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Top 12 Open Back Dress Styles For Women To Know In 2022 – The Best Guide In 2022

Summer is almost here, and showing off your skin a Lil bit is no offense at all. For your one-and-done look, you can go for an open back dress. At the same time, it will give you gracefulness in front while cheekiness in the back. Today, we have brought a wide range of 12 stylish open back dress styles for you.

Go ahead and keep reading to get your ultimate summer outing outfit choices…..

Key Points To Remember Before Wearing An Open Back Dress With Large Bust Area

Key Points To Remember Before Wearing An Open Back Dress

Are you going to wear an open back dress or low back dress for the first time in your upcoming friends’ meet? I completely understand your discomfort, and it totally makes sense. Trust me; even I went through this phase during my “ first time.” That’s why I have brought 8 ways to flaunt an open back dress, especially with a heavier bust.

  • Embrace your bust sizes and love it as much as possible. Stop thinking about society’s perspectives.
  • If your bra strap is visible, then let it be. Showing off your bra straps could be sassy as hell. So, close your eyes, and rock those straps.
  • Implement Kim Kardashian’s boob tape trick. Place duct tapes on the shoulder areas so that nothing slips or moves.
  • Wear a bra whose color matches that of the open back casual dress you are wearing. 
  • Consider wearing Open Back Halter Dress if you want to remove the word “bra” from your list.
  • Go for an invisible clear-back bra to make people go through an illusion of braless-ness.
  • Why don’t you try out some nipple pasties? If your pesky nipples seem to be protruding, and you don’t wanna wear those tight bras all day long, nipple stickers are the best way out.
  • The easiest way to eliminate bra conflicts while enjoying your perfectly exotic open back summer dress is buying a backless outfit with in-built cups.

12 Best Open Back Dress Styles To Wear In 2022

Best Open Back Dress Styles To Wear

Our comprehensive list of 12 best open back dress style is here. Keeping in mind the upcoming summer events, your tastes, and preferences, we have included the backless dress patterns. From maxi cuts to puff sleeves, we lined up the best choices you must not miss in 2022.

What are you waiting for? Dive right in….

1. Open Back Maxi Dress

Open Back Maxi Dress

An open back maxi dress is a must-have summer outfit in your wardrobe. While the maxi pattern gives a simple, flowy, and loose fit, the open back style makes you bold and distinguishable. Obviously, it’s the best open back casual dress style according to my viewpoint.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Maxi Dress: Outdoor, dating, hangouts, club, beach.

2. Open Back Midi Dress

Open Back Midi Dress

An open back midi dress exhibits elegance as well as sensuality. This type of outfit is generally stretchy, soft, and comfortable when it comes to wearing it for a longer time. Pair this with high heels and additional jewelry to get a chic formal look.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Midi Dress: Party, date, club, prom, cocktail, etc.

3. Long Sleeve Open Back Dress

Long Sleeve Open Back Dress

Although a long sleeve open back dress covers most of your body parts, your back portion looks stunningly sexy. Usually, these dresses are full length, full-sleeved, and also body-hugging in nature. However, they are quite snuggly and soft, so you won’t feel suffocated. It’s advisable to choose a solid-colored long sleeve backless dress instead of multicolor prints to bring out the ‘inner ravishing you.’

Suitable Occasions for a Long Sleeve Open Back Dress: Party, prom, Christmas, festivals, beauty pageant, etc.

4. Spaghetti Strap Open Back Dress

Spaghetti Strap Open Back Dress

Normally, a Spaghetti strap open back dress features spaghetti straps with crossover back and waistline. On top of that, you will find asymmetrical hemlines with tantalizing ruffles in some of these low back outfits. They allow you to show off your perfect waistline. I would go for a bold black or seductive red color since these two hues portray an alluring look and attitude.

Suitable Occasions for a Spaghetti Straps Open Back Dress: Party, prom, pageant, club, date night, club.

5. Open Back Cocktail Dress

Open Back Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses ensure equilibrium in casual and formal styles. You can choose a wide open back cocktail dress to drive people crazy at an evening party. While they look highly standardized on the one hand, such outfits carve out your tempting sides on the other. I think the best name you can give it is “Cocktail open back casual dress.”

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Cocktail Dress: Party, prom, date night, club etc.

6. Open Back Bodycon Dress

Open Back Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are known for showcasing your faultless waistline; hence they are known as “body-conscious.” Moreover, the regular fit of an open back bodycon dress makes you look charming and tempting. It goes best in both daily wear and social occasions.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Bodycon Dress: Party, prom, club night outs, dance events, date night. 

7. Open Back Sweater Dress

Open back sweater dress or knit pullover open back dress feels extremely soft and cozy due to its elasticity. If you are a bit chubby and want to draw attention to your appealing curves, a backless sweater dress is the best choice. No matter what the color is, you can combine it with jeans, coats, boots, leggings in fall and winter.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Sweater Dress: Daily wear, date, club, dinner, outdoors, vacation, etc. 

8. Open Back Halter Dress

Open Back Halter Dress

An open back halter dress with pencil heels or kitten heels is perfect for club evenings and parties. Ladies with heavier boobs can comfortably put this on without any worries about bouncing. Collaborate this dress with small accessories like stud earrings and a blazer/cardigan for a dashing look. I would recommend you to pick up floral or colorful junky prints as it would bring out your inner free spirit.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Halter Dress: Holidays, vacation, cocktail, parties, casual, friends hangouts, shopping, etc.

9. Open Back Formal Dress

Open Back Formal Dress

Open back formal dresses are recognized as backless gowns. Basically, they are full-sleeved as well as full-length since the term “formal” is attached. Over and above that, lower back formal dresses look magnificent if it’s solid colored. If you are blessed with an hourglass figure, get your hands on it without any delay.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Formal Dress: Date, school or college prom, wedding parties, official cocktail evenings, formal club nights, etc.

10. Open Back Long Floral Dress

Open Back Long Floral Dress

It’s true that there is no specific age in terms of outfits; you can wear anything you want at any age. Nevertheless, wearing a floral dress gives you a sweet 16 look. I really don’t know what’s the link between floral prints/patterns and youth. Maybe flower is the symbol of anything energetic and new. 2 points you’ll need to remember while purchasing a lower back floral dress are: 1. It’s long/flowy/loose, 2. The back portion has knotted ties and straps.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Long Floral Dress: Beach, vacation, summer hangouts, clubs days, etc.

11. Open Back Mini Dress

Open Back Mini Dress

Mini dresses naturally make you look way too much endearing if you are short and plumpy. Furthermore, if it’s an open back outfit, the saucy attitude is reflected as well. A backless mini dress is therefore a perfect blend of casualty and flawlessness. It’s not necessary for this outfit to have an exact fit; the flowy pattern also looks enchanting.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Mini Dress: Vacation, date, prom, friends’ outing, cocktail, parties, club nights.

12. Open Back Puff Sleeve Dress

Open Back Puff Sleeve Dress

Another best open back summer dress on your bucket list. Puff sleeves are a robust “comeback” in the global fashion industry after quite a long time. It originated in the Renaissance period and after ruling for several decades, it got derailed from the trend.

However, over the last 10 years, different variations of puff sleeved dress have come up, one of which is Open Back Puff Sleeve Dress. Its balloon cut sleeves, and an enchanting backless design makes you be the European Goddess as soon as you don it.

Suitable Occasions for an Open Back Puff Sleeve Dress: Vacation, beach wear, date, shopping, casual outing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How To Wear Bra With Open Back Dress?

You can easily wear a bra with an open back dress and that also comfortably. Follow the steps below:

  • Clear Bra brand.
  • Sew-in bra cups to the dress.
  • Strapless bra.
  • Adhesive bra.
  • Multiway bra.
  • Bra strap converter.
  • Nipple stickers.

Q2. Who Invented Backless Dress?

The origin of the backless dress or open back dates back to the 1920s. However, in the 1930s, the style turned out to be more prominent when it got paired with the contemporary sun tanning fashion.

Q3. Can I Wear An Open Back Dress To A Wedding?

You can definitely wear a cute open back dress at a wedding or any other similar gathering as long as you are comfortable. Even nowadays, an open back wedding dress is a very ubiquitous fashion.

The Takeaway

Our suggestions of 12 open back dress styles end here.

I hope you liked each of the open back and backless outfit styles mentioned above. This summer is going to be a rocking one for you then, I am sure Furthermore, if you know any other unique open back dressing approaches apart from these, don’t hesitate to share with us. We would love to hear quirky fashion thoughts from you.

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