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Mermaidcore Makeup And Hairstyles You Must Wear To Nail Summer Fashion

Mermaidcore makeup emerged out of the need to escape to a world of imagination. In the post-pandemic world, for many of us, the present seems to be a little harsh to bear.

So, we try to find solace in the things related to our good old days and things that encourage self-expression. 

The mermaidcore aesthetic and the makeup inspired by it are prominent examples of this current mindset.

Unfurling the mystical and serene world underwater, this aesthetic allows us to embrace our playful side and be creative with the way we do our hair, eyes, and lips.

Rita Ora, Halle Bailey, Dua Lipa, and many prominent names are setting the benchmark right by embracing mermaidcore in their outfits, hairstyles, and makeup for various occasions.

Do you want to know about different mermaid-inspired makeup looks and hairstyles? Here is a brief guide for you. 

Why Do Green And Blue Dominate Mermaidcore Makeup?

What are the colors that you notice the most when you decode mermaidcore makeup trends? For me, green and blue are the dominant shades, with occasional touches of pink, lavender, white, and red.

In fact, it is hard to imagine a perfect mermaidcore makeup without aqua eyeshadow or blue lines along the lash lines.

Have you ever wondered why these colors rule the mermaid-inspired makeup scenario? I have decoded three primary reasons behind it.

Blue And Green Recreate The Underwater Vibe Perfectly

Have you ever seen the bioluminescence underwater? Which colors do you get to see? Primarily there are blue and green colors. Further, when you stare at the tranquil seawater, you get to see shades of teal, sea green, or blue.

So, mermaidcore, being an aesthetic very much inspired by the ocean, has a prominent use of green and blue

Color Psychology Is Behind The Use Of These Shades

For the last few years, our lifestyle, including fashion, has been about finding solace in the good old days. In the post-pandemic world, we are trying to escape to a world that offers balance, harmony, and relaxation.

No wonder that mermaidcore, being an aesthetic to see an uprise last year, exudes the same vibes. If you think from the perspective of color psychology, blue stands for relaxation and calmness, which are very much attributes of the sea and the things we are looking for in our lives and daily fashion. Further, green has an association with harmony and balance. 

So, the symbolism and psychology attached to these colors properly explain why we see so much blue and green in mermaidcore makeup. 

These Colors Align With The Feminine Vibe Of The Aesthetic 

Mermaidcore has an inherent feminine charm like other popular fashion aesthetics of the season. Softer shades of blue and green align with this feminine vibe.

So, from celebs to social media influencers who adopt this aesthetic, everyone loves wearing dresses, accessories, and makeup in blue and green. 

In addition, you will notice a lot of Y2K influence in the recent mermaidcore fashion. Pastel shades of green and blue from that era have now naturally become a part of the mermaidcore aesthetic.  

Different Mermaidcore Makeup Looks You Must Try

The soft romantic vibe of the Y2K era has influenced mermaid-style makeup today. Further, the shimmery and glittery from the 70s has made its presence felt in mermaid-style makeup, outfits, hairstyles, and accessories.

So, from blue eyeshadow to fluttery eyelashes, you will find many signature elements in mermaid-inspired makeup. 

Finish It Like Halle Bailey With A Shimmering Blue Eyeshadow

Even since the release of The Little Mermaid in 2023, the mermaidcore aesthetic has got a fresh new lease of life thanks to Halle Bailey and Disney. This young actress is also setting the mermaid goals right with her various off-screen looks. 

At the premiere of the movie, she chose an outfit that perfectly created the iridescence underwater. Further, she finished her look with boho locs, shimmering blue eyeshadow, and nude lips. It’s time to take inspiration from her and channel the glamorous mermaid in you.

Be The Perfect Siren With A Sea Blue Eyeliner

Do you want to celebrate your sensuality and be the perfect siren this season? You just need sea blue eyeliner to celebrate the perfect Sirencore vibe without compromising the cool vibe of summer. Keep your skin dewy and use the eyeliner to define your upper and lower lash lines. 

You can finish the look with a touch of glitter on your eyelashes and nude lips. This makeup style is versatile and it will look great with a wide range of outfits.

So, it does not matter whether you wear a ribbed white skirt or a halter-neck midi dress. This eyeliner will be the hero of your makeup kit. 

Go For A Pearl Eyeliner For The Right Dose Of Opulence

Mermaidcore looks come with all the goodness of sea-inspired elements. So, when you are heading to a theme party or a special occasion, you can get your eyes done with pearl eyeliner.

For the most wonderful inspiration, you can refer to how Zazie Beetz did it for the Joker movie premiere in New York City. 

Years back, the gorgeous Kristen Stewart, flaunted a similar style for the Cannes Film Festival. 

You just need to define your lash lines and keep your lips minimalist to let your eyes do the talking. 

Go For A Misted Skin 

A misted skin can be the perfect highlight of your mermaid-inspired makeup. The misted makeup will give your skin a healthy glow. To elevate the naturally glamorous look, you can go for nude shades for your lips. 

Be minimalistic with your eye makeup. Don’t go for dramatic eyeliners. Instead, work on your eyelashes and make them flattery with the touch of mascara. 

Choose A Mermaid Tail Eyeshadow 

It’s time to have a look at how Gigi Hadid did it right for Met Gala 2023. She finished her eyes with sparkling eyeshadow, featuring pearl texture. Her lips had a touch of peach shade, complementing her glammed-up eyes.

You can take inspiration from her look and this makeup style is perfect for the summer with the right amount of breeziness. 

Try A Sea Blue Eyeshadow 

For the perfect dewy and dreamy finish to your eyes, you can apply a sea blue eyeshadow. However, make sure that you are smudging the eyeshadow well to be perfectly in sync with other elements of your makeup.

Also, to glam up your eyes, you can try a touch of golden or silver glitter. With your eyes perfectly done with sea blue eyeshadow, you should go for neutral shades or pretty pink lips. 

Mermaid Hairstyles To Complement Mermaidcore Makeup Looks 

Mermaid hairstyles this summer are dreamy. From runways to celebrated shows, these hairstyles are versatile, complementing different mermaid outfits and makeup looks.

Stars like Dua Lipa and Halle Bailey are showing the right inspiration to try different mermaid hairstyles. Further, social media platforms like TikTok have billions of searches with “#mermaidhair.”

The quintessential beach waves are still here as the quintessential mermaidcore hairstyles. However, there are more hairstyles like boho mermaid braids, wet waves, and ariel red hair to make you look like a mermaid. Further, irrespective of the hairstyle you try, you can use seashells, pearls, and beads to beautify your tresses. 

Let’s explore the hairstyles you can try to create underwater magic this season.

Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are wonderful fusions of bouncy curls and cornrow braids. Further, in extreme heat, when you are spending your holiday near the sea, this hairstyle will be the ultimate pick for you. 

This hairstyle can prevent your hair from getting tangled or messy even after contact with seawater and the humid weather on the seashore.

However, wearing this hairstyle regularly can cause adverse effects due to a continuous pull at the root of your hair strands.

The continuous pull in your hair strands can cause hair fall. 

Mermaid Waves

If you want to put your hair styling tools to the best use, you can definitely try creating mermaid waves in your hair. These waves look natural and styling them is never much of a hassle.

To keep the free form of this hairstyle intact, you need to wrap your hair curlers around the mid-length of the tresses. 

Let the end of your hair strands have the usual texture of your hair to maintain the natural look. Do you want the best inspiration to get your mermaid waves right?

Why don’t you have a look at the upcoming live action film from Disney, Moana? Watch out for Zendaya who wears her hair just right!

Boho Mermaid Braids

Boho mermaid braids are perfect if you want the movement of a mermaid hairstyle without hassle. These braids look excellent on hair of all lengths.

If you have shorter hair, these braids will caress your face. Further, with a longer hair length, these braids will create the desired romantic vibe. 

Ariel Red Hairstyle

If you have bouncy curls, the Ariel red hairstyle is an excellent pick for you. It has the perfect mermaid vibe with a touch of Sirencore, a sister subculture of mermaidcore. To try this hairstyle, choose a temporary hair color that fades away after just a few washes. 

You can be more creative with the hairstyle by adding beads to your curls. 

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are vintage hairstyles that also exude a boho vibe. The best thing about this hairstyle is its functionality.

Even on a scorching day in summer, a fishtail braid will be comfortable to wear. Further, this hairstyle suits a wide range of outfits thanks to its versatile nature. 

So, whenever you wear a slip maxi dress or a halter neck mermaid outfit, you can try this hairstyle and beautify it with laces, beads, and seashell clips. 

Boho Locs

Take some inspiration from Halle Bailey’s signature boho locs and exude the free spirit of a mermaid. This hairstyle will especially suit you if you have natural curls and you want to accessorize them with ocean-inspired essentials. 

Wet And Wavy Hair

This is a super-sultry hairstyle, making you look like a mermaid who has just come out of the ocean water. Creating this hairstyle is very easy. 

  • Fill a spritz bottle with hair conditioner and water in a 1:4 ratio.
  • Spritz the water on your hair.
  • Then, use a wide-toothed comb to back-brush your hair to create a wet and sensuous look.
  • To keep your hair as is for long hours, you can use a hair-shaping mousse. 

With this hairstyle, you just need a slip maxi dress and a little touch of glitter to your eyelids to garner appreciation. 

Hair With Watercolor Waves 

It’s hard to undermine the appeal of beach waves when you are trying an ocean-inspired or mermaid-inspired hairstyle.

However, you can always add the right twist to your beach waves by getting them colored with shades like pink, blue, and green. 

This hairstyle is effortlessly stylish and you can wear it the way you want. Just let the tresses fall loose when you are heading to a casual coffee date. For evening parties, try a fishtail braid or a high chignon and flaunt your sharp features.

With this hairstyle, you need to put minimal effort into makeup. A subtle touch of pink or blue to your eyes and glossy lips is enough to complete your look. 

Final Words 

Mermaidcore makeup looks have a wide range. However, remaining true to the mermaidcore trend, these makeup variations exude a dreamy and feminine vibe.

So, it does not matter whether you choose softer shades of green, blue, purple, or pink as the colors for your makeup or go for a more glammed-up avatar with metallic shades and a touch of glitter.

Further, the mermaidcore hairstyles show a free spirit, which is carefully achieved to match the vibrant persona of a mermaid. 

So, once you have set your mermaidcore wardrobe right, you can check out the makeup and hairstyling options I have discussed here.

Do you have other options in your mind regarding the makeup looks and hairstyles? Don’t forget to share with us!

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