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12 Nightlife Fashion Essentials That You Must Have – FTF

Spending a night out on the town is a common way to hang out and have fun after an intense day at home, work, or school. This is the time for you to relax and socialize! However, going out can also mean getting stressed about what to wear. This article lists some essentials for clubbing and other common nighttime activities to help you get started in building your wardrobe.

Nightlife Fashion Essentials

Here are the 12 nightlife fashion essentials that gives you a charming look and make everyone noticed you whenever you are going to a nightclub or any parties: 

1. A Pair Of Good Stockings

When thinking of a night out, you might have imagined yourself in heels and a dress dancing the night away with friends or meeting new people. Therefore, it’s good to own a nice pair of control top or sheer to waist hosiery so you can be sure that you look your best from head to toe in your favorite dress or skirt.

A pair of high-quality sheer hosiery can hide scars and any other imperfections you don’t want to worry about while dancing and having fun. It also has the advantage of providing some cover and protection for your skin against the chill of the night air.

2. A Flattering Dress

Although dresses are clubbing attire staples, it’s still important to research first about the club you are going to. Some venues may have dress codes you need to follow or else you might be stopped at the door. Usual choices include bodycon dresses, bandage dresses, and laced or sequined cocktail dresses.

Bodycon dresses are great for showing off your shape, while bandage dresses are good for providing structure and support. Floral midi dresses are good to pair with heels when you are heading out to quiet, laidback parties straight from the office. The LBD (Little Black Dress) is a closet must-have for a reason. It can be used for almost any occasion: a fancy night out with drinks at a rooftop bar, a relaxing evening at the theater, or a date night with your significant other. Adding different accessories can elevate your look and change it from plain to show-stopping.

3. A Nice Belt

Some dress types work well with a belt. For example, a leather belt can accentuate your figure when wearing a shirtdress or shift dress. Get thick and thin belts for different outfits. Neutral colors like brown or black are the usual choices, but a bold belt in red or a belt in an unconventional style can make you look unique.

4. Jeans And A Cute Top

If you are going to a more casual venue like a dive bar or pub, you can consider wearing the classic jeans and blouse combination and pairing it with sneakers. This combo is also great for more casual nights out watching movies or simply wandering around the city. For a more rugged look, ditch the classic jeans for ripped ones, and wear a cute blouse. Glam it up with accessories like earrings or a set of bangles to complete the look.

5. A Pretty Skirt

Skirts of different lengths are also good for use at night especially if you want to show off your feminine side. You can pair a flared skirt with a bandeau or crop top for dinner and drinks at a bistro or wear a pleated skirt and dress shirt to head straight to a club after work and meet up with friends.

6. A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a great add-on to any outfit because not only is it stylish, but it can also keep you warm. It’s perfect to wear on chilly nights when you and some friends spontaneously decide to go on a night drive under the stars with the speakers up and the windows down. A jacket is good to pair with dresses to provide structure and counter the softness of certain dress types like fit and flare or summer dresses.

7. A Pair Of Stylish Shoes

Another important aspect of dressing for a night out is the choice of footwear. You want to look good, but you don’t want to kill your feet. If you are comfortable dancing in dressy heels, then go for it. However, if your idea of a good night out is lots of dancing and moving around, it may be more practical to plan an outfit to include block heels instead. Block heels with ankle straps are a good alternative since these retain the height of heels, while offering added support to your foot from the thicker heel base.

Combat boots are another popular choice among clubgoers because of the edginess these add to the overall feel of your outfit. Black leather combat boots match well with ripped denim and short dresses. There are various styles available to choose from, so whether you prefer chic ankle boots or sexy knee-length boots, you can guarantee a long, fun night. The structure of the shoe also allows you to dance since the shoes provide great support for your feet.

For a night of drinks and dancing at the beach, wedges are another great choice of footwear. The fresh vibe of most wedges matches well with light blouses and skirts, and you can dance to your heart’s content!

8. An Elegant Purse

Nightlife is best enjoyed with two free hands, so invest in small purses you can slip over your shoulder. For more formal evening events like trips to the theater or upscale bars, leather purses with straps can complete your look. Crossbody purses can complement more casual outfits like jeans and shirts.

9. An Assortment Of Accessories

The choice of accessories is usually dictated by how formal the occasion is. These can include jewelry, eyewear, and headwear. For casual hangouts, simple earrings, rings, or bracelets are most appropriate. Other items like sunglasses, caps, or hats may be included depending on the type of activity expected for the night.

For formal evening events like upscale parties or soirees, it’s common to see women wearing statement pieces like an elaborate headpiece, jeweled necklace, or fancy brooch. These types of items will surely make your outfit shine.

10. A Makeup Kit

Have a small makeup kit that fits in the purses you usually bring on a night out. This way, you can just grab it, drop it in your purse, and go. Your favorite lipstick shade, foundation, and blush are usually enough to touch up makeup throughout the night.

11. A Can Of Pepper Spray

While the focus of a night out is having fun, a bit of caution still helps. It’s never overkill to have some form of personal protection when going out. Pepper sprays are open carry almost everywhere and provide a feeling of security so you can enjoy your night freely.

12. A Pack Of Breath Mints

While not a traditional part of fashion, keeping your breath fresh is important. Nightlife typically consists of social activities in all sorts of settings. Additionally, going to venues with loud music means you might be talking a lot at close range. Having a pack of breath mints ready to be placed in your purse saves you the trouble of thinking about the smell of your breath when you talk to that cute guy at the party.


Having laid out twelve nightlife wardrobe essentials, here are a few more fashion reminders. You may be inclined to dress more revealingly for clubbing and other nightlife, but you can always dress as modestly as you wish. The most important point in your fashion is how confident and comfortable you feel in your outfit, not how much skin you have exposed. Your style is your own, so don’t feel pressured to dress a certain way. You are going out to have fun, so dress up to show off your own unique style!

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