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Professional Hairdressing For Hairstyles That Flatter Your Face Shape

If you have a round face, you should find hairstyles that flatter your face shape.

Likewise, if you have a square face, you should look for styles that will make your square face appear longer.

Choosing a hairstyle that flatters your face shape is not as difficult as it seems, because there are plenty of hairstyles to choose from!

Click here for a guide to determining your face shape.

Oval Face Shapes Can Wear Almost Any Style

Oval face shapes are the most versatile shape when it comes to hairstyles. The best styles for this shape are those with layers and waves that frame the face. A side part and bangs also add dimension and definition to an oval face. A smile completes the look.

The oval face shape is typically longer than it is wide. The jaw and cheekbones are soft, without sharp angles. Oval face shapes can wear almost any classic hairstyle, but there are some hairstyles that will make your features pop even more. A tousled crop, for example, will enhance your jawline while balancing your facial shape.

A modern bob with blunt bangs can be easily achieved with clippers or shears. It also requires styling and maintenance. To make your hairstyle look its best, use styling products like heat protectant sprays and gloss or texture sprays. Also, remember to style your hair at least twice a week.

Oval face shapes can wear just about any hairstyle but avoid any elongating styles. A chin-length bob is the most flattering short haircut for this shape. This style gives your face shape a youthful, whimsical appearance.

An angled bob blowout is another great style for this shape. Checking out an online mood board like Pinterest can help you collect images of these styles.

Oval Face Shapes

Round Faces Can Wear Almost Any Style

People with round faces can wear virtually any hairstyle that will flatter the shape of their faces. Round faces are characterized by soft features and do not have any sharp angles. This means that the primary goal of styling hair for a round face is to elongate the face. High updos and choppy layers across the back and bottom of the head are both effective ways to achieve this effect.

For round faces, a side-swept fringe can do wonders. This hairstyle adds height to the face while emphasizing the cheekbones. A side-swept fringe should be longer than normal to maximize its effect. Another look that works well on a round face is a low bun with long, center-parted bangs.

A pixie cut is another popular cut for round faces. Longer pixie cuts will make a round face look longer. Another option is a tapered pixie cut, which is a feminine update to a classic style. A pixie cut with a piecey texture will also add volume and height to your round face.

Longer pixie cuts

Long Faces Can Wear Almost Any Style

Long faces are very versatile and can wear almost any style that flatters their shape. The key is finding the right womens’ haircuts to enhance your features. A chin-length wig can be an excellent choice for long faces. This style can be styled with layers and curved edges to add length and width.

Long faces should avoid styles that are too revealing. They should avoid chunky layers and frames that accentuate their jawline. A great style for this face shape is a bob or a style that highlights the chin. Soft curls are also very appealing on this face shape.

Oval faces have the opposite problem of a long face – their jawline is angled, while their foreheads are wider than their cheekbones. Because their faces are oblong in shape, the right style should break up the long line and add balance.

In addition to this, a large geometric hat can shorten and balance a long face. A narrow forehead can also be accentuated by a wide-brimmed hat or contrasting temples.

If you want to wear earrings but don’t want to make your face appear longer, try a short necklace with a pendant in the “V” shape. These will help draw out your jawline. Small button studs are also great options.

bob style

And if you’re not sure what to wear, try out a few styles and see which one best complements your features.