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What Are The Best Preppy Fashion Trends For Women This Season? (Explore 10+ Ideas)

Won’t you admire a style that constantly evolves and becomes better with each change? Preppy fashion, as a genre or aesthetic, started in the 1950s. Yes, it’s that old, but it’s still very much a part of the latest fashion scenario. 

In the 1950s, blazers and button-down shirts were the staples in preppy style. However, during the 80s and 90s, you will find slacks and pleats taking center stage in this aesthetic. Today, the Gen Z preppy fashion has a completely different lingo.

Despite all the evolutions, blazers, polo T-shirts, plaid skirts, pleats, and stripes have always been associated with this style of dressing

Do you want to know more about this fashion aesthetic and ace the trends this season? Here is a complete guide for you. 

What Is Preppy Fashion?

Preppy fashion is an American style. It is about dressing up in outfits that are inspired by prep school dresses. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, preppy fashion is not just about denim jeans and tees. In fact, it allows you to be creative with a wide choice of dresses, skorts, and skirts. 

Another great thing about this style is how it allows you to fuse the classic way of dressing with something cute and funky. So, you will see a lot of tops and dresses with Peter Pan collars.

At the same time, there are checks and stripes, adding some character to an otherwise simple style of dressing. 

In addition, you will see the presence of cozy knits and vests in the preppy style of dressing. 

What Is The New Or Gen Z Preppy Fashion? 

Here is a twist. The preppy fashion of this season comes with some elevations, and who is better than Miu Miu to promote this trend?

If you explore, you will get to see collared shirts, T-shirts, and cozy sweaters everywhere. However, the current TikTok trend has started calling the original preppy fashion “old preppy.”

There is a “new preppy” or “Gen Z preppy” style on the block. It has the simplicity, comfort, and the art of layering like the actual preppy style.

However, there is a lot of playfulness in the new preppy style. There is also a certain tilt toward athleisure clothing

So, in the new preppy fashion, you will see the presence of crop tops, shorts, Yoga pants, and tennis skirts in abundance. 

What Are The Best Preppy Fashion Ideas For Women This Season? 

Polo T-shirts, colorful stripes, and checks are back, with preppy fashion being the order of the season. You don’t need further validation to know the craze for a certain trend when names like Rihanna and Hailey Bieber are going gung-ho about it. 

Preppy fashion is also transcendental in the truest sense. It does not matter how old you are or which season you are in. You can always find some staples that are worthy of finding a place in your closet. 

Here, I have curated some of the best preppy fashion ideas for women this season. I have tried maintaining a good balance between the old and new preppy style of dressing. 

 Let’s explore and learn to style them for swoon-worthy appearances. 

1. Plaid Skirt With Checks

Keep it chic and simple by choosing a plaid skirt with checks for you. You can wear the skirt with a wide range of tops. However, I think that a sleeveless polo T-shirt will be the best match for it.

Choose high boots or sneakers to create a sporty vibe, which is very prominent in the new preppy style. You can even wear flats or ballerinas to step out in style. 

2. Cableknit Sweaters For Style And Warmth

Cozy knits are very much a part of preppy fashion. It also exudes a vintage style. So, irrespective of your age and your way of dressing, cable-knit sweaters will easily get integrated into your winter fashion.

Wear your favorite cable-knit sweater with a top, a pair of denim jeans, and boots. You can even combine your cable-knit sweater with a plaid skirt and heels to put your best foot forward. 

3. An All-Pink Look 

We cannot think of preppy fashion without the color pink. The vivacity of this color goes pretty well with the appeal of this fashion aesthetic. 

You can try an all-pink look to ace this trend. Wear a pink suit with a white shirt. Keep your faux fur sweater wrapped around your neck to make a distinct style statement.

Wear black pointed shoes with your outfit while heading out for a special occasion. 

4. Preppy Fashion Is Incomplete Without Tweeds 

Tweeds are one of the most important elements when it comes to the preppy way of dressing. This season, you can get a tweed suit with checks and team it with a white vest for a chic look.

Keep the rise of your trousers high to remain true to the preppy vibe. Accessorize your outfit with a big black clutch and sunglasses. 

Are you looking for the best footwear? Skates and lace-up shoes will be excellent choices. 

5. Make It Preppy Like The 80s In Denim Jeans

You cannot avoid the allure of denim jeans if you want to ace preppy fashion in the old style. Choose denim jeans of various styles. However, if you want to go by the book, straight-cut jeans will be the best choice. 

Wear your denim jeans with a white shirt and a blazer. To accessorize your outfit, you can choose black kitten-heel boots, a black leather belt, a sling clutch, and wayfarer sunglasses. 

You can create a similar look even with a white vest, denim jacket, and oversized blazer. 

6. A Preppy Pansuit Is All You Need

Are you planning to take the alley of modern preppy fashion? You can always wear a pantsuit in a bright shade. Further, you can be as creative as you want with the style of your pants.

You can wear the quintessential straight-cut pants, flared trousers, or harem pants as a part of your suit. 

To add some extra dose of fashion to your look,  you can tie a sweater around your neck and let it rest on your shoulders. 

7. The Celeb-Approve Collegiate Style

Are you a Swiftie? You must be in love with preppy fashion. Taylor Swift’s look in the striped sweatshirt and black skort grabbed all our attention when she made an appearance with Matty Healy last year. 

Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid are other celebs who approve of this way of dressing, especially the collegiate style. 

To ace this style, wear a pair of denim shorts with a soft jacket and collared T-shirt. 

8. Try A Combination Of An Untucked Shirt And A Vest

Do you have a pleated mini-skirt and a button-down shirt? Wear them together, and layer the shirt with a cable-knit vest for some excellent layering. 

You can even wear the same style with a pair of shorts or skorts. Complementing the short hem of your skirt, you can choose knee-high or thigh-high boots to put your best foot forward. 

9. Wear Your Polo T-shirt In Style

Comfort meets style in the preppy polo T-shirts. To add a fun twist to your get-up, you can wear your polo T-shirt with a skirt instead of denim jeans. You can be as creative as you want with the choice of your skirt.

To infuse a classy charm into your daily dose of fashion, you can wear a polo T-shirt with an accordion pleat skirt and pumps. You can also choose skates or casual lace-up shoes to step out in style.

Don’t forget your small clutch, though, while trying this ensemble. 

10. Ace Preppy Fashion In Comfy Sweatpants

If comfort is what you prioritize in your daily dose of fashion, preppy fashion is surely the ultimate fashion aesthetic for you.

Thanks to the Gen Z twist to this style of dressing, you can now have sweatpants as your daily fashion staples. These sweatpants can double as your workout outfits and casual wear across all seasons. 

You can wear your sweatpants with your favorite T-shirt. Do you want to layer your top in the best way? You can wear a front-zipped jacket or shrug to get ready for autumn evenings or the warmer days of the winter. 

11. Elevating Preppy Fashion With The Right Blazer

As I have said, preppy fashion never left the classy style of dressing. So, a well-tailored, double-breasted blazer can be the ultimate layering outfit for your ensemble. 

You can wear the blazer over a shirt and with a classy skirt. However, to give it a modern twist, you can also wear the blazer over a sheer slip dress.

Are you looking for the best footwear to complement your outfit? You can wear Mary Jane shoes with matching stockings to put your best foot forward. 

Summing Up

Preppy fashion is back this season, with big names like Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa flaunting this style on many occasions.

This style of dressing is fun and comfortable. Further, there is a fine balance between the classic styles and the latest trends. 

So, if you want to ace the preppy way of dressing this season, you can explore the ideas I have discussed here. Do you have any other prepping dressing ideas in your mind? Don’t forget to share!

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