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How To Know The Pair Of Heels You’ve Been Eyeing Is Your Must-Buy

One of the unique things about high heels is that they’re not worn on a daily basis except if you necessarily wear them at work or in school, of course. No one’s saying you can’t wear high heels whenever you want; women would just typically prefer if given the choice, wearing flats while commuting and walking a long way. Sneakers, ballerina shoes or other flat shoes are mostly worn because they’re the most comfortable options. Meanwhile, the more challenging high pair of heels are worn for special occasions and specific professions and needs.

Entering the world of high pair of heels, you must be prepared and ready to accept your fate that high heels won’t go easy on you. Women who have worn heels (I assume most already have) know that the joy in wearing them doesn’t last for a long time because maybe after some hours (or unfortunate minutes), your feet hurt or blisters form. It’s just that the feet have an ‘expiration period’ when it comes to their susceptibility to pain and cramps especially if you keep on standing, walking or running. That’s why it is very important to choose and buy the high heels most fitting in all aspects for you. Below are some tips for you, ladies, to know if the pair of heels you’ve been eyeing for minutes is your must-buy.

Pair Of Heels You’ve Been Eyeing Is Your Must-Buy:

1. Check your legs appearance and yourself in general :

High heels don’t just beautify your feet and make you taller. They also affect how you and your legs look like. There are certain designs and styles which might not be most suitable for your clothes or for your figure if you’re aiming for a certain look so look at yourself in all angles, especially your legs, in the mirror.

2. Check the heels’ stability :

High heels are not high pair of heels without heels (You weren’t surprised, were you?) There are heel types which are harder to survive in than others, but regardless of the heel type, make sure that the quality is excellent! No one wants double trouble with challenging and weak heels.

3. Check your toes :

Toes are poor little ones whenever high heels are worn because if you’ll look at the structure of your feet as you wear them, toes carry a large weight of your body as your feet are somehow tiptoed. They are also the frontliners when you walk because a lot of effort is exerted by the first half of the foot, especially in high heels. Because the second half of the foot (where the ankle is)  is supported by the heel and has no direct access to the ground, it cannot fully support the body. Toes should be able to breathe. Don’t suffocate and kill them inside tight, closed high heels. Painful toes triple the challenge of wearing a pair of heels.

4. Check the heels’ cushion :

Some heeled-shoes have deadly-looking heels but are actually fine in some ways. The most tear-jerking part is if they are deadly-looking heels hiding their true weapon inside. Be sure to check that shoes have good cushioning. It must rest your feet well. There are thin and rough insoles, and you won’t like them in your high heels unless you don’t want to walk normally.

5. Check the heels fit and feel by walking them around :

You’re going to wear your heels as you walk so walk them first in the store before buying. Fit and feel them. Try them in the store not only for short seconds but a few minutes will do. It will help you determine if they’re bearable for you. If you’re buying a pair of heels for a specific event, consider the activities you might be doing there. Try to walk fast, run, kick, or jump a bit to see where your heels can and can’t get you. Doing that will let you make your final decision.

Different kinds of heels present different levels of challenge, yet at the end of the day, we can just conclude that regardless of heel type, wearing a high pair of heels is DEFINITELY challenging. A great deal of them is out there in the market waiting to be bought and worn. They are really interesting and eye-catching. There are lots of styles, designs, and colors, and buying among the countless choices isn’t hard only if you already know what you want and what you need.

High heels add to a lady’s confidence, appeal, and style. They’re not worn on a daily basis, so make sure that when you wear them once or occasionally, make the most out of it. And making the most out of it doesn’t mean you have to endure the suffering and keep on wearing them all day even if you feel like your feet are dying. It means you do not waste your time and money in the first place by buying those which are not good for you, whether it’s about the design or–and most importantly–the comfort. Always remember not to let your feet suffer just for the sake of your look because your feet actually carry you so be really kind to them.

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