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Top 10 Trendiest Plum Hair Color Ideas For 2023

The hair color plum is becoming more and more popular each year, as the color is both rich and looks luxurious when done right. There are many different shades of plum color that you can easily get depending on the look you want.

If you think this is the year you are going to try out the plum hair color then we have some great plum hair color shades that you can definitely try out this year. So let’s scroll down and check out the beautiful shades.

1. Multicolor Plum Balayage

  • plum hair color

Just like any other color, like lavender hair color and lilac hair color, the plum hair color looks great if you pair it with the right set of colors.

A few of these other colors are violet, purple and blue. So mix these beautiful colors and create a fabulous mix of colors.

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2. Dark Plum Hair Color

  • plum hair color

The darker plum hair color is something that looks great if done as highlights, then they are gonna look great. 

If you have darker hair then the dark plum hair color is gonna look even better compared to a blonder shade of hair. But If you have blonde hair then it would be better to color your whole hair in that darker shade. 

3. Dark To Bright Plum Ombre Hair

  • plum hair color

Like any other hair color, you can always get full hair coloring with a beautiful dark-to-light gradient. The plum color looks beautiful when it comes from dark to light, the colors look great both during the day and at night. This color looks great for people both older and younger.

4. Plum Wine Hair Color

  • Plum-Wine-Hair-Color-1

Well, who doesn’t love a good ol’ aged red wine? So imagine if you get that beautiful red wine color on your hair. 

The color looks wonderful on both blonde and dark hair, so no matter what hair you have you are going to look great. The plum wine color is going to be the trend for 2023.

5. Black Plum Hair Color

  • plum hair color

There are many different types of plum with many different and beautiful colors, so if you have darker hair, then the black plum hair color is going to look great on your hair. The color complements the dark hair perfectly.

6. Eggplant Plum

  • plum hair color

Have you ever seen the color of an eggplant really carefully before? Then you will understand that the color is a beautiful blend of purple and plum colors. So if you can get that beautiful color on your hair then just imagine how good your hair will look.

7. Chocolate Dark Plum Brown Hair Color

  • plum hair color

A mixture of the two colors chocolate and plum will create the most beautiful darker chocolatey plum color you will ever see. The color is just perfect for any hair, but better if you have beautiful long darker hair.

8. Black Cherry Plum Hair Color

  • plum hair color

The color of dark or black cherry mixed with plum color makes a beautiful rich vibrant color. It makes your hair look healthy and gives it a beautiful shine and glow. So if you want to make your hair feel like that then get the beautiful black cherry plum hair color.

9. Raspberry Plum Hair Color

  • plum hair color

The color of raspberry is quite bright and vibrant. So if you wanna have a hair color like that then add the raspberry color with plum hair color and slightly darken the bright raspberry color if you want. You can do a balayage or highlight your hair using this amazing color.

10. Plum Burgundy Hair Color

  • plum hair color

This color is again great if you have already dark hair, that way this plum hair color is going to give you the perfect highlight that you want. So if you have dark hair, you can try out this burgundy plum hair color without any doubt.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that was our collection of beautiful plum hair colors that you should definitely get this year. These colors are rich, vibrant and make your hair look beautiful. 

So if you liked this article and our collection of pretty plum hair color ideas then give us a like and comment down below, which hair idea you liked the most. 

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