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Trendy Purple Hair Color Ideas You Should Try In 2022

Purple hair dye is the only color among so many hair dyes that actually flatter your looks. Not only does it make you look gothic and bold when you have your makeup on, but it also gives you a rebellious look when you are without makeup. Why do I sound so confident about it? Because I myself have dark purple hair.

Let me tell you one thing, whenever you color your hair purple despite the natural hair color you have, it will fade with time and will become bluish. Blonde hair does not need much effort to turn into purple hair. But other natural hair colors need good bleach.

In this article, I will be telling you all about the color purple, along with how many shades there are in purple and many purple hair ideas.

History Of The Color Purple

History Of The Color Purple

William Henry Perkin, an English chemist, changed hair dye forever by accidentally discovering the first synthesized dye in 1863. His attempt was to generate a cure for Malaria. The color was a pale shade of purple named after a flower called mauve and therefore permanently named Mauveine.

The hair dyeing culture is very old, old enough to be stated as ancient culture. Dyeing hair was a part of Egyptian culture, they were some of the first known people who dyed their hair with henna to cover the grey hair. Ancient Greece started using natural hair color as well years later. Rome was the one to shift from natural hair color to other vibrant colors by extracting from different plants to modify their hair with other colors.

Now that we are done with the history of purple color let’s dive into getting purple hair in 2022.

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Trendy Purple Hair Color Ideas You Should Try In 2022

Purple Hair Color Ideas

Who doesn’t like a look that can bring out the face features and hold a flattery look?

I know you do! Hence this article. Men and women both apply hair color just to look a bit different from their regular look. There are stigmas where coloring can damage your hair or damage your personality, either way, the damage is the only word society focuses on whenever something new appears. It’s pure insecurity. My article is for the rebellious souls who believe in revolution.

1. Periwinkle Purple Hair

Periwinkle Purple Hair

Periwinkle purple hair is a vivid color starting from the roots and blended nicely to a lighter tone. Along shadow root. To get this beautiful look you have to go full bleach or you can leave an inch from the scalp. You need a clean canvas to have periwinkle purple hair.

One thing to know before you go purple hair is if you go for pastel purple hair, it will fade quickly as the hues are light tones. Therefore to keep them intact try leaving purple shampoo in your hair for an hour, while you take a bath. Shower with ice-cold water because warm water washes the color easily.

2. Purple Hair Highlights On Blonde

Purple Hair Highlights On Blonde

Purple and blonde are a good combination, but the purple has to be in the form of highlight and definitely very light. I have seen girls coloring a few strands of their blonde hair purple, that looks okay.

But do you know what will look unique? if you color underneath sections of your hair. Just imagine when your hair moves and sways, the peekaboo game starts.

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3. Pink And Purple Hair

Pink And Purple Hair

Pink and purple are easy to color to play with. A neon shade of purple and pink together just gives you an anime character aesthetic. The colors together create a unique color scheme, they do not only blend perfectly they scream compliments at each other.

Even when the fashion of neon color goes down, you don’t have to worry, because pink and purple warmer tones also give a calm yet naughty look.

4. Burgundy Red With Purple Hair

Burgundy Red With Purple Hair

These two hair colors look very compatible together, but on blonde hair, it is not quite impressive but darker hair and warmer skin. Burgundy itself gives a light tone of purple if you look at it under the sunlight. Therefore when the purple color gets blended properly it looks like you have the same color but of different hues.

You don’t have to put much effort into these two tones, just a bit of warmth matched to your hair will work really well. With the help of retaining color, you can make the hair burgundy.

5. Grey Purple Hair

Grey Purple Hair

Imagine ‘Mother of Dragons’, now imagine her white hair colored grey and purple. Isn’t that one good piece of art?. To spice up your grey hair color just add a little tint of purple hue to get the gorgeous look.

Dark natural hair may not absolutely give the grey hair that blonde hair can, but if you insist too much then apply bleach twice on your dark hair to get the grey color.

Once you get that the purple tint won’t take much time to settle in.

6. Purple Hair And Plum

Purple Hair And Plum 

The plum purple is a great choice for women who want to step out of the box and play with danger a bit. The color has the capability to complement almost all kinds of skin tones, and offer you to accept the edgy look.

To get this color and maintain it is actually quite hard. The first process is always the hardest and longest, you will have to pre-lighten and overplay with a range of semi permanent purple hair dye tones in order to get this absolute look. Follow up every four weeks, as the roots will need a touch-up.

7. Black To Purple Hair Melt

Black To Purple Hair Melt

Who says that bright and vivid colors look good on blonde only?. Don’t listen to them as they might have never applied any color. Black and purple is the most iconic duo you will come across. Both the colors are dark and they contrast beautifully. And it speaks nothing but punk.

To get this color you have to consult your stylist and once he is successful in giving you that desired hair color, you will have to keep visiting him to keep it in a fresh state. If you want to keep the purple ombre hair dark or fade you can do both.

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8. Purple Hair And Magenta Passion

Purple Hair And Magenta Passion

This combination is actually versatile for all skin tones, so it is absolutely safe and fun if you want to jump into vivid color. Not only skin types but this color works with all types of hair along with textures. You can easily customize the color and add a deeper velvet shade if your skin is darker, and lean towards lavender if the skin tone is fairer.

You can also go for highlighted strands with the combination of colors, as it will add a more subtle effect.

9. Dusty Lilac Purple Hair

Dusty Lilac Purple Hair

The purple tones that you see in this dusty lilac hair color are created using Joico and pulp riot. This purple hair color looks very good with short hair. Once you get it, you will have to maintain it all through till you want to change the color. Before going to the salon for hair touch-ups, use a color conditioner to freshen up.

Since the color is already a faded one, if you use shampoos and conditioners that do not help in keeping the color intact you might get an even more faded tone, which will not look good.

10. Galaxy Purple Hair

Galaxy Purple Hair

If you need a color correction try out the galaxy purple hair. Bleach out all your hair and get rid of the odd colors, then consider counteracting the colors that you are left with and achieve these shades of purple hair.

You can do this at home as well, to start the process use Redken bleach then apply the vivid line pulp riot. This galaxy purple is great to get out of darker colors and settle between light and medium ones.

Wrapping It All Up

Coloring hair is a great way of expressing your nature and personality, it is also okay to get inspired by movie characters with purple hair.

Purple is the trendiest hair color in 2022, and it is a color that suits all kinds of skin tones. Therefore you don’t have to spend hours thinking whether purple looks good on you or not. Just go for it, but choose the right shade.

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