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Nose Piercing – Process, Risks, Healing, Cost & Precautions [Genuine Explanation]

I was just fourteen when I decided to have a piercing. I wasn’t sure where I would get it, but later I went for nose piercing. The outer part of the nostril, the traditional place to get a nose pierced. I was as scared as you are now if you are thinking of getting one. Once you get it done, you won’t feel any less of a beautiful woman, that I can assure you. 

Give your aesthetic an edgy ameliorate with a nose piercing. It is indeed an intellectual way to express your personality through facial jewelry. You won’t get tired of the process of going through several styles and options. 

From septum nose piercing to nose bridge piercing you can have any. But also keep in mind that just because you want it, you should not take the decision casually. 

There are many things that you should consider before getting your nose pierced such as the nose and facial anatomy, possibilities, piercing types, and metals. 

With my 10 years of experience, I will give you an article where you will get to know anything and everything regarding nose piercing. 

By the way, at the age of 20, I have 15 body piercings, all done with the help of professionals.

What Is Nose Piercing?

What Is Nose Piercing

A nose piercing is a hole that you get on one side of your nose by getting pierced, either with a gunshot or a needle. You can also have a double nose piercing, which looks different than ordinary.

Nose piercings are basically for women, but you can also witness guys with a nose piercing. In the early days, there was specific jewelry allotted for men and women, nose studs or nose rings were meant for women only. But since we live in the 21st century we have learned to share and swap accessories with each other. 

History Of Nose Piercing

History Of Nose Piercing

Nose piercing originated from India, it was brought to the country by the Mughal Emperor, in the 16th century from the Middle East. The tradition spread to the other parts of Asia and through European punk culture straight to Britain in the 80s. And now, everywhere.

For women nose piercing was all about aging, it also signified womanhood, elegance, and even a sense of rebellion. In India women used to get their nose pierced when gifted by their husbands showing that she is married and secure. For Indian women, the left side of the nose was the side that got pierced every time.

But around the globe, the position of the nose piercing varied. Mainly women preferred and still do, stud nose piercing or hoop nose piercing.

However, the long-lasting temptation of the enhanced nose stays as an object of beauty, to date. 

You can also go for the Cartilage Piercing which is on trend.

Types Of Nose Piercings

Types Of Nose Piercings 

There are many types of nose piercings, they have all been invented through centuries. Most of them have come from the punk subculture, apart from septum and nostril piercings, the rest are quite painful.

  1. Bridge piercing bridge piercing is placed in between your eyes, at the starting of your nose.
  2. Austin bar a piercing that is placed horizontally just above your nostrils.
  3. Nasallang a piercing that penetrates three layers of your nose, the first nostril, septum, and the second nostril. 
  4. Septum an easy one, just a pinch. It is a piercing, placed on the spot that joins the nostrils.
  5. Rhino a piercing that is placed at the center point of your nose. 
  6. Third eye a piercing that looks like a bindi on the forehead.

How Is Nose Piercing Done?

How Is Nose Piercing Done

If you have piercings then you know the entire process, but if you are totally novice about nose piercing, then let me give you details about it. Follow the steps:

Step 1: A Clean Place

Never compromise your hygiene with anything. Make sure the saloon you have chosen is clean and offers sterile methods. Anything that comes in contact with your nose skin, should be uncontaminated and disposable at the same time. It is better if you go to piercing studios, where professionals only work on piercings and tattoos. Avoid Claire’s nose piercing saloon as they have low ratings and a bad reputation.

Step 2: Sterilization 

The first thing a piercer must do is wear sterile gloves. The next thing to sterilize is the needle, the spot on your nose, the forceps, and the jewelry. The entire nose piercing kit should be sterilized. 

Step 3: Marking

Marking is the main thing, obviously, you don’t want your nose piercing crooked.

So, you show a spot where you want your piercing, but leave the ultimate decision on the piercer, because they know the spots well enough. Therefore after the discussion, the piercer will either mark your suggested spot or his. 

Step 4: Piercing

A big no-no to gunshots (piercing gun). The safest tool used for piercing is a hollow needle. Hollow needles are cleaner and safer as they come out of packets and after using they are disposed of. Never let the same needle enter any other spot.

You can also go for – eyebrow piercing.

Healing Of Nose Piercing

Healing Of Nose Piercing

After you are done with your nose piercing, it is quite normal to feel like you have been stung by a bee. Don’t freak out. Beauty is pain, remember?.

Upto three weeks, you are going to feel the pain now and then or maybe continuously, but it’s bearable trust me. It might swell a bit or stay red but it is only for a few weeks.

A nostril piercing completely heals in about 2 to 4 months. Other nose piercings take upto 3 to 4 months. 

Risks Of Nose Piercing

Risks Of Nose Piercing

The one and only risk are you getting your nose piercing infected. There are a few reasons why a nose piercing gets infected:

  • Bacteria inside your nose can cause it. Even tetvac cannot help you with it.
  • Frequent touching for adjusting your stud or hoop can cause it.
  • Sleeping on the pierced side can cause it, as it stops the blood flow in that particular area.
  • Bleeding excessively can cause infection, as you can form a hepatoma from it that causes swollen bruises.
  • Wearing cheap metals can cause infection as not all metals are meant to be worn, especially on a newly pierced nose.
  • Using normal soaps on your face can cause infection as the chemical might not agree with the tiny wound on the side of your nose.
  • Animal fur can cause infection too.
  • Your nails can cause it as well, therefore do not itch the place.
  • Nerve damage can give you infections, like I said earlier let the piercer choose the right spot for you. 

Precautions Of Nose Piercing

Precautions Of Nose Piercing

I know I have scared the crap out of you but there are solutions to recover if you ever get infected, just follow the steps blindly if necessary.

  • If your infected nose piercing is red and swollen, use a warm compress. Use a clean cloth, put some sea salt solutions in the lukewarm water and gently apply on the area.
  • Clean the inside of the nose too.
  • Use ointments that are applied to wounds. Do consult your doctor or piercer first.
  • Avoid too much water, if necessary use face napkins to remove dirt from your face.
  • If you have a nose piercing bump, or a pain that seems a bit abnormal, visit your piercer, you might have to take out the metal.
  • Don’t think of changing jewelry before 3months.
  • Don’t let anyone touch the spot.
  • Don’t go near spices or hot oil. If necessary, cover your face.

Pain Scale

Pain Scale

The pain scale depends on what kind of nose piercing you are up for. Below there is a list of piercings that are parts of the nose. If a nostril piercing you go for, then 5 out 10. For septum the least 1 or 2 maybe. The bridge piercing is going to make you cry and so will the Nasallang.

Another thing that depends on the pain scale is your tolerance towards it.

Cost For Nose Piercing

Cost For Nose Piercing

The cost of nose piercing is based on the experience of the piercer and the piercing kit they use. If you go to a local saloon they will charge you less with more chances of getting the piercing infected.

But a professional piercer will pierce your nose then will take immediate care as well as prescribe you medicines to avoid infections and also for infections if you get them accidentally.

Therefore they will charge you pretty much.

Types Of Jewellery For Nose Piercing

Types Of Jewellery For Nose Piercing

Just like you have types of piercings, to complement each spot there are types of piercing jewelry.

  • Corkscrew
  • L-shaped
  • Stud
  • Hoop
  • Barbell
  • Septum clicker


  • Q1: How Long Does It Take A Nose Piercing To Close?

A: If your nose piercing is a fresh one, then it will take minutes to close up.

If the piercing you have has survived one year then, give it some days.

Now if you have them years now as I do, it won’t close up totally, but partially. The inside of the hole will close as we carry dirt inside the nose.

  • Q2: When Can I Change My Nose Piercings? 

A: After 3 months. If you face some complications even after 3 months, get that jewelry out for immediate safety, then consult a doctor. If you are not allowed to pierce anymore, then go for a fake nose piercing.

  • Q3: How To Reopen A Closed Nose Piercing?

Well, now we are talking. As I said, the inside of the hole closes up fast. But the outside stays open. To reopen the piercing you have to puncture the skin again with a hollow needle. The best suggestion to give you is, get it re-pierced from the piercer. 

Wrapping It All Up

Phew! That is one long article. But I covered everything I guess.

Piercing is a way of expressing their personality. Some use it to show rebellion, some use it to show elegance. 

Not everyone likes piercing, because of the complications they have to go through like scars and minute-to-minute aftercare. But still, the majority of women all around the world have a nose piercing at least. 

Other countries have adopted this style from Indians and embraced it as their own.

If you’re scared to get a nose piercing, then don’t.

If you want then go get one.

Either way, you are beautiful!

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