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How To Dress If You Have an Oval Body Shape [Completed Guide]

Lady Gaga sings, “I’m beautiful in my way/ ‘Cause God makes no mistakes.” I am here talking about body positivity or embracing your oval body shape.

Women’s figure types are vivid, with, of course, the most coveted one being the hourglass. But we are all fabulous in our skin and can hide the so-called “imperfections” if we know how to style it right. Again, for men, it’s an athletic body that women find the sexiest, but with perfect styling, a man with an oval body can have a swoon-worthy dapper look. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s check out the tips and tricks. 

What Is An Oval Body Shape?

For women, having an oval body type means having a broader bust and narrower hip without a defined waistline. Women with this body type have slimmer legs. 

For men, an oval body shape consists of a short neck, full face, round belly, strong arms and upper shoulders, and slender legs.

Oval Body Shape Male Dressing Ideas

Do you love Elton John, or is James Corden your favorite? I am mentioning them because they are two of the most celebrated men with an oval body shape. But having an oval body shape never stopped them from looking their stylish best. Taking some ideas from what they choose to look fashionable and exploring some really cool ideas, here I present some best dresses to step out in style according to your body type.

Choose Jeans With Wide Legs

If you have an oval body shape and wear wide-leg jeans, there will be visually more balance between your upper and lower body. Also, choose jeans in a darker shade to make your frame appear slimmer.

Bootcut and straight-leg jeans are not ideal for your body type as they can make your frame look bigger. 

Be Careful About The Rise Of Your Jeans

Go for medium-rise jeans so that you feel comfy without those bulging appearances around your stomach. Low-rise jeans will not be a good choice as there can be discomfort regarding their fitting. 

Pick Clothes With Vertical Stripes Or Pinstripes

Pick Clothes With Vertical Stripes Or Pinstripes

This is kind of a universal rule to make a person look slimmer. With vertical or pinstripes on the oval body shape outfits, your body frame will look elongated and slimmer. 

Wear Well Fitted Trousers Or The Ones With Tapered Ends

If you are wearing trousers, always go for darker shades. The fitting needs to be on point or at the max, you can go for a pair loosely tapered around the sleeves and legs. Do not pick a pair of loose trousers as it can make your legs look shorter. 

Be extra careful about the midriff area while wearing trousers. The fitting should not cause creases or wrinkles, making the bulges around your stomach prominent.

Further, for casual trousers, choose a lightweight and body-hugging fabric. And for formal trousers, a flat front will skillfully hide that extra flab around your tummy. 

Pick The Shirts and T-Shirts Right

In T-Shirts, go for subtle prints and full sleeves for a slender appearance. T-Shirts with a V-neck will be a great choice as it will make your neck look bigger. That’s why turtle neck is a big No-No for men with an oval body type or a shorter neck. Get the fitting right, as something too baggy or tight can ruin the appearance. You can even get polo T-Shirts for smart casual or semi-formal occasions.

If you are picking your shirt, go for one with a standard collar and a button-down closure. The collar spread should be average to wide to give your face an elongated look. 

Layering Correctly

For men with an oval body shape, layering with the right coat or blazer needs special attention. In suits, you can go for single-breasted, two-button options. However, it should be made with a lightweight fabric. 

If you are getting jackets, get single-vented variations to shift focus from your back, or you can pick the long parka jackets for layering.

In case you are looking for anything fun and sporty, wear sports jackets with textures and patterns for a camouflaging effect. And finally, in blazers, get rid of those pads on the shoulders. 

Oval Body Shape Female Dressing Ideas 

If I name a famous woman with an oval body shape, you will understand what it takes to stand out. The most prominent example is, of course, the gorgeous Oprah Winfrey. 

Want to be a diva like her? Here are the dressing ideas I find brilliant for women with oval-shaped bodies.  

1. Picking The Dresses Right

Picking The Dresses Right

If you have an oval body shape, you can get a balanced silhouette by picking a dress that is pinched around the waist and flared around your hips. The flared hem will balance out your narrower hip with the broader bust area. 

Sleeveless, Bardot, or strapless dresses are ideal for your body type. A V-neck also looks good in dresses for women with oval body shapes.  

2. The Tops And Tunics

You can choose tops, tunics, and shirts as your topwear, but they need to have a bite around your waistline if you want to really flatter your figure. 

Among necklines, V-shapes, scoop necks, or square necks are most suitable for oval-shaped women. A shirt with buttons below your bustline will also look smoking hot!

I find tunic-style tops or tops with tailored waistlines the best fit for women with an oval body shape

3. The Skirts, Jeans, And Pants

The Skirts, Jeans, And Pants

It’s always smart to go for the wide-leg option if you are picking jeans or trousers. That’s why palazzo pants are the most ideal for women who have an oval body shape. The flattering legs visually create a curve around the hip. So, there is the right balance between your upper and lower body sections.

In an oval-shaped body, women have slimmer legs. So, mini skirts are great for them. Also, a skater or A-line hemline is a perfect choice for a calf-length or midi-length skirt, and the rise should be high-waist.

Pencil skirts or midi skirts with a structured frame can create a slight imbalance in your body type. Even if you choose these styles, go for ruffles or pleats on them. 

Final Words:

There are a lot of dressing options for men and women with an oval body shape. Whatever outfit you choose, you need to celebrate your body type and be comfortable in your skin first. Now, perceive the outfits you choose as the extension of your confidence, comfort factor, and overall persona.

There you are! All set to put your best foot forward!

So, get inspired and shop for the right outfits for you. Also, share the outfit you find the most suitable for your body type.

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