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Top 12 Monochrome Style Looks to Rock This Summer Season 

Monochrome style as a fashion choice can be intimidating for many. There are a few reasons behind it!  

  • It is not an effortless look. (Although it does look like so).  
  • You will need to know what to buy, which could be overwhelming.  
  • Yes, a little knowledge about color theory. Most importantly, which color looks good on you.  
  • It can look bad if you do not plan it well!  

Well, for a fashionista, these might be every day trying to pick an outfit. But if you don’t understand fashion much, this is a challenge.  

Albeit, not without a solution. To give you a simple guide, here are monochrome style which you can try!  

In this excerpt below, we will be giving you a beginners guide to start dressing in monochrome style. This will include outfit choices, patterns, what you need to buy, and how you can save money while refurbishing your new minimalist wardrobe.  

So, are you up for the challenge?  

I hope so because it was quite fun to recreate.  

Alongside the allure of monochrome, we will also dabble a little in different fashion aesthetics you can try with this style.  

What is Monochrome Fashion?  

It is self-explanatory through the name. Mono means single, and chrome means color. Therefore, when you take one color and dress yourself in the variants of the same, you birth monochrome style fashion.  

A good example for a novice would be “men in black”, where the men adorn everything in the shade of black. Or “all denim looks”, where you have denim items from top to bottom.   

Although monochrome as an idea sounds fascinating, it could make you look overbearing at times. Or straight-up boring. It could be difficult to add character, accents, and silhouettes when you cannot play with too many contrasting colors.  

This is why understanding your own body type, and what looks good on you can simplify this challenge. To understand your own seasonal color theory based on your skin color, read our blog on color theory. This gives a comprehensive guide to colors which will look on you, from clothes to shoes to the color of your blush.  

So, we highly insist you go through that article before you read the rest of the monochromatic article. It will be easier to understand which shade will look the best (neutral, dark tones, warm or cool tones).  

How to Make Your Monochromatic Colors More Interesting  

That day, I was scrolling through my TikTok for your page, and I stumbled across a fashion suggestion.  

“If your outfit is not exciting through colors, you have to make it exciting through textures, and layers.”  

It was like the best suggestion for acing the perfect monochrome style. Based on that, I have a few suggestions, so let’s get it.  

12 Monochrome Style Looks to Try Out This Summer  

Summer is a time to dawn your florals and get that beach body on. However, we still need to go to our corporate jobs, formal dinners, evening events, and Sunday brunches. Safe to say, it is not very formally friendly; the whole summer mood!  

So, how can you make minimalist monochrome style summer-friendly?   

The choice of color for a monochrome outfit is a hustle because you are concerned with creating a stylish look that does not have an excess of color.   

Using monochrome fashion, you can wear shades of the same colors to make a classy impression without looking too monotonous.  

1. Your Natural Skin Color  

The initial point to know before deciding on a set of monochrome styles is the color of your skin (whether it is warm or cold). Specific colors can enhance or suppress your natural skin tone.   

You may look more radiant wearing a shade that improves your natural contouring.   

Sometimes you may find that warm colors such as brown, beige, or olive green will be most flattering to your skin tone. In contrast, other skin types can look great with darker colors like navy blue and pastel shades.  

2. Experiment with Shades  

When compiling a monochromatic look, there is nothing wrong with combining different shades of the same household.   

Putting layers on, rounding the lines, and having a common theme keeps the overall colors and patterns on focus. Pick up medium-toned or even bolder tones on the same scale for a light and dark style combo.  

3. Employ Some Contrast  

The main trick is to use contrasting shades, even in the same color family, to give the outfit some zing. Tone on tone isn’t bad, but you don’t want all your clothes in your outfit to match perfectly, or you’ll have a dull look.   

Drawing subtle contrasts by using different textures or patterns can help make your final look more balanced.  

4. Neutralism  

Neutral colors go well with virtually any other color, making a monochromatic outfit perfect. Begin with the basics: black, white, and gray.   

These can be adapted and accessorized easily; stripes and polka dots can be instantly customized.  

5. Your Style  

In other words, the most important thing to consider when wearing an outfit is what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.  

For me, they are always comfortable, easy, and confidence!  

Your outfit must have your personal style icon embellished. Whether monochromatic or varied, your style must always be wearable. If you enjoy shifting into striking and bold fashion sets, pick out vibrant red or fuchsia colors.  

I prefer a realistic layout with barely noticeable lines and a minimalistic style if you are going for soft colors like blush pink or light blue.  

Opting for a monochromatic outfit entails carefully selecting the color first. This involves some test runs, understanding monochromatic color theory based on your skin tone, and (most importantly) your style.  

These are twelve looks that I came up with!  

1. A Denim Look  

You can never go wrong with an all-denim look!  

Things to remember!  

It always has a contrasting pop of color.  

Choose the same-colored denim. Denim comes in different shades, but if you want to look put together, pick the exact same color for your top & bottom.  

If you are choosing light denim, go for a darker shade for your shoes, and vice versa.  

This is how I style myself!  

Dark denim jeans, dark denim jacket, and white tube top underneath. To complete the look, I wore my white pump shoes.  

2. All Khaki  

Now, it can be tricky with this color!  

You cannot use the same formula as you would do with an all-denim look.  

Begin with dark khaki pants and a lighter variant for your top. For the winter season, you can easily finish the look with a khaki trench coat.  

When you are doing monochrome, silhouettes require much attention. If your upper half has a body-hugging silhouette, it is important to keep your bottom half loose fit. I generally go for khaki-tailored trousers.  

3. Accessorize with Color  

Sometimes we want to dress simply and look effortlessly chic. At times like that, I always gravitate towards my mustard jumpsuit.

However, sometimes styling something as painfully monochrome like a jumpsuit possesses more of a difficulty.  

Luckily, I found my chic button through accessories. Plus, keeping the accessories monotone can also elevate your drink.  

For example, I style my jumpsuit with a brown chunky belt, brown loafers, and a brown Y2K side bag.  

Instantly, I look way more put together than before.  

4. Layers Are Key  

Again, at the expense of repeating myself, I have to say –  

“If your outfit is not exciting by color, it must be exciting through layers.”  

How can your layers look put together?  

Add different layers to create a perfect silhouette!  

This includes adding a base layer, bottoms, and an outer layer. Try to add different variants of colors from the same shade range.

For example, if you are picking blue, or more specifically dark blue as your color, to make each layer shine, pick a different shade of dark blue for each.  

I would pick navy blue for the top, indigo for the bottom half, and probably dark teal for the outer layer for a pop of color.  

5. All-White Ensemble  

It’s hard to resist a crisp, clean white outfit when the temperatures hit the rooftop during summer months.   

Try something of a minimal design with a white crop top, white wide-leg trousers with a high waist, or a maxi white dress with a flow.   

You can also add textural accessories, such as straw or rattan, to make the whole outfit more fashionable. It will add variety and dimension.  

6. Pretty in Pink   

In most people’s minds, pink stands for femininity, which is so suitable for developing a gentle and feminine monochrome style. Choose linen or fabrics that give off a feminine and delicate appearance without irritating you.   

These shades, such as blush, pastel pink, and dusty rose, look perfect for a total monochrome style for the summer.   

Try coupling a pink sundress with strappy sandals, or selecting culottes and blouses will be a good idea.  

7. Sophisticated Grey Look  

Grey might look like a strange summer choice in terms of styling; however, it has a refined appearance when correctly applied.   

Among the color palettes available, grey offers the most versatility!  

I know it is hard to believe, but once you get a hold of the color, there are more than 50 shades of grey (no pun intended!).  

Especially when you combine them with different shades together. Besides, mixing light tones with darker ones creates a striking contrast within your outfit.  

Pair it with some gold accents & jewelry & you are good to go!  

8. Think Green  

Another lovely color that you can opt for monochrome looks this summer is green!   

For instance, emerald, green, sage green, or lime green can frame your summer pallet in a monochrome style.  

9. Bright and Sunny Yellow  

Yellow symbolizes the sun and summer like no other, making it the perfect choice for the summer season. If your look is bland or neutral, this bold hue is a perfect addition to add some color (without making it blind to the eyes).  

Top off your summer look with a yellow sundress and gold jewelry!  

10. Bold Color  

Summer offers an opportunity to explore a wide range of bright and exciting shades.   

If you don’t want to experiment with patterns and prefer neutrals, switch to monochromatic outfits in bold and brighter colors such as fuchsia pink, sunny yellow, or tangerine orange.   

These eye-catching colors will naturally help you add some character to your monochrome style.   

11. Soft Pastels  

If bold colors aren’t your cup of tea, pastel versions could be a nice alternative for a more low-key monochrome style during the summer season (yet keeping vibrant).   

Light pinks, blues, and lilacs are ideal principles for romantic and feminine styles.   

These styles are suitable for different circumstances, such as picnics in the park in the evening or garden parties.  

12. Try Monochrome Prints  

Similarly, you can manage to explore this trend during the summer by mixing black and white colors with exciting prints.   

Experiment with different combinations of patterns and textures, as the colors will be the same as the monochrome style.   

How about taking a navy polka dot top with navy cigarette pants, or navy gingham pants with a navy blouse of statement sleeves. You can also try mixing pleasant shades of green for summer, like the leaf print, for a vacation look.  

Although you will just be going to your corporate job, it never hurts to look good!  

Don’t Be Afraid! 

The monochrome style monochrome style technique is best for adding character to your summer clothes so that they look cool while being practical.   

Do not be frightened to try more daring colors or lighter shades, not to mention entirely identical patterns, and this will give your look more variety.   

Always opt for lightweight designs, but don’t be afraid to play with different patterns!   

For more such style ideas, read other blogs in our monochromatic minimalist series. If you have something to add, do let us know in the comment section below. 

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