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40 Trendy Minimalist Styles To Get Inspired From This Season

“Few trends boast the staying power of minimalism. Minimalist style isn’t just a passing fad—it represents an entire sartorial mindset.”

“Minimalism is about paring down your closet to its basics, creating a capsule wardrobe full of essentials and pairing those go-to’s every which way until you have a whole host of easy outfits at your disposal.”

“It’s fashion in its most efficient form: Your closet is there to compliment you, not to make a statement.”

How To Be A Fashion Minimalist? 

How To Be A Fashion Minimalist?

“Appreciating minimalist fashion and integrating it into your day-to-day routine are two very, very different things. The latter actually requires effort!”

“You have to Kondo the hell out of your closet, build that aforementioned capsule wardrobe and then come up with enough combinations to carry you through.”

“And just when you think you’ve achieved the perfect low-key outfit situation, something—some event, some inspo pic, something—will make you realize you totally neglected to stock up on some basic pieces that are essential in your pared-down wardrobe.”

“The best way to figure out what you need to shop for? Determining what you actually want to wear. And the easiest way to make that happen is to check out all the minimalist outfit inspiration you can get your hands on.”

“Which is exactly why I’ve assembled a visual guide to all of the best minimalist fashion outfits I’ve ever laid eyes on, courtesy of the ever-so-trendy fashion street style set. Read on to check out a few of my personal favorite ‘fits.”

  • Whittle Down Your Wardrobe 

According to style expert and stylist Naina Singla, “Although there is no magic number of how many pieces to have in a capsule wardrobe, it’s important to put the focus on building with the right pieces.”

“To begin, I often recommend to my virtual styling clients that they choose a few essential items that will set a good foundation for a capsule wardrobe.”

“A few examples of these essential ‘quite luxury’ or minimalist pieces are a statement coat or trench, an everyday dress, loose knitwear, tailored trousers, high-waisted jeans, a tailored blazer, and elevated basics to layer with such as knits, tees, and tanks.”

  • Be A Proud Outfit Repeater 

As per Singla, “You’ll get the most out of your wardrobe if you’re able to make simple tweaks with your looks.”

“You can do this easily if you create a go-to daily outfit formula, which is a specific combination of items you can wear in different versions. Think of it as a uniform with little variation, that will help you to get dressed more easily and make it more enjoyable.”

  • Invest In High-Quality Fabrics 

According to fashion stylist Alison Bruhn, “The simpler the look, the nicer the fabric needs to be because prints can hide flaws like uneven seams, et cetera – but solids cannot. Fabrics should be linen, cashmere, cotton, silk, tweed, leather, and suede. Pay extra attention to how the clothing drapes on the body.”

  • Choose Tailored Neutrals 

As per fashion stylist Madeleine Kennedy, “Picking pieces that are property tailored will keep your look sharp and elevated, while neutrals throughout will create a more cohesive look. Things black and white trousers, black and white blazers, white and black button-ups (are must-haves).”

  • Invest Accessories 

Founder of footwear brand NOMASEI, Paule Tenailon, and Marine Braquet, “You can’t get the minimalist dressing look without a good pair of loafer, a silk-colored scarf like the Hermès (you can find tons in vintage stores), and a clean leather belt with minimal buckle.”

  • Forgo The Visible Logos & Graphics 

As per stylist therapist Christina Stein, “Minimalist dressing is all about TYKYK style staples, which means no loud trendy pieces or obnoxious logos.”

“Instead of going for something in the realm of monogrammed or logo mania, like the Louis Vuitton bag with LV stamped all over it, you would instead get a bag by Mansur Gavriel or the Row. Their handbags are structured and give very little away as to who designed them.”

“(While we’re on the subject,) the more graphic a tee is, the trendier. Graphics also make a top more casual and less of a classic and versatile piece.”

“When buying a graphic tee, you’re guaranteeing that the shelf life of that item is a year or less because the following year, a new graphic or logo will be smacked on a shirt, and the one you are old fashion news.”

Trendy Minimalist Style For You To Get Behind 

“Our collective affinity for minimalism hit full swing several years ago and it has remained unendingly strong ever since. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever have too many pairs of fresh white sneakers in my wardrobe!”

“And white T-shirts? They’re essential! Though maximalism has become popular in the street style and home decor spheres, it hasn’t thwarted minimalism’s overwhelming appeal. I will never not be down to style a few neutrals into a sleek, versatile ‘fit.”

  1. A Woven Bag 

A Woven Bag  

“Woven bags instantly elevate an outfit by adding a certain amount of texture to the whole look. The best part is that you’re able to find a dynamic woven bag style at any price point.”

  1. A Black Turtleneck 

A Black Turtleneck  

“Regardless of season, a black turtleneck is a chic wardrobe essential. For warmer days, pair it with dark shorts, and you are good to go.”

  1. Wimbledon Whites 

Wimbledon Whites  

“Take style notes from pro tennis players and opt for an all white sporty look. This white track jacket looks great with baggy white jeans and loafers.”

  1. A Ribbed Dress 

A Ribbed Dress  

“Whether it’s a tank dress or sweater, ribbed material adds dimensions to an outfit and will earn you extra style points.”

  1. Lace-Up Heels 

Lace-Up Heels  

“Strappy heels, especially a pair that laces up, will make a simple outfit (just like jeans and a button-down) look more formal – a perfect option for a dine-out.”

  1. A Maxi Coat 

A Maxi Coat  

“When people sometimes it’s what is on the outside that counts, maybe they saw this gorgeous maxi coat and said it. This oversized maxi coat is nothing less than spectacular; all you need to do is pair a gorgeous neckpiece to the whole look.”

  1. Cargo Shorts 

Cargo Shorts  

“While cargo shorts and pants might be a trendier piece, pairing them with classic basics will create a high fashion ensemble.”

  1. A Denim Set 

A Denim Set  

“An easy way to get the effortlessly minimal look is by letting a matching set do the work for you. And to really elevate the look, try a matching set of all denim looks. The look is exceptionally hot and sexy.”

  1. A Single Pop Of Color 

A Single Pop Of Color  

“If you are wearing an all-black outfit then you need to have a pop of color that will change the whole look of your outfit.”

  1. Structured Detailing 

Structured Detailing  

“Elevate a simple look by picking pieces with unique shapes. This blazer with a cut-out back is the perfect example.”

  1. A Basic Button-Down 

A Basic Button-Down  

“Regardless of the season, a white button-down is the ultimate wardrobe staple and layering piece.”

  1. A Monochrome Look 

A Monochrome Look  

“Step up your athleisure and casual wear by wearing a look in just one particular shade of color.”

  1. Jeans And A Graphic T-Shirt 

Jeans And A Graphic T-Shirt  

“That one combo that are never goes out of style is a classic pairing of jeans and a graphic T-shirt.”

  1. Belt It 

Belt It  

“Adding a belt is a great way to give your look shape, and the belt acts as a simple enough accessory.”

  1. A Ribbed Tank 

A Ribbed Tank  

“If there’s one essential item to wear throughout the summer, it’s a white ribbed tank top.”

  1. A White Tank 

A White Tank   

“A white tank is like the playful younger sister to a white T-shirt. If you want to give your look an edgier feel, a tank is the way to go.”

  1. Tuck It In 

Tuck It In  

“A casual day always looks more intentional when the details are tucked into place.”

  1. Oblique Cut-Outs 

Oblique Cut-Outs  

“The oblique cut-out trend is the perfect option for making a statement while keeping the look simple.”

  1. Strategic Accessories 

Strategic Accessories  

“Stilletoes, as Bottega clutch and Ray-Ban sunglasses – name a more perfect trio of accessories than them.”

  1. Softer Shades 

Softer Shades  

“A bright color can still be minimal when you pick a softer shade of cooler tones such as blue.”

  1. A Leather Moto Jacket 

A Leather Moto Jacket  

“If there’s one fashion piece that’s withstood the test of time, it’s a leather moto jacket. This silhouette will never go out of style. They’ve been cool for, well, forever. Not stopping now.”

  1. A Long Coat 

A Long Coat  

“A long coat can make even the simplest of outfits look incredibly chic and classy.”

  1. Baggy Jeans 

Baggy Jeans  

“When in doubt, pair a wide-leg jeans with a ribbed or a regular crop T-shirt, and you are good to go. It’s a match made in fashion heaven.”

  1. The Model Off-Duty Look 

The Model Off-Duty Look  

“Layering a tan trench over coordinating wide-leg trousers and a cropped tank is the ideal off-duty look.”

  1. Hats Off To Hats 

Hats Off To Hats  

“You can’t even go wrong with a pair of jeans, some classic black boots, and a polished blazer! But as a plus point, all you need to add to your outfit of the day is a gorgeous hat. Hats are in this season, and it doesn’t seem like they are not going anytime soon.”

  1. An Easy Jumpsuit 

An Easy Jumpsuit  

“A two-tone jumpsuit makes it look like you put a ton of effort into your look, even if you didn’t in reality.”

  1. Cozy Chic 

Cozy Chic  

“There is nothing better than a cozy little number, such as a white sweater dress. If during fall or winter, you are looking for something chic and cost, just go for a white sweater dress.”

  1. Slouchy Slacks 

Slouchy Slacks  

“A fitted white tank instantly makes formal brown trousers feel more weekend-appropriate.”

  1. A Fitted Suit 

A Fitted Suit  

“A great white suit works for either day or night. Style it with a bright pair of heels for a pop of color.”

  1. A Long Black Blazer 

A Long Black Blazer  

“A longline blazer instantly makes a simple jeans and a tee outfit feel a little more polished. Long live light layers!”

  1. Leather Pants 

Leather Pants  

Leather pants can in the daytime. Simply style with low-key basics like roughed-up sneakers and simple tanks.”

  1. Girly Grunge 

Girly Grunge  

“Styling a femme mini dress with rugged knee-high boots makes for an edgy yet sweet combo every time.”

  1. Strappy Sandals 

Strappy Sandals  

“Don’t be afraid to wear loose-fitting pieces together! Styling an oversized button-up with wide-leg trousers works when you accessorize with dainty accessories like a mioni bag and strappy sandals.”

  1. Dual Tone Dressing 

Dual Tone Dressing   

“Tonal dressing is all about wearing more than one shade of the same hue. Layering a camel blazer with cream-colored jeans is the secret to achieving that easy French girl je ne sais quoi.”

  1. A Feminine Twist 

A Feminine Twist  

“Mixing softer pieces like this pastel blue maxi skirt with a structured menswear-inspired blazer makes for a tailored outfit with a femme twist.”

  1. Extra Long Shorts 

Extra Long Shorts   

Bermuda shorts aren’t just for the summer! Choose a pair that’s made from dark leather and accessories with a pair of dad sneakers for contrast.”

  1. A Well-Tailored Suit 

A Well-Tailored Suit  

“I love a well-tailored suit, but oversized versions are seriously trending, so one of each per wardrobe is a good call.”

  1. Classic Converse 

Classic Converse  

“Converse has been a fashion-set favorite for years now. Why? Because they make pieces like this otherwise-formal dress feel relaxed enough to wear during the day.”

  1. Oversized Blazer 

Oversized Blazer  

“There’s just something about a girly sandal paired with an oversized blazer and trousers that never gets old.”

  1. Statement Silhouette 

 Statement Silhouette

“The boxier the silhouette, the better! Slicked-back hair and minimal accessories make dresses like these feel casual.”

Wrapping Up! 

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