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Packing To Look Amazing On Your Honeymoon

Packing for your honeymoon can be a serious challenge.

You will obviously want to bring enough outfits to look amazing at every romantic opportunity and to take advantage of those gorgeous, Instagrammable moments that will come thick and fast.

But equally, you don’t want to spend your whole time struggling with lots of heavy bags or constantly trying to squeeze everything into overstuffed suitcases.

So when it comes to your honeymoon, packing smart is a must. Whether you are cruising for your honeymoon or spending the whole trip relaxing on a paradise beach, prepping and packing before you go is one of the most important things you will do.

So before you set off, take a look at this guide to honeymoon packing, and guarantee you’ll look amazing whatever romantic adventures you have got planned!


1. Start with a list

For packing pros, the most important part of the process is putting together a packing list. A packing list helps you get your thoughts in order and be organized about what you will need on your trip. It helps you avoid forgetting vital items, and lets you cut down on things you just won’t need.

And the usefulness of a packing list doesn’t end when the trip begins! Having a packing list as you travel helps you ensure that everything that comes out of your luggage goes back in and means you won’t leave anything behind when it is time to check out.

2. Put together a great carry-on

While your main luggage is super important and will contain most of your main outfits and essentials, a good carry-on can make the difference when it comes to the journey itself, helping you have a more enjoyable flight and ensuring you look great when you arrive.

Your carry-on should obviously include the basics – passport, tickets, money – but packing things like a toothbrush and toothpaste, travel-sized deodorant, moist wipes, a change of clothes, and dry shampoo can be a game changer. Earplugs, a neck pillow, and a soft eye mask will also ensure a more pleasant journey and guarantee you better rest!

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3. Don’t scrimp on the romance

The main focus of your honeymoon will be romance, and this should reflect in your packing options as well. It is important to pack a few things to give your honeymoon a little romantic spark, so think about scented candles, massage oil, and even a few outfits that are a little racier than you might ordinarily choose!

4. Think about your trip

The best advice for putting together your luggage is to pack appropriately for the trip you are going on. If you are cycling through the Italian Alps, make sure you’ve got lycra cycling gear, padded shorts, and a good cap. If you are heading to Tahiti bring your best swimming costume, sunscreen, and snorkel equipment.

If you will be exploring a sophisticated European capital city make sure you’ve got a good combination of elegant clothes for the evening and some comfortable outfits (and sensible shoes!) for exploring the town.

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5. Add something fancy

Whatever your honeymoon plans are, chances are you’ll have a few luxury touches planned along the way. So make sure you pack a few elegant, sophisticated outfits suitable for fine dining restaurants, as well as something sparkly and fun for a wilder night out or two!

The key to packing for your honeymoon is to find the balance between being prepared for anything and not overpacking. With the tips above you’ll be able to put together the perfect luggage that will guarantee a wonderful, magical, and romantic adventure with your loved one.