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Peplum Tops 101: Types, Styling Tips, And More In 2023

Peplum tops are huge in 2023, along with many other popular outfits of the 2010s. This year, we have already seen peplum tops presented by Christopher Kane at London Fashion Week and the ones at JW Anderson.

So, what’s the take on peplum tops in 2023? This season, these tops are subtler and chicer. You will notice lesser opulence in the pleats and flares in 2023. The focus is more on how the proportions can be balanced and how they can be manipulated with silhouettes.

Do you want to know more about peplum tops to ace your fashion game? Let’s read.  

What Are Peplum Tops?  

What Are Peplum Tops?  

Peplum tops have ruffles or pleats stitched around the waistline. These pleats, frills, or ruffles enhance and highlight the waistline.

The excess cloth that is ruffled/plated and sewn to a top is known as peplum. This piece of fabric tries to create an hourglass effect in a woman’s silhouette.

These tops have evolved a lot throughout the Victorian era, 19th century, and 2010s.

Which Fabrics Are The Best For Peplum Tops?  

Which Fabrics Are The Best For Peplum Tops?  

Woven, breathable, and lightweight fabrics are the best for peplum tops. For regular wear, casual or formal peplum tops are usually made of cotton, linen, voile, crepe, viscose, and rayon.

Where can you find the best peplum tops for everyday use? You can definitely check out Macys peplum tops.

Peplum tops are also integral in wedding outfits of various cultures. The South Asian wedding attires have ethnic-style peplum tops made of satin, velvet, georgette, and other heavy fabrics.

You will see brides wearing gold sequin peplum tops or the ones with intricate detailing and adornments for weddings.

These tops are completed with shararas or a ghagra to complete the bridal look.

Can I Look Slim In Peplum Tops?  

Can I Look Slim In Peplum Tops?  

Yes, you can look slimmer in peplum tops. Do you want to know how to look slim in peplum tops? Have a look at the following tips.

  • Choose a top that has the peplum placed just in the right position or around the waistline.
  • Go for long peplum tops, which will actually hide your waistline and make your waistline appear smaller.
  • Pick peplum tops made of soft and lightweight fabrics so that the chosen fabric does not add much bulge around the waistline.
  • Do not keep the bottom wear flowy or highly flared. You can complement your peplum top with a well-structured pencil skirt or tapered trousers to balance the flare of the top.

Does My Body Type Suit Peplum Tops?  

Does My Body Type Suit Peplum Tops?  

Peplum tops are most suitable for straight-figure types. Peplums add volume around the waistline to accentuate one’s hip area and create an hourglass effect.

But do not worry if you already have a heavier waistline. You can avoid adding bulk to your waist or around your midsection by wearing peplum tops with fewer flares. In fact, with the right styling tips, you can wear peplum tops to flatter your body type.

Does An Oval Body Shape Look Good In Peplum Tops?  

Women with an oval body shape have enhanced tummy. So, the right peplum tops for an oval body shape must have ruffles starting just below the rib.

Another smart idea to pick peplum tops for an oval body shape is choosing longer ones. Asymmetrical hemlines are also great for a slimmer silhouette.

Does A Curvy Body Shape Look Good In Peplum Tops?   

If you are a curvy woman, you can team your peplum tops with a pencil skirt or a pair of well-fitted jeans/trousers.

Team your ensemble with high heels to create a sense of balance.

Do Peplum Top Look Good On Plus Size Women?  

Yes, contrary to popular belief, peplum tops look good on plus-size women. Though these tops accentuate the waistline, they hide the bulges around the belly.

Further, if you team the tops well with well-fitted trousers and bodycon skirts, you will have a better silhouette. Make sure that your trousers or skirt are not loosely-fitted. Otherwise, the entire appearance will be ruined.

Are you looking for peplum tops plus size? Choose ones that come with a solid pattern and dark shades.

Are Peplum Tops In Style In 2023?  

Are Peplum Tops In Style In 2023?  

As I was doing my bit of research, I found out how people have gone crazy in the search for womens peplum tops. That itself says that peplum tops are very much in vogue in 2023.

And this season, the peplum tops are showing experiments with styling and length.

The celeb to join the peplum bandwagon latest is Sydney Sweeney. She donned an Alexandar McQueen peplum skirt set of late for a Variety 2023 in Los Angeles.

Another actress to flaunt this trend is Jennifer Lawrence. She has donned peplum outfits for many occasions, including her appearance at the presentation of “No Hard Feelings” by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

But do you want to know who is the most prominent celeb to bring the peplum trend back? It has to be Florence Pugh.

So, from runways to events, peplum tops are shining brightly everywhere this season. You just need to stylize your top well to fetch compliments this season.

What Are The Best Peplum Tops To Try In 2023?  

In 2023, you will find a wide variety of designs or styles of peplum tops. You can visit your favorite designer store or shop online for peplum tops.

Reviewing the runway fashion and celeb-styling of late, I have curated 7+ types of peplum tops for you.

1. Off-Shoulder Peplum Tops  

Off-Shoulder Peplum Tops  

You can choose the off-shoulder style if you want to give your peplum tops the best twist. Go for frills and laces for detailing and team it with a pair of harem pants or tapered trousers in contrasting shades.

2. Sleeveless Peplum Top With A Sheer Yoke  

Sleeveless Peplum Tops With A Sheer Yoke  

Do you want a vintage peplum top for this season? Choose a peplum top with a sheer yoke. If you want, you can also go for one that has lace detailing at the front.

3. Sheer And Sequined Peplum Tops  

Sheer And Sequined Peplum Tops 

Sequins and peplum tops are like matches made in heaven. Keep it soft and shimmery with a sheer fabric adorned with detailed sequin work.

Wear the sheer and sequined peplum tops with slim-fitted black trousers or jeans. Do you want something flared for your bottom wear? Try a pair of palazzos in monochrome.

4. Corset-Style Peplum Tops  

Corset-Style Peplum Tops 

Do you want to fuse the two biggest trends of the season? Try a corset-style peplum top. It will look great with well-fitted trousers.

5. Leather Peplum Tops  

Leather Peplum Tops  

How about creating the latest Sydney Sweeney look this season? Get a leather peplum top like her and team it with a pair of denim shorts or slim-fit jeans to be the perfect femme fatale.

6. Flouncy Tank Peplum Tops  

Flouncy Tank Peplum Tops 

If you want to keep it subtle and play it low-key, a flouncy tank top in peplum style will be your go-to outfit this season.

Choose simple monochromatic peplum tanks and team them with wide-legged trousers.

7. Long Peplum TopsLong Peplum Tops  

One of the biggest evolutions to happen in peplum tops this season is experimenting with the length. Keep it longer if you want a slimmer appearance.

8. Voluminous Printed Tops

Voluminous Printed Tops  

Are you someone who loves detailing and opulence in fashion? Go for peplum tops that have heavy or structured frills and flares around the waistline.

Wear these with straight-cut trousers to make a fashion statement.

The Takeaway  

If you want to catch up with the latest fashion trends in 2023, you have to switch to peplum tops. Peplum tops come in different fabrics, patterns, and designs.

These tops also complement a wide range of bottom wear, including culottes, trousers, jeans, skirts, skorts, shorts, and harem pants.

So, get your peplum top and stylize it well. Don’t forget to share if you have any cool styling tips for peplum tops.

There is also an increasing craze for making DIY peplum tops. But only try the hacks if you are excellent with your stitching skills.

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