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How Much Are Natural Tanzanite Rings Worth?

If you’re passionate about jewelry and precious gemstones, you won’t help but fall in love with tanzanite rings. Those gorgeous blue and purple gemstones really make you stand out from the crowd.

Are you wondering how much a natural tanzanite ring will cost you? Or, if you already have one but are interested in selling, would you like to know its worth?

Either way, read on. We have some great tips and information for you.

From Tanzania With Love

First things first, a bit of background on this beautiful gemstone. Tanzanite is actually the commercial name of zoisite, chosen by the world-famous Tiffany and Company, and based on the fact that the only known deposits of this gem are found — you guessed it — in Tanzania.

Tanzanite was first discovered in the 1960s, and its popularity has grown steadily ever since, making it the second most sought-after blue gemstone after sapphire.

To improve its appearance, especially with the aim to sell it, tanzanite stones undergo a specific, very mild heating process. This type of tanzanite stones are most common and, as such, their value is not as high as natural tanzanite stones.

True Blues

Untreated, natural blue tanzanite is incredibly precious and valued very highly by some jewelers. This variety features the rich, deep blue nuance that tanzanite has straight after it has been mined.

However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic putting a stop to most travels to Tanzania, prices for tanzanite have dropped by up to 30%.

This is great news if you are planning on buying a natural tanzanite ring, though not so good if you want to sell it.

How Much Is a Natural Tanzanite Ring Worth?

So, how much money are we actually talking about? Prices change remarkably according to the stone quality, clarity, weight, and cut.

Excellent quality, natural tanzanite will generally be worth around $400 per carat, as it is regarded as extremely rare and precious.

Sound like a lot of cash? Remember that we are dealing with a gemstone that is mined in only one, very small area of the world, and whose supply is slowly decreasing.

Also, when talking about rings, you need to consider other factors that can influence the price massively, such as which metal is used. A natural tanzanite stone set in a platinum or gold ring will, of course, cost a lot more than the same stone set in sterling silver.

Do you have a natural tanzanite ring and are looking into selling it? Based on the ring condition and the stone quality, you can hope to get around $200 for a 1ct tanzanite stone set in an 18kt gold ring. Not bad, right?

For more inspiration on women’s tanzanite rings and tanzanite ring worth, check out these tanzanite rings.

Treat Yourself

With Christmas around the corner (did we mention that tanzanite is the birthstone for December?), what not treat a loved one — or yourself! — to a wonderful piece of jewelry featuring this gorgeous gemstone?

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