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Why You Should Purchase A Light Therapy Device Today

Light therapy is a treatment method that has quickly gained much traction within the beauty industry’s realms. However, few people know exactly how they work and their proposed benefits.

Light therapy, as a method of therapy, was introduced by NASA. The agency tried out this therapy method to see if it could help generate plant growth in areas that are not particularly renowned for their plant-growing abilities. Light therapy is based on these results, which have proven to be effective in helping plants grow and are thought by many to be a very successful method of treating ailments.

The frequencies at which this light therapy is shown to show results are such that it can reach the deepest layer of the skin. In this very deep layer of the skin, light therapy has been shown to enhance the regrowth of cells, which also means that it increases blood flow and stimulation, which has added health benefits.

Some of the most notable benefits of Light Therapy are listed below. They are listed according to the specified color:

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The benefits of Red Light therapy devices include some very notable benefits. Red Light Therapy has rejuvenating effects on the skin. It helps cells develop faster and helps with repairing old or dead cells. As we age, this effect is much more valued and profound. The light from this type of therapy has the potential to reach the deepest layers of the skin. The therapy helps with skin brightening as well.

Red light and infrared light have also been known to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin, which is another desired benefit of this therapy method. Red light therapy, in general, helps make the skin look younger and firmer.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy also helps with tissue repair and the healing of wounds. The wavelength of this light is such that it helps with the reconstruction of some important cells. What this basically means is that wounds and skin tissue are helped in their repair process by this therapy.

When you undergo red light therapy, you will see that your mood is also affected for the better. This is because exposure to red light therapy helps release serotonin, the happy hormone of the body. This is a primary reason that people feel happier in the summer months, as more sunlight equals more serotonin.

Another remarkable effect of those going through red light therapy is the noticeable reduction of cellulite in the body.

Benefits of Green Light Therapy

Green light therapy is another type of light therapy that really does help with making the skin look and feel lighter and smoother. Whenever you go through a light therapy session, you will see that your skin is visibly clearer and lighter. The reasoning behind this is that when undergoing the treatment, your body will recognize the melanin particles that are shown by the light and it then discards them

The natural process of aging has some effects on the skin that we really don’t care for that much. One of these issues is the prevalence of spider veins on our skin as we get older. The light from this type of therapy can decrease the occurrences of these types.

Green Light Therapy

Green light therapy also has been shown to help with reducing hyperpigmentation and age spots.

Exposure to this type of light in a therapeutic sense helps with relieving pain. When you undergo this type of therapy, you will find that it really helps with muscle stiffness and works very well as a method of relieving pain.

Benefits of Blue Light Therapy

This type of therapy is usually UV-free. This type of therapy is an ideal treatment for those suffering from acne. It helps a great deal with destroying the bacteria that cause irritation in the skin. This helps greatly in combating acne. Another notable benefit of Blue Light Therapy is how it helps prevent oily skin on the user. Oily skin is not at all desirable as it subsequently leads to other skin problems and Blue Light Therapy is very adept at fighting this condition.

Apart from reducing acne and oily skin, another very important skin benefit of Blue Light Therapy is how it helps with fighting and reducing blackheads. Light from this type of therapy is very adept at penetrating the skin and killing off the bacteria that cause blackheads.

Blue Light Therapy, according to a bunch of reputed studies, has been shown to have very beneficial effects for those suffering from Eczema and Psoriasis- conditions which are basically inflammations in the skin. This type of therapy helps a great deal with issues of this sort, namely inflammations of the skin. A few sessions of this therapy will go a long way in combating inflammation and hence help with the visible physical symptoms of inflammation.

Blue Light Therapy also helps a great deal with the happy hormone, Serotonin. Blue Light Therapy helps the body produce more serotonin and as a result, makes the patient happier. This type of therapy can be particularly useful for those living in colder climates and especially in places where sunlight is scarce. This type of living in prolonged darkness can lead to seasonal affective disorder. By incorporating Blue Light Therapy into your daily routine, you can really help yourself in the difficult winter months, in keeping a stable mood.

Light therapy, even though a relatively much newer form of treatment, has already been shown to have numerous health benefits. This may be an unorthodox treatment method but it is definitely one that we should keep in our mind. It is especially useful in combating a lot of skin problems and also helps with seasonal affective disorders. So this may be a must for you if you live in colder climates.