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Mermaidcore Outfits: A Deep Dive Into The Aesthetics With Cool Styling Tips

Summer calls for celebrating ocean-inspired fashion trends. So, there is no wonder that mermaidcore outfits are most in demand this season.

With a mammoth rise of this trend on TikTok and Pinterest, mermaidcore is spreading the magic of softer hues and feminine designs.

Similar to coquette or soft-girl aesthetics, mermaidcore spills magic with its delicate charm and a touch of nostalgia. It’s like relishing the serene underwater world through the clothes and accessories you wear. 

Do you want to know more about this aesthetics and how it is ruling the trends? Here is a comprehensive guide for you. 

What Are Mermaidcore Outfits? 

To know the mermaidcore outfits better, you need to first have an idea about this particular aesthetic. Mermaidcore has the soft romance of Y2K fashion and the glam quotient of the 70s fashion. Refreshing in color palettes and feminine cuts, this aesthetic is meant for scorching summer days. 

In other words, mermaidcore is a fashion subculture inspired by mythical and fictional characters called mermaid. Some of the most popular elements in this aesthetic are bikini tops, asymmetrical skirts, slip dresses, bralettes, and crochet dresses. 

The love for this aesthetic goes much beyond clothes and accessories. You can see the inspiration prominently in makeup and distinct hairstyles.

Women following this style love to keep their hair side swept, swept back, or wear loose curls. 

Mermaidcore Outfits: Taking You Back To Good Old Days 

Today, you can ask anyone about mermaid-inspired fashion and they will attribute the rise of this trend to the release of Disney’s Little Mermaid.

However, if you are a close observer of the fashion scenario, you will know that this trend is as old as the 1930s. 

Marcel Rochas was one of the pioneer couturiers to introduce mermaid-inspired silhouettes in outfits. Jean Patou and others in the arena of haughty fashion picked the style and reinforced its position. In fact, the 1933 issue of Vogue had an “aquatic-inspired gown” by Jean Patou. 

In the course of continuing a strong presence on runaways and in the fashion world, this aesthetic of late made a strong comeback in 2021.

Versace’s spring/summer collection in that year had a model walking down the aisle in gowns with starfish and seashell prints. 

This love for mermaidcore even got bigger and better with Victoria Beckham and Bluemarine’s 2022 and 2023 spring resort collections.

These clothes had glittery materials, resembling the scales of a mermaid, and the shades of these outfits’ fabrics were ocean blue or “sea glass.”

What Are The Colors For Mermaidcore Outfits?

How dreamy is the sight of bioluminescence lighting up in the midst of the ocean? You will see the same effect in the colors of mermaid-inspired clothes.

The iridescence of the underwater world is present in these clothes because of the use of scaly materials, glitters, and sea-inspired accessories. 

Lilac is the most prominent shade in mermaidcore outfits. Other shades present in mermaid-inspired clothes are pink, blue, green, and white. You will also find a touch of red, gold, and silver to glam up the pieces.

If you are especially inspired by Dua Lipa and her mermaid looks, you will find out how she is rocking in a red crochet dress and a silver see-through slip dress. 

You can see these shades as standalone colors in many outfits. However, often, these are present with ombre effects and beautified with pearls, seashells, and glitter to emulate the iridescence of the sea. 

Mermaidcore And Pop Culture: Decoding The Trend 

The beauty and peril of mermaidcore is that you have a vast spectrum of your inspiration. Cartoons and films over the decades have shown this way of dressing in full swing.

In the year 1963 the world saw the Aquaman comic getting published for the first time. The superheroine Mera of this presentation from DC Comics was seen in a sea green bodice with shimmery scales. 

Further, in 1989, Disney came up with The Little Mermaid, which was based on an 1837 fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

Ariel, the protagonist, wore a seashell top, and her long flowing hair is still the quintessential mermaid hairstyle for many. Years later in 2023, The Little Mermaid appeared to the world in the form of a live-action film. 

Other major pop-culture influences on the rise of mermaidcore on TikTok and Pinterest are the Aquamarine and H2O movies from the 2000s. 

Despite having so many reference points in pop culture, mermaidcore never restricts you. You can always create your own interpretation with subtle colors and choose the fabrics right. 

Are Mermaidcore Outfits In Trend?

Yes, mermaidcore outfits are very much in trend this season. A sneak peek into the fashion of the Oscars 2024 red carpet will show how and why this trend is on the rise.

Many big names turned up in ocean-inspired gowns, showing their love for the fashion subculture. Let’s find out the ones we love in mermaidcore outfits.

Anya Taylor-Joy 

Anya Taylor-Joy dazzled at the Oscars 2024 red carpet in a Haute Couture gown from Christian Dior. The gown showed prominent inspiration from the brand’s Junon dress showcased in the “Fall/Winter 1949–1950” collection. 

In an interaction with E!, the Dune actress mentioned the inspiration for this gown from the “Birth Of Venus” by Botticelli. So, the reference to water and the mermaidcore vibe was clear. 

Emma Stone 

Emma Stone aced the mermaid look in Louis Vuitton’s customized peplum dress. The silk jacquard fabric of her outfit and the minty shade created the perfect canvas for the shell pattern. 

Her wavy curls falling loose behind her shoulders were the perfect complement to her outfit. 

Florence Pugh 

Florence Pugh dazzled in the Del Core gown. Closer to mermaidcore, her appearance also matched the sensuality of Sirencore, a sister fashion subculture.

The bodice of the outfit resembled seashells. Further, the jeweled bead adornments and the rippled effect around her hips emulated the graceful dance of sea waves. 

Lupita Nyong’o

The Armani Privé gown of Lupita Nyong’o exuded the perfect mermaid vibe as she walked down the red carpet at Oscars 2024. The feature detailing along the waistline and hemline was the highlight of the mid-tone blue outfit. 

Further, the glittery adornments all over her outfit were very much in sync with her mermaidcore appearance. 

Hailee Steinfeld 

The off-shoulder Elie Saab outfit of Hailee Steinfeld perfected the iridescence and calmness of the underwater ecosystem. The handcuffs in gold and the cloak-like trail behind looked like the fins of a majestic sea creature. 

Teal blue and gold were the colors for Hailee Steinfeld’s Oscars gown, and she complemented it with a side-swept hairstyle and statement studs. 

Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Da’Vine Joy Randolph was closer to Lupita Nyong’o in her choice of outfits. She appeared in a Louis Vuitton customized gown.

Her icy blue gown had sequin adornments all over. Further, the heavy frills on her sleeves and a long train behind perfectly created the mermaid vibe. 

She let her hair fall loose with a wavy finish and a much-needed movement. 

How To Ace The Mermaidcore Trend This Season? 

With a plethora of reference points and a prominent color theme, mermaidcore fashion is easy to perfect. At the same time, the diverse sources of inspiration make it difficult to get the elements right while copying this style in our daily dose of fashion.

Nevertheless, here, I have curated some of the best mermaidcore outfits that you can procure to build your wardrobe right. 

1. Halterneck Maxi Dress

A halterneck maxi dress with a train behind will be the perfect choice for a mermaid outfit. However, you have to be particular about the shades. Cyan blue, sea green, or lavender will be the perfect shades for this choice of outfit. 

You can wear the maxi dress to evening parties and weddings with pearl jewelry. 

2. Pleated Lavender Mini Dress 

Keep it simple and sexy in a pleated lavender mini dress for this season. The pleats on the dress add the right texture to the design, and it enhances your silhouette. 

You can allow your mini dress to exude the perfect feminine vibe by wearing it with white ballerinas or Mary Jane shoes.

3. Lavender And Green Ombre Wrap Dress

How about adding a wrap dress to your wardrobe? A wrap dress is always the best choice when it comes to flattering your silhouette.

So, if you want to show some serious mermaid inspiration in your daily dose of fashion, you can opt for a gown with a lavender and green ombre effect.

The effect will be most effective when you choose satin or jacquard as the fabric. It will also look nice on cotton and linen gowns, making the outfits perfect for daytime occasions. 

4. Cyan Off-Shoulder Gown

Are you heading to a gala evening party? It’s time you get dolled up in a cyan off-shoulder gown. Flaunt your toned collarbones and complement the gown with a sleek pearl necklace.

5. Crochet Dresses

You will know how crochet dresses can be the perfect mermaid outfits if you are a follower of Dua Lipa and how she has flaunted mermaid looks on different occasions recently. The crochet dress will also offer you breathability, which is important in the scorching heat of summer. 

Further, the crochet dress is very much in line with risque fashion. So, you can celebrate your sensuality in this outfit and complement it with ballerinas and peep-toe shoes. 

6. Ruffled Dress

Recreate the graceful moves of sea waves by wearing a ruffled dress in a soft blue or green shade. Ruffles add distinct dimensions to an outfit’s design. Further, these simple elements can flatter your silhouette. 

7. Silver Shimmery Off-Shoulder Dress

Take some inspiration from Dua Lipa and Lupita Nyong’o and be the center of attraction at any party by wearing a silver shimmery off-shoulder dress. With the jazzy look of the dress, you will need minimal accessorizing as you step out in style. 

8. Ribbed White Skirt

Emulating the texture of seashells, ribbed white skirts will be the ideal bottomwear this summer. Consider matching it with a lavender or blue top and pearl studs. 

9. Asymmetrical Skirt

You cannot imagine a mermaid without her long tail adorned with glittery scales. You can create the same vibe by choosing a skirt with an asymmetrical hemline for casual occasions. 

Wear the skirt with a white knit top or a bralette to be the mermaid on the shore. 

10. White Knitted Crop Top

Crochet and knits are important for mermaidcore fashion and the quintessential feminine vibe it exudes. So, you can pick a white knitted crop top to beat the heat this summer and team it up with any bottom wear of your choice. 

11. See-Through Full Sleeves Crop Top

Striking the perfect balance between mermaidcore and Sirencore, a full-sleeved crop top in sheer fabric can be your wardrobe hero.

Wear the crop top over a bralette or a bikini top and team it with black shorts or skirts to complete your look.

12. Oversized Iridescent Shirt

If you know the art of layering right and you want to spill some mermaid magic, an oversized metallic or iridescent shirt will be an excellent pick for you.

You can wear it over a white basic top and metallic shorts. Overall, the ensemble also has a very retro vibe. 

13. Blue Jacquard Gown 

Be the perfect mermaid getting dressed up in a blue gown for an evening party. The jacquard fabric of the outfit will make the blue color look dreamy and most appealing. 

Pearl or silver necklaces will be the perfect accessories to jazz up your outfit. 

14. Bikini Top 

You can enjoy the perfect fusion of style and comfort by wearing a bikini top with denim shorts or jeans. If the top has a feminine cut, it will also look good with a mini skirt or high-waist midi skirt. 

Final Words 

Mermaid outfits are ruling the fashion world this season with major events like the Oscars having big names turning up in mermaid-inspired clothes.

These outfits abide by a specific color scheme dominated by lavender, pink, green, and blue. Further, the adornments of seashells, pearls, and beads make them emulate the world underwater.

Thanks to the use of softer shades and feminine cuts, these outfits are ideal for summer or warmer days. Also, versatile in designs, these outfits are most suitable for various occasions like casual coffee dates and evening parties.

So, before the mercury reaches the pinnacle, you can check out the mermaidcore outfit ideas I have shared in this guide. 

Further, if you have other inputs to share about the mermaidcore aesthetic and outfits, don’t forget to share them with us!

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