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12 Best Puff Dress Styles To Wear Coming Summer – Best Guide In 2022

Summer is knocking at the door, and the seasonal fashion styles are about to change now. It’s time to pack all the warm cozy winter dresses in the wardrobe and take out the loose, comfortable summer outfits. One such snuggly, airy best summer outfit option is Puff Dress, Puff Sleeve Dress, or Balloon Sleeve Dress.

Even though the puff sleeve is quite old-fashioned, it is becoming increasingly popular over the last 3 years. Specifically, it has ruled the fashion industry in 2021 and is going to do so in 2022 as well.

Wanna know what the best Puff Dress styles to wear this summer are? We have jotted down below what you are looking for.

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Origin Of The Puff Dress Or Puff Sleeve Dress

If you talk about the origin or background of the puff dress, let me clarify that it’s not a modern or recent fashion trend. The Puff sleeve outfit originally emerged during the Renaissance period in Europe from the 14th to 17th century. Nevertheless, its popularity gushed past the Queen Anne Era and the Edwardian Age.

In the 1930s, dresses with Puff Sleeves experienced a comeback. It was a reciprocation to the shapeless silhouettes.

  • Interesting Fact: Do you know Puff sleeves were also known as Juliet sleeves, named after Shakespeare’s tragedy play ‘Romeo and Juliet?’ It’s because the play visualizes Juliet’s dress as a large puff near the shoulder which narrows for the rest of her arm.

12 Best Puff Dress To Wear This Summer

Best Puff Dress To Wear This Summer

Below are some of my favorite puff sleeve dresses. We have a variety of puff dresses here from floral to solid-coloured, from midi-mini, from cotton to satin. A plus? All these are anything except basic. Every puff dress style we explained underneath is twisted in some ways.

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1. Floral Puff Sleeve Dress

Floral Puff Sleeve Dress

A floral puff sleeve dress is associated with tons of vintage feelings. If you choose a Puff sleeve midi dress with floral prints and a ruffled neckline, it will look stunningly gorgeous. Plus, you will also radiate some special lovey-dovey vibe all around yourself.

2. Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Dress

Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Dress

A piece of off-the-shoulder puff sleeve dress will make you look like a sweet chic this spring and summer. If it’s checkered, then that’s a great advantage for you since the checkered style is suitable for any summer outing. Be it a picnic, or shopping with your girls, an off-shoulder puff dress can be your ultimate choice.

3. Puff Sleeve Babydoll Dress

Puff Sleeve Babydoll Dress

Puff Sleeve Babydoll dress can be of a plethora of styles. However, from my personal choice, a solid coloured babydoll puff sleeve outfit will be the best choice to look sensual. Generally, babydoll dresses are intended as sexy nightwear for women but they can be twisted when a pair of puff sleeves are added. Not only it will give you an erotic look, but also you will develop an endearing style of your own.

4. Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Puff sleeve midi dress is the most elegant form of puff dress and is one of the oldest puff sleeve outfits originated in England. This knee-length or below knee-length dress looks gorgeous if paired with the right accessories. For instance, you can wear bright coloured pearl chokers or hats like sun hats, felt hats, fedora hats, etc. with a Puff sleeve midi dress.

5. Smocked Puff Sleeve Dress

Smocked Puff Sleeve Dress

A smocked puff sleeve dress could be your “good to go” choice to complete your look at an elegant party. This puff dress has a smocked detail and a round neck which uplifts the classic look more. Dark colors like Wine, Dark mauve, or dark blue would define the style in a better way. A pro tip from my side is to pair the smocked puff sleeve dress with a stack of bracelets and a classic watch.

6. Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

A mini dress is one whose length is above the knee. Irrespective of your size, weight, or height, the mini dress looks cute on every girl. Now imagine it’s accompanied with short puff sleeves – how endearing the look will be. Light-coloured floral prints will be a plus if you talk about getting an adorable look.

7. Bold Slit Puff Dress

Bold Slit Puff Dress

To me, slits always give you a sassy look while Puff dresses are all about looking classy. Now bring these two features together – a Sassy Stylish Slit Puff Dress. Remember to choose the right color, preferably lighter hues to wear comfortably in summer.

8. Puff Sleeve Cocktail Dress

Puff Sleeve Cocktail Dress

Do you know what a puff sleeve cocktail dress is? Basically, It’s a blend of party dress and puff dress. It looks semi-formal and suitable for wearing at early-evening social gatherings, occasions, etc. Pairing a puff sleeve cocktail dress with a glittering black clutch will make the crowd call you “cheeky.”

9. V-Neck Puff Dress

V-Neck Puff Dress

V-neck dresses or tops look truly graceful. You can also wear it on any kind of occasion and flaunt your natural waistline. No matter if it’s a buddy hangout or a family function, a V Neck dress with puff sleeves will let people know how classy your fashion choices are. Combine it with a top handle tote and wedges to bring the “inner brazen you.”

10. Ravishing Black Puff Sleeve Dress

Ravishing Black Puff Sleeve Dress

Black color always looks exquisite, no matter what kind of dress it is. However, if it’s a black puff sleeve dress, then I would give 200 votes out of 100. A ravishing black puff sleeve dress will call out the diva residing in you. If you are choosing the black color, then go for a Mini puff dress, and V neck to accentuate your style statement and shape simultaneously.

11. Sweet Satin Puff Sleeve Outfit

Sweet Satin Puff Sleeve Outfit

For this fall and winter, as well as summer, choose Satin. Satin dresses are staples for evening gowns due to their lustrous feel. A Satin Puff Outfit can make you feel sexy, bold, and bossy at the same time. Especially if you choose a Puff sleeve mini dress having a Satin fabric, it will spike your voluptuary energy.

12. Mini White Puff Sleeve Dress

The Mini White Puff sleeve dress is one of the best puff dresses I have ever seen. Generally, the size of the puffs is smaller than that of regular sizes while having bows on the back. This puff outfit will be able to define the hidden sweetness in your look amongst a crowded summer party.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are Puff Sleeves In Style 2022?

Yes, puff dress or balloon sleeve dress is again back in fashion trends in 2022. Its origin dates back to the Renaissance time in Europe from 14th to the 17th Century. Even in Summer and Autumn 2021, this style was everywhere from runways to the high street.

Q2. What Are Puff Sleeves Called?

Puff Dress is also known as Balloon sleeves. However, there are some other variations of the Puff sleeve dress named as 

Q3. Are Puffy Sleeves Feminine?

Yes, Puff Dress or Puffy sleeves dress is a hyper-feminine fashion trend. It can undergo many transformations. There are different names and types of puffy sleeves which have been popularly worn in different western countries.

Q4. Who Can Wear Puff Sleeves?

Anyone can wear a puff sleeve outfit, but it looks amazing if you have an hourglass figure. Since it defines the waist area even more, you can literally flaunt your figure with a puff sleeve outfit.

What Do We Think About Puff Dress? The Closing Words

A range of dress with puff sleeves is mentioned above. I hope you have gone through all the 12 suggestions we have put forward and are ready to pick out the best one for yourself. It’s true that this kind of dress looks enchanting on some special type of figures, but there is no such hard and fast rule. Anyone having any type of figure can put on a puff dress and be a Diva.

Do you have any more Puff dress ideas to share with us? Do let us know in the comment area below.

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