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Making A Statement With Men’s Jewelry

Conventionally, men have avoided jewelry, with the exception of wedding rings and wristwatches.

Thus, up until recently, people have always associated men wearing jewelry with rappers, punk stars, and hippies. However, the millennial generation is challenging the traditional perception. Men, regardless of their status, are pairing rings, bracelets, and necklaces for home or work attire.

Although there are many influences, such as the characteristics of millennials, one factor that has played a role in this is the effectiveness of influencers wearing jewelry on Instagram.

While men wearing jewelry has not been adopted by the majority as yet, there has been an explosion of interest in it recently compared to past trends. This is a new arena for men, who are still unsure of how to pair jewelry or how to wear it. We will discuss this new trend and give you a few tips on wearing jewelry.

Men Investing In Jewelry

Millennials have set the trend, but others are following it. Jewelry stores are reporting an increase in sales beyond anything they have seen before. As an aspect of masculine status, men have started to see purchasing it as an investment. Purchases are slanted towards the costlier pieces. Online buying has also shown a marked increase.

Fashionable Men’s Jewelry

Prior to this trend, men would collect pieces over decades. Nowadays, there is a greater tendency to experiment with emerging trends and more brands as these have become increasingly available. More men are using jewelry as a fashion statement. This has seen a huge growth in the purchase of one item, in particular, leather bracelets. Another item worth looking into is Viking jewelry for men.

Bracelets Are Popular

In general, the popularity of bracelets has hit an all-time high. These can be concealed beneath a long shirt or top. They are comfortable to wear, and a natural extension to donning a watch on one’s wrist. A lot of men who buy jewelry have a leather bracelet, or else a beaded one; many have both.

Here are a few pointers about wearing jewelry.

When Not To Wear Jewelry

Wear Jewelry

Whether or not you should wear jewelry depends primarily on the event. In general, you should avoid any jewelry except a wristwatch and medical bracelet for a formal occasion or meeting. But beaded bracelets are fine for a date, even the first one.

How To Wear Jewelry

Although every man has a unique style that he must develop for himself, there are some general tips on how to wear jewelry. Be mindful of how you layer your jewelry. This results in an outfit that holds together. Don’t wear too many layers; three is the maximum, provided they are matched in color and texture.

There are certain rules about matching jewelry. You need to make sure that you do not mix metallic colors or tones and that the textures are the same. So, you should never have blue or brown items together. Silver and gold should never be mixed.

If you want to keep up with current trends, it is time to acquire some jewelry.

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