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Nike, Zara, And Louis Vuitton Bag The Top Positions As The Most Valuable Brands In The World

Nike, Zara, and Louis Vuitton are the top three brands in the worldwide fashion ecosystem. These brands are put on the pedestals of the first, second, and third positions based on the social media report assessments and Google search volume.

Nike managed to bag the Numero Uno position thanks to its unbelievable brand score of 9.87, as found by ThreadSpy. ThreadSpy is a high-end retailer of menswear in Britain. ThreadSpy report further says that Nile has a market value of £30 billion. 

Nike has even left behind the most luxurious brands and mass markets in terms of Google searches and followers on social media.

Did you know that Nike had 305 million brand followers on Instagram, making it one of the topmost accounts on the IG platform?

On Tiktok, the brand enjoys a massive follower base of 4.8 million. Further, the Google search volume for the brand was 367 million (on average) for the brand.

With a consistent and massive investment in the sponsorship of sports and an association with the FIFA Women’s World Cup last year, Nike is only expected to grow as a valuable brand in the world.

The next brand in line is Zara. However, Nike beats it by a wide margin. The market value of Zara at present is £11.5 billion.

It managed to beat Nike in terms of Google search volume, though. This luxury fashion brand had a 386.5 million Google search volume last year.

On Instagram, Zara has 61 million followers, and on TikTok, it has garnered a follower base of 8.1 million. So, it is trailing behind Nike by quite a margin in terms of social media presence and follower base.

Still, the higher Google search volume has fetched it a brilliant brand score. It’s going strong globally with a brand score of 9.75.

The third brand in line is Louis Vuitton. It has a market value of £26.7 billion. However, it has a much lower Google search volume, recording 118 million Google searches last year.

Further, its Instagram follower base is 54 million, and on TikTok, it has 11 million followers, which is higher than Zara. The brand score of Louis Vuitton is 9.67.

With Adidas securing fourth place, other brands to feature on this list are Burberry, Dior, ASOS, Gucci, H&M, and Prada (in serial order).

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