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How To Dress Like Old Money: The Beauty Of Quiet Luxury

The quiet luxury and the beauty of millionaire fashion are seeing quite a stir in the fashion industry. Popularly known as the old money aesthetic, a name coined by none other than the TikTok crowd, it is no surprise that fashionistas are falling in line to acquire this wardrobe.

Recently, Sophia Richie’s wedding in the quaint south of France also placed this aesthetic under a shiny spotlight. Her regal wedding look, which marked a stark contrast from her Insta baddie phase while dating the notorious Scott Disick, was definitely a reason behind the rising popularity.

With that came the emotional attachment to any fashion aesthetic. It is not just about the outfit, but the reason behind one wearing it.

The underlying message of the old money style is definitely maturity when one chooses elegant and regal clothing over the other previously vibrant looks.

For many, it shows growth and the reincarnation of a new individual. When one leaves their old chaos, choose a quiet life (a luxury for sure!).

Suppose you are one such fashionista expressing your change through this aesthetic. Or, if you simply love the style and wish to explore more, welcome to the blog! In this excerpt below, we will be discussing elements of the aesthetic and how to fashion an old-money outfit.

What Is The Old Money Aesthetic (…And Why Are We Obsessed)

The art of quiet luxury
The art of quiet luxury

Imagine yourself sailing towards the sunset on a French Rivera. You are on your personal yacht, and the final glow of the golden hours shines on your face.

What do you imagine yourself wearing?

Certainly not a crop top, bejeweled makeup, and cowboy boots. They have their special place in the Coachella fashion, but not when it comes to old money.

The basic structure of all old money aesthetics is family money, wealth, and generational inheritance. Aka, people who do not need to show a logo to prove they are wealthy.

Needless to say, you do not need to be a trust fund baby in order to absolutely rock this aesthetic.

You simply need to know the basic color scheme and the outfit types!

Old money fashion defines the idea of quiet luxury and somber colors. It is like a subculture of dark academia, but if your clothes were from Ralph Lauren (…again, it is not necessary).

Another trait of this aesthetic is to never speak about money and brands outwardly; some would consider it a rude dinner conversation!

More than fashion, it is a lifestyle which is known by everyone. It is not just about adorning your beige polo t-shirt, but what opinion you are voicing with it matters.

Since the term ‘quite’ plays a big role in old money style, too much bold clothing doesn’t fall in its fashion wheel. Quite the contrasting idea from grunge or Insta baddie look.

How To Achieve The Old Money Style

Without any further ado, let’s jump into how you can achieve this look.

1. Ditch Some Of The Colors

Colors of quiet luxury
Colors of quiet luxury

Now, we are not asking you to go to your wardrobe and discard every vibrant color or pattern. Unless you want your whole life to be emulating the old money vibes, you can always keep those colors.

However, when you are planning to dress as one, too many bright colors are your enemy. The goal is to not garnes too much attention but still look confident and classic if someone does pay attention.

A good rule of thumb would be to find your color palette between white, tan, off-whites, blacks, beiges, and browns. If you want colors, then lemon yellow, powder blues, navy, and baby pink are some of the ideal choices.

2. Think Jackie Kennedy

Jakie Kennedy old money fashion archive.
Jakie Kennedy old money fashion archive.

A golden rule when you want to dress old money but do not know what to wear, always look through Jackie Kennedy’s archives. Even her simple airport looks with satin scarves around her neck, a long coat, and never missing out on the huge sunglasses are an inspiration.

When you find yourself in doubt, simply search for “Jackie Kennedy’s old money look.” The best part about this hack is you do not have to break the bank in order to achieve these looks. You need a few pairs of trousers and shirts.

3. A Turtleneck

Turtleneck is a staple for old money aesthetic.
Turtleneck is a staple for old money aesthetic.

Turtlenecks are a staple when it comes to the old-money aesthetic. No matter what you are wearing, the turtleneck can enhance it.

I am sure almost everyone has turtlenecks stacking up in their wardrobe. However, if you do not, then you only need these three shades to make 30 outfits.

  • Black.
  • White, &
  • Beige.

One of the common old money styles is to tie the turtleneck around your neck while wearing your favorite white trousers.

4. Accessories Means A Lot (…no fakes!)

Accessories can make or break an aesthetic.
Accessories can make or break an aesthetic.

Accessories can make a huge difference when it comes to this fashion aesthetic, most importantly when this aesthetic is all about subtly enhancing your quiet fashion sense. On top of the accessory list is your:

  • Flat ballets or loafers. Yes, you might have to ditch your favorite platforms when trying this aesthetic. If you need a little raise, try plain sharp stilettos.
  • Accenting your outfit with gold or silver jewelry is also a great style hack. However, nothing too shiny or big. Most importantly, no fakes as they might ruin the style. Buy simple silver jewelry whenever you are dressing in old money.
  • Satin scarves around your neck or head, hats, and caps are always the number of picks when it comes to this style.
  • Sunglasses are not just for pictures; they should be functional and cover your face.

5. When It Doubt – Suit It Up

Old money and suits are the perfect combination.
Old money and suits are the perfect combination.

If you want to look elegant channel your inner heiress, but dealing with a fashion block?

You can never go wrong with a suit when it comes to money fashion.

You don’t even have to wear the entire suit. Simply enhance it with the help of your waistcoat, or give some character to your boring attire with a blazer.

What Are The Novice Fashionistas Asking

Novice fashionistas have shown a keen interest in this aesthetic; let us understand what they are asking from it.

1. What Are The Old Money Brands

Ans. Some of the popular old-money brands which are household names are:

  • Ralph Lauren.
  • Burberry.
  • Brioni.
  • Chanel, &
  • Hermes.

However, understanding the type of outfit will help you understand the aesthetic better. To which you will discover spending less can also bring the same result.

2. What Are The Type Of Outfits Which Reflects Old Money?

Ans. The type of outfit which should be in your wardrobe in terms of this aesthetic are:

  • Cable knit sweaters.
  • Satin shirts of sombre colours.
  • Turtle necks.
  • Trench coats.
  • Long coats.
  • Black loafers & flats.

Layers are also a significant symbol of old money since they help build character in your outfit. When you learn how to use these aesthetics, you will not remind yourself about the designer. After all, flashing designer logos is not an acceptable trait of this fashion aesthetic.

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