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Do You Want To Perfect The Art Of Wearing Natural Glowy Makeup? (5+ Tips And Tricks)

Have you heard the term “understated elegance?” If that’s your fashion and beauty mantra, you must love natural glowy makeup. This makeup look is about portraying a fresh and minimalistic look, accentuating your features.

You will also see a lot of use of natural shades and skillful application of the foundation in this style of makeup. Do you want to have a step-by-step guide on how to create a perfectly natural look? Let’s find out.

How To Wear The Best Natural Glowy Makeup?   

With Bridgerton and other period dramas ruling the OTT scenario, everyone is now up for wearing natural glowy makeup. Who can avoid the lure of a dewy and feminine touch?

However, this natural glowy makeup needs proper planning, and you need to be skillful with the elements you apply to your skin.

To put it simply, from the primer and foundation to the eyeliner and lip color, you need to be very particular about various aspects of the makeup to ace that look.

Use The Best Face Primer To Improve The Texture Of Your Skin  

If you want to create natural glowy makeup, you will need to start with the application of the primer. To get the best results, you can pick a formula that has skin-brightening benefits and can nourish your skin with essential nutrients.

Further, once you choose a primer with a lightweight formula, it will glide smoothly on your skin. In addition, the primer will make your makeup look fresh and seamless for long hours.

Apply Foundation With A Touch Of Glow  

Once you have set the primer, you need to apply a foundation with a sheer texture to create the natural glowy makeup. To enhance the glow, you can even try mixing your foundation with a highlighter.

However, while applying the foundation, make sure that you blend it well using your fingertips or a sponge. Seamless blending is important if you want to flaunt a fresh look.

Be Moderate With The Application Of The Concealer  

We all know the use of a concealer. However, if you want natural glowy makeup, you don’t need to hide all the patches and imperfections with the concealer.

To explain further, you don’t need to apply the concealer all over your face. Instead, use the concealer only to cover the patches or redness. No, pat the concealer gently with your ring finger to create a fresh look.

Use A Rosy Flush  

The first trick to applying blush to your cheeks is doing it on the right spot. In this way, you will be able to flaunt a natural glowy makeup.

Also, be careful with the color of the blush you pick. Soft pink or a rosy shade will be great to add a touch of glow to your overall look.

You can use a creamy blush formula to make the glow look natural. Further, if you want to diffuse the appearance of the blush, you can apply a powdery formula over the creamy blush.

Then, use a bronzer around the edges of your face and just below the cheekbones. This adds the right amount of warmth to your appearance.

Do you want some extra glow to your cheekbones? You can use a highlighter. To sculpt your face even better, you can apply the same highlighter on your brow bones.

Now, tap the highlighter around the center of your nose. You need to do the same for the top of your cupid’s bow and your chin’s tip.   

Be Subtle While Creating Smokey Eye Look  

Did you know that smokey eyes fit perfectly with natural glowy makeup? However, you have to make sure to use subtler edges for your eyes. Further, using shades in golden nudes is a smart trick to make the eyes appear softer.

In addition, while using the golden nude palette for your eye makeup, make sure that you are using the dark and light shades perfectly.

The overall look should be balanced and seamless. One more thing I must add here. You can use the darkest shades around your upper lash line.

Be Particular About How You Apply Your Mascara And Eyeliner  

If you want to wear natural glowy makeup, you have to be skillful with the use of eyeliner and mascara.

Regarding the use of eyeliner, you can try the following tips.

  • Pick a liquid eyeliner.
  • Choose shades like black, caramel, or coffee tones.
  • Further, for the Kohl pencil, pick a color of grey or brownish grey. It will make the eyes appear softer. Also, it will be a good complement to the texture and color of the gel eyeliner.

When you are using the mascara, you can try the following guides.

  • Try to make the eyelashes appear fuller and fluffier.
  • Along with your usual black mascara, you can also use brown mascara.
  • Don’t forget to use a curler to make the eyelashes look bigger and more defined.

Furthermore, you need to be careful with how you are doing your eyebrows. You don’t need to overly sculpt the eyebrows.

However, make sure that you are using an eyebrow brush to give your eyebrows a fuller and more defined appearance.

Choose A Lip Color That Gives You A Dewy Look   

If you want natural glowy makeup, you need to pick a lip color in a dewy shade. To enhance the appeal of your makeup, you can choose a glossy lip shade.

Nevertheless, for the color of your lips, you will need to pick shades of peach, pink, nude, or plum. In addition, it’s always better to use a liquid or gel formula when you want natural or dewy makeup.

Summing Up

If you want to wear natural glowy makeup, you have to get all the elements right. Even if you go overboard with one or two elements, the entire look will be messed up.

So, to reiterate, choose colors of black, brown, and gray for your eyes and shades of pink and nude for your cheeks and lips.

Most importantly, you have to be particular about how you apply the primer, foundation, and highlighter. That’s it! Try creating a natural makeup look for yourself, or consult a professional makeup artist if you want the look for a special occasion.

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