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What Do I Need To Know Before Using A Pigmented Eyeshadow? (5+ Tips)

Are you applying many coats of eyeshadow and still not getting the right color? Well, your eyeshadow may not have enough pigmentation.

Using a pigmented eyeshadow always helps to get the brightest color on your eyelids without making the makeup heavy.

In other words, with a highly pigmented eyeshadow, you will be able to create the desired look only with a single sweep or stroke of the applicator.

However, you need to keep certain things in mind before you start using eyeshadow with high pigmentations. Here’s a guide discussing some important tips.

Things You Need To Know Before Using A Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow

If you want your eye makeup to be an extension of your creative ideas, you have to select the best highly pigmented eyeshadow.

It will help you create the most seamless looks and get customized colors. Further, you can use the pigmented eyeshadows in loose or pressed powder formats. 

Do you want to delve deeper? Let’s get started with the details. 

You Cannot Just Focus On Your Eye Makeup

If you are using the most pigmented eyeshadow, it will have a high color concentration. So, once you apply a stroke or swipe of the eyeshadow, there will be prominent colors on your eyelids.

However, did you know that a pigmented eyeshadow can also be used as a blusher for your cheeks? Also, you can mix the eyeshadow powder with a lip gloss to add a touch of color to your lips. So, while picking an eyeshadow, make sure that it can be easily integrated into your makeup. 

What’s more? Well, this one is something truly adventurous. You can use these eyeshadows for painting your nails. Do you want to know how to do it?

How To Use A Pigmented Eyeshadow To Paint Nails?

You can use a pigmented eyeshadow as a beautiful nail paint. You have to mix the loose or compressed powder with a clear nail polish to get the desired color. 

Now, apply the same on your nails to make your hands and feet look more beautiful. 

Try Bold Shades If You Want 

If you want to bring out the diva in you, you must not shy away from using a pigmented eyeshadow in a bold shade. The intense pigmentation of the eyeshadows will further make your eyes look more dramatic.

So, for real-world and minimalistic looks to beautiful smokey eyes, you will be able to experiment a lot with the makeup of your eyes. 

Further, if you want to create a dramatic effect, you can use the pigmented eyeshadow with a bolder shade just below your brow bones. Now, you can complement the dark shade of the eyeshadow with a softer tone.

However, if you are not confident about the bold color payoff of the pigmented eyeshadows, begin with the ones that come in a matte shade. As you get comfortable using highly pigmented eyeshadows, you can try the ones with a shimmery finish. 

Make Your Choice Between Loose Or Compressed Pigmented Eyeshadow Powder

Along with the colors, you also need to choose between the type of eyeshadow for your eyes. You can use loose or compressed powders. 

Loose Pigment Powder Eyeshadow

  • Offers the highest color payoff
  • Comes in small jars
  • Offers an airy consistency
  • Needs good-quality makeup brushes and some expertise in makeup application
  • Easy to blend and helps you create customized colors
  • Less prone to clumping and creasing

Pressed Pigment Powder Eyeshadow 

  • Comes with a cakelike consistency with oils and fillers
  • Easy to apply

Irrespective of the type of pigmented eyeshadow you choose, you have to keep your eyelids clean for the application of eyeshadows. You can start with the application of a primer or an eyeshadow base

Also, it is always a better practice to define your eyes with an eyeliner matching your eyeshadows before applying the pigmented powder. 

Plan Your Eyeshadow Makeup According To Your Wardrobe

If you are okay with going for an all-red or all-pink look, you can try that. But matching the eyeshadow with the color of your outfit is not something you will try on a regular basis.

To put it simply, while picking a pigmented eyeshadow, you need to choose a color that complements the color of your outfit.

Here is a smart tip for you if you want to pick a pigmented eyeshadow that will flatter your outfit. You can look for some accent colors in your outfit. Now, you can choose an eyeshadow that matches the accent colors of your outfits. 

You can also choose an eyeshadow in the same color family as your outfit. However, you have to make sure that the shades are different.

For example, if you wear a light pink outfit, you can choose a brighter shade of pink as your eyeshadow. 

Go For Pigmented Eyeshadow Colors That Flatter Your Eyes

You need to keep the color of your eyes in mind while choosing the best-pigmented eyeshadow for you.

Many will suggest you choose an eyeshadow that matches the color of your iris. They show the spreading effect as the logic behind it.

However, matching the colors of your pupils and the eyeshadow can often create a blurry effect. So, it’s always a smarter practice to know which color complements your iris. 

Do you want to know about the best eyeshadow colors according to the color of your pupils?

  • Violet or blue for brown-eyes
  • Reddish purple or plum for green-eyes
  • Bronze or copper for blue eyes

Know How To Make Eyeshadow More Pigmented 

Do you want to make your eyeshadow more pigmented? Here are some simple tips for you to try. 

  • You cannot ignore your eye primer if you want to make an eyeshadow more pigmented. Take the primer on your fingertip and apply it to your eyelids. Once the base is set right, your eyeshadow will get applied easily and it will also last longer.
  • Spritz some setting spray in your brush before you use it for the application of the eyeshadow.
  • Press the pigmented eyeshadow on your eyelids instead of swiping it with a brush. 

Final Words 

Are you still confused regarding the best color for your pigmented eyeshadow or the type of powder you will choose? Start by picking a neutral color shade that will flatter different outfits and almost all colors. 

Soft brown and shell pink are some of the neutral shades you can try for your eyelids. That’s it! It’s time to experiment with your eye makeup and look glamorous.

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