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Different Pleated Skirt Outfits In Vogue In 2023

Timeless is the word that I use while describing a pleated skirt. And if you follow the runway trends closely this year, the craze for pleated skirts is even higher.

From Hailey Bieber to Dua Lipa, the pleated mini skirt seems to rule the trend. However, the resurgence of various “core aesthetics” indeed makes pleated skirt outfits more vivid or versatile this season.

Along with a variety of designs and lengths, you will also find diversification in the fabric of these skirts. 

Want to know more about pleated skirts? Or do you want to look like a diva in pleated skirts? Let’s explore.

Pleated Skirt: For The Perfect Feminine Look

A pleated skirt has tucks or folds, covering vertically across the flare to add a distinct body to the outfit. 

Based on the design, detailing, type, and length, pleated skirts can be styled in multiple ways and befitted for various occasions. 

The pleated skirts are not something that rose to fashion very recently. With a deep root in ancient Egypt, pleated skirts touched the zenith with the famous Marilyn Monroe moment. The actress aced the pleated skirt fashion to perfection when she appeared in the famous white pleated skirt. And going by the books, Spanish fashion designer Mariano Fortuny patented the pleated skirt in 1909 as Fortuny. 

Nevertheless, very few outfits can match the charm of pleated skirts in complementing feminine curves. That is why when Kylie Jenner steps out in a pleated skirt, we cannot help but swoon over her. 

Types Of Pleated Skirts

As I just mentioned, pleated skirts come with plentiful options. Be it the material, length, or style of pleats; you will be definitely spoilt for choices. Pleats are incorporated into a skirt or any other outfit to make it more dynamic and functional. In addition, pleats are often used for adornment in an outfit. 

I have mainly categorized the pleated skirts based on their type of pleats.

  • Accordion Pleated Skirt

Accordion Pleated Skirt

You can understand from the name that accordion-pleated skirts are crafted to create the visual effect of a piano accordion.

These properly sewn pleats create ridges and valleys that look flattering when moving. Further, these pleats add a lot of texture to a skirt or any other outfit. 

  • Box Pleated Skirt

Box Pleated Skirt

You must have seen the pleats on school uniforms. Most school uniforms have box pleats because of a formal air being attached to them. 

Here, two pleats are folded in adverse directions, creating a box-shaped form in the middle. Along with adding proper structure, box pleats also make a skirt very comfortable to wear. So, many people find box-pleated skirts as ideal outfits for traveling

Box pleated skirts can come with or without yokes. The ones with yokes are more structured, with proper definition around the waistline and pleats falling from the hip level. 

  • Knife Pleated Skirt

Knife Pleated Skirt

In knife-pleated skirts, all the pleats are folded on the waistband. These pleats work with fabrics that are flattering.

Knife-pleated skirts also can be without or without yokes. A knife pleated skirt will offer more fullness around the waistline, while the skirt with a yoke will make the waistline look clinched. 

  • Small Knife Pleated Skirt

Small knife pleats are common in mini skirts, and when done on checks, these pleats exude a distinct vintage charm. 

These skirts are ideal for creating distinct pin-up girl looks teamed with different sweaters and tops. 

  • Pleated Hem Skirt

Pleated Hem Skirt

This season, a leather pleated skirt with pleats along the hem can be your statement outfit. Team it with a leather tank and a pair of hunter boots to create the perfect runway look. 

You can even go for a denim pleated skirt with pleats along the hemline to step out in style. 

  • Tennis Pleated Skirt

Tennis Pleated Skirt

Tennis skirts are much beyond the staples worn by women at the tennis courts. Tennis pleats are a variant of the inverted pleats and offer fullness around the hip and waist. These pleats also add a lot of flare to the hemline. 

  • Inverted Pleat Skirts

Inverted Pleat Skirts

Unlike the usual characteristics of pleats to expand outward, inverted pleats are folded inwards to add volume and movement to an outfit.

Inverted pleats are minimalistic yet very effective in adding visual texture and adornment to a skirt. These pleats are ideal for stiffer fabrics. 

  • Sunray Pleated Skirt

Sunray Pleated Skirt

Have you come across a skirt with pleats that look like a hand fan? These pleats are called Sunray pleats. These pleats start from the center of a skirt and then expand outward to create a distinct effect.

Sunray pleats are flattering, allowing you to do a lot of experiments with the shape and textures of the skirts. 

  • Kick Pleated Skirt

Kick Pleated Skirt

A kick pleat can make your regular skirt more functional and dynamic. A kick pleat at the bottom of the skit gives a tailored and neat look when you are standing still.

However, as you move, the kick pleat opens up, allowing you the freedom of movement. 

  • Cascade Pleat Skirts

Cascade Pleat Skirts

As the name suggests, cascade pleats create a waterfall-like effect in a skirt or dress. Through crafty pinching, thin pleats are created in this type of skirt, and they usually cover the area from below your waistline to the hemline.

Cascade pleats are not vertical and are mostly used for decorative purposes. 

  • Cartridge Pleat Skirts

If you are aware of fashion in the medieval ages, you will see the popularity of cartridge pleat skirts. Women wore these skirts in the 15th, 16th, and mid-nineteenth centuries to get an hourglass body shape.

Cartridge Pleat Skirts

Each pleat is stitched at the waistband to create a fuller or flared shape beneath the waistline. Still, these pleats do not add bulk to the skirt and keep movement easy. 

  • Crystal Pleated Skirts

Crystal Pleated Skirts

Crystal pleated skirts show a variety of patterns thanks to skillful crimping. Crisp pleats are created in this style with pinching and folding of the fabric.

These pleats add a lot of flare and character to the skirt. 

  • Fluted Pleat Skirts

Fluted Pleat Skirts

Fluted pleat skirts have rounded folds, and these folds are stiffer than regular gathered pleats. 

Fluted pleats are subtle, and they are mostly used for decorative purposes. A long pleated skirt with fluted pleats can look very sensual. 

  • Graduated Pleat Skirts

Graduated Pleat Skirts

Graduated pleat skirts and dresses can make you look like a fairy from the pages of famous tales. The beauty of this pleat lies in how the pleats gradually gather at the bottom. So, all the concentration is on the bottom of your skirt, and the upper part is plain, giving you a chance of free movement.

Sunburst pleat is the most common among graduated pleat skirts. 

  • Mushroom Pleat Skirts

Mushroom Pleat Skirts

Mushroom pleats are very common in a pleated midi skirt. These pleats are easy to sew and have a distinct character, allowing you to experiment with different fabrics.

Mushroom pleated skirts are mostly made with synthetic fabric for better body, movement, and visual dynamics. 

How To Ace Your Fashion In A Pleated Skirt

From the black pleated leather mini skirt to pleated maxi skirts, runways have set significant goals for styling with your skirts this season. Many eCommerce stores have also introduced their collections of pleated skirts inspired by these designs. 

Nevertheless, I am sharing some styling options for pleated skirts during day and evening occasions. You can try any of these.

Wear Your Pleated Skirt In Style For Day Occasions

You must keep it chic and minimalistic when picking a pleated skirt for a daytime occasion. 

Create A Monochromatic Look

The most elegant way is to go for a monochromatic look. Be a little conventional in choosing the necklines for your tops as you want to flaunt a classy appearance. Also, keep the length of your skirt from midi to maxi. 

Team Your Skirt With A Button Down Shirt

If you want something similar but a little laid back, you can team your pleated skirt with a button-down shirt. You can tuck in the shirt and accessorize the skirt with a leather belt.

Go For Coordinated Skirts And Tops For A Casual Look

Going the casual way, you can wear a pleated skirt with color-coordinated tops and T-Shirts. You can tuck in the top or T-Shirt for a more “easy-breezy” look. 

Layer It With Sweaters/Hoodies

If it gets colder outside, you can always club your skirt with sweaters, hoodies, jackets, and blazers. In blazers, the plaid ones look perfect with pleated skirts, and always try to complement the skirt with the color and pattern of the blazer.

Choose Your Footwear Carefully

Footwear is crucial in creating the ideal day look in pleated skirts. Based on the length of your skirt, you can go for wedges, peep toes, sneakers, and boots. 

In boots, you have a lot of options, including thigh-high boots, ankle boots, cowboy boots, hunter boots, etc. 

 Wear Your Pleated Skirt In Style For Evening Occasions

You can look the most stylish for an evening party or date night in a pleated skirt. Here are some styling ideas for you.

Choose A Leather Jacket For Layering

If you are going for a casual hangout or movie date with your friends, you can team your pleated midi skirt with a button-down shirt/top and a leather jacket. The leather jacket will add texture to the overall ensemble and impart edginess to your look.

Team Your Pleated Skirt With An Off-Shoulder Top

Planning to make a bold style statement? Pick the skirt you have with flute pleats and team it with an off-shoulder, one-shoulder, or spaghetti neck top. If it’s a little chilly out there, you can always use a cardigan or densely-knit scarf for much-needed warmth. If it’s summertime, accessorize your ensemble with statement jewelry pieces and let the mercury soar higher. 

Wear Printed Tops With Your Skirts

If quirky is your fashion mantra, you can creatively style your pleated skirt. Match your solid pleated skirt with a printed top or vice versa to fetch compliments. You can even go for coordinated pleated skirt and top sets, taking inspiration from coordinated pantsuits.

Choose Lace Tops To Complement Your Pleated Skirt

And if you want to keep it soft and feminine, choose a lace top to complement your pleated skirt. Choose the lace top in monochromes and team it with a skirt in soft pastel shades. You can accessorize the ensemble with pearl jewelry, a hat, and gloves to make a regal appearance. 

Wear Your Shoes Right

For casual occasions, you have a lot of options to complement your pleated skirt. Pick a pair of heels, espadrilles, sneakers, or boots to put your best foot forward.  

Final Words

A pleated skirt can never go out of fashion as every day, a new type of pleat hits the block with experimentation in the folds and pinching styles. From the simplest box pleats to the more complex ones like Kingussie pleats, the vivid range pleats cannot be pictured thoroughly within a brief frame.

However, I have shared the styles most in vogue this season, and you can always be as creative as you want.

So, what is your favorite type of pleated skirt? Don’t forget to share. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Body Type Looks Good In A Pleated Skirt?

Pleated skirts are ideal for women with inverted triangle body shapes. The pleats will help strike a balance between their broad shoulders and narrower hips.

Pleated skirts also look great on women with a rectangular body shape. The pleats will define the waistline and create visual dimensions. 

Are Pleated Skirts In Fashion In 2023?

Yes, pleated skirts are very much in fashion in 2023. Actually, pleated skirts always stay in style as they have some inherent feminine qualities.

This year, pleated skirts have become more popular, with names like Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Bieber wearing these outfits for various appearances. 

Who Should Avoid Pleated Skirts?

Pleated skirts flatter almost every body type. However, you must be careful about the type of pleat you pick if you have a rounder or fuller hip.

Small knife or dense accordion pleats are ideal if you want to flaunt a slender and taller appearance. 

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