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Top 10 Best Quiet Luxury Brands That Are Beyond Any Of The Trends

“It’s only our cultural reference points—like certain items Shiv Roy wears on Succession or the TikTok fashion taxonomy complex—that make quiet luxury brands seem like a recent phenomenon. Style experts say this perspective isn’t quite correct.”

“Whether referred to as ‘quiet luxury,’ ‘stealth wealth,’ or “old money aesthetic,” the concept and allure of timeless, minimalistic design has remained consistent throughout the decades,” says Elizabeth Layne, chief marketing officer of Rebag.”

What Do You Mean By ‘Quite Luxury?’  

What Do You Mean By ‘Quite Luxury?’  

“Thanks to the pared-back stylings of brands such as The Row, Bottega Veneta, and Khaite, we have seen a return to a more low-key approach to luxury—“quiet luxury” as some people are calling it, or non-trend trends.”

“It’s less austere than minimalism but more polished than “normcore.” It’s Sienna Miller in “Anatomy of a Scandal meets off-duty Olsen twins; it’s a battered Hermès Kelly bag or a Max Mara investment coat thrown over an ancient pair of vintage jeans.”

“Confused? We admit that it’s not an easy aesthetic to pin down, and it’s more of a mood than anything else, but if we know one thing, it’s that “quiet luxury” is a look that will stand the test of time, as it’s essentially a synonym for elevated basics.”

“So, to get you started, we’ve compiled a list of twelve pieces that will help you on your way to creating 2023’s “quiet luxury” look. From Proenza Schouler’s cinched-waist blazers to prized layering pieces from Miu Miu, scroll down to see and shop our edit.”

  1. The Row  

The Row  

Founded by the Olsen twins Mary Kate and Ashley back in 2011, the high end fashion brand The Row is quite new in the world of designer and luxury fashion. But still its sophisticated and sleek designs and style left a lasting impact on the quiet luxury industry.”

“The Row’s approach to basic clothing like solid-colored knitwear and wool trousers never feels basic. In the summer of 2021, it managed to make a khaki linen pants a must-have item by virtue of its expert pleating alone.”

“At the same time, The Row’s runway lines often include experimentally-draped sheath dresses and gorgeous coats that become grails for a devoted subset of fashion collectors. Whichever route within the brand speaks to you, it’s more than worth the investment.”

  1. Objets Daso  

Objets Daso  

“Objets Daso, a brand-new line whose first “volume” includes the three handbags shown above, arrived on the luxury accessories scene with perfect timing.”

“It’s interesting to observe how the concept of ‘quiet luxury’ has gained momentum recently,” co-founder Pratik Vyas muses, “as Catharine Whang, Objets Daso creative director and co-founder and I have been discussing the exact same thing.”

“Our objets are designed to become an essential part of our customers’ daily routines, an extension of their unique personalities and styles, and a reflection of their character,” Vyas says, “And that inherently creates a deeper emotional connection than any trend could.”

“The range has a sense of timelessness that comes from its elegant simplicity. But even new brands seek to find design signatures, even subtle ones. Objets Dasos’ is its Bauhaus-inspired lock.”

  1. Fear Of God  

Fear Of God  

“Fear of God approaches the versatile neutrals and insignia-free silhouettes of quiet luxury from a refreshing perspective. “It’s this indoor/outdoor, California lifestyle that really informs so much of what we do,” creative director Jerry Lorenzo previously told Harper’s Bazaar.”

“Relaxed, oversized knitwear and slide-on shoes are among the offerings ideal for padding around a beachfront home in Malibu. But the brand’s suiting is also impeccable for evening events, as Zendaya demonstrated while doing press in a gray Fear of God set last spring.”

  1. Toteme  


“Toteme’s scarf jacket may have been its first piece to go viral on fashion TikTok, but it certainly won’t be the last. The Stockholm-based label says it seeks to create a “dress code and a wardrobe” in and of itself, but its pieces never feel like a cut-and-paste from someone else’s closet.”

“Whether it’s an olive green satin top, a cotton trench coat, or a coat that objectively many people have, there’s a refined anonymity that leaves the door open for endless styling opportunities.”

  1. Hunting Season  

Hunting Season  

The creative director of Hunting Season, Danielle Corona said taking their longevity seriously, “We feel a responsibility when we put things out into the world as a brand, and we believe that our shoppers feel the same way about purchasing or acquiring things into their lives,” she tells BAZAAR. “The idea for us is to create a piece a person is proud to own and can imagine handing down to future generations to use and appreciate.”

She further said, “The value from each of her label’s pieces comes from it’s story. Who made it? How was it made and where? For Hunting Season, the answer involves a blend of centuries-old artisanal technique and new flourishes to update a raffia tote or a leather bucket bag.”

  1. Max Mara   

Max Mara   

“Max Mara has long been the destination for power dressers who convey their confidence through their sheer presence.”

“Every collection rises above the noise of other runways with precise tailoring, high-quality materials, and a sense that one can conquer whatever life throws her way while wearing the line. It’s armor that looks anything but.”

“Start with the status outerwear (Max Mara perfected the double-face cashmere coat decades ago), then watch as the brand slowly takes over your entire work wardrobe.”

  1. Savette  

Harpers Bazaar’s fashion editor Libby Page said, “Selective shoppers consider Savette a newcomer brand with heirloom potential.”

“For a luxury bag brand to break into what is a very competitive market, it’s not an easy thing to do,” Page told us. Savette made it happen with a lineup of elegant, semi-vintage shapes and distinctive clasp hardware.”

  1. Loro Piana  

Loro Piana  

“True luxury begins at the materials level. This is evident to anyone who’s slipped on a merino wool sweater or sueded sandal from Loro Piana, widely revered for its careful attention to sourcing and its resultantly indulgent fabrics.”

According to Francesco Pergamo, the head of Loro Piana’s interior department,”We always want to put fabric and material first,” saiFrancesco Pergamo, who heads Loro Piana’s interiors division, upon the opening of the Aspen interiors pop-up. “We are a company of touch, we’re a company of the knowledge on how to make things in the best way.”

  1. Bottega Veneta  

Bottega Veneta  

“Add Bottega Veneta to the list of designers embodying “quiet luxury” before it was re-christened as “quiet luxury”—especially where accessories are concerned.”

“The brand has been crafting understated handbags with its iconic intrecciato leather since the mid-sixties,” Rebag’s Layne says. Even in pieces like its celebrity-favorite, often-sold-out drop earrings, there’s a sculptural, minimalist quality with timeless appeal.”

  1. Khaite  


“Khaite made its New York Fashion Week debut a few short years ago, in 2019. The brand’s trajectory has only been upward ever since, gaining devout fans across the fashion industry and opening its first brick-and-mortar store in 2022, where it also held its most recent fashion show.”

“The line takes a decidedly luxury approach to familiar pieces: cashmere button-up cardigans with coordinating bralettes, straight-leg denim, Western-meets-minimalist boots in suede and snake print.”

“Designer Catherine Holstein told BAZAAR, “Our ethos has always been about creating clothes that real women truly want to wear—revitalizing American classics to offer collectible pieces.”

“The appetite for those finds shows no signs of slowing down: Searches for the label rose 10 percent on the fashion index Lyst last quarter, with shoppers gravitating toward its sexy, simple dresses and leather accessories.”

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