that will get faulty after a year, rent high-quality items instead. High-quality clothing tends to be expensive given the materials used and the effort put in their construction. These clothes last for a long period of time when given good care. For some reason, most of us rarely wear our high-quality clothes and they end up stashed in closets. Actually, many people keep items in closets way beyond their expiry date.

4. Stay on Budget

Fast fashion grew tremendously because of our desire to get the best clothes on a budget. Unfortunately, fast fashion can hurt our budget as well and turn into disposable clothing. In addition, most of the fast-fashion items were not created to last for long. Clothing rental is the best way for you to access a wide and constant selection of new clothes to try out every month.

5. Learn New Ideas

The whole idea of clothing rental is new to most women. Don’t quit after your first month or first shipment. Normally, it takes more than two months for you to adapt to new behavior. You will need time to integrate clothing rental into your daily routine. And as studies suggest, learning something new is good for your brain!

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