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Men’s Bohemian Style: The Ultimate Guide In 2023

From Johnny Depp to the smoking-hot Jason Momoa, the icons of men’s bohemian style have really influenced a fashion genre otherwise dominated by women.

So, what is the Bohemian style in men’s fashion? Popularized in the 1960s and 70s, does this fashion trend have no set rules? Is it still restricted to a particular community with specific beliefs in lifestyle?

Well, I know there are too many questions to answer. First of all, though apparently free-flowing and eclectic, there are eventually specific rules/stereotypes when it comes to Bohemian fashion, and today it’s very much a part of mainstream society and fashion.

To know what Bohemian style is and how to ace it in 2023, you must read this ultimate guide.

What Is Men’s Bohemian Style?

Men’s bohemian style is synonymous with unconformity. Like the bohemian lifestyle, anyone can mix and match their eclectic ideas in this style genre. It’s unique as Frankie Valli sings,

“Pardon the way that I stare

There’s nothin’ else to compare

The sight of you leaves me weak

There are no words left to speak…”

But even this unconventional form of styling has a structured form. To put it simply, you will see certain clothing elements are common when we talk about bohemian clothing for men.

The most prominent and inherent quality of this fashion trend is a relaxed vibe. So, it’s comfortable. Also, you will find a lot of colors and patterns if you look for “boho mens clothing.” 

I find this genre of styling the most appealing for men because it is soaked in something quaint and artistic. 

Having said that, let’s find out how you can ace your boho fashion this season.

Men’s Bohemian Style Guide

Men’s Bohemian Style Guide

Free-spirited is the term I find most suitable when I try to describe “bohemian mens style.” But you know, boho fashion does not just break the constraints of so-called conventional fashion norms. Starting as an anti of the set fashion rules, it has been impactful enough to be very much a part of mainstream fashion.

Another important aspect of bohemian fashion is inclusivity. Beyond the limitations of binary thinking, it has made fashion more gender-fluid. 

So, in bohemian mens clothing, you will find some staples that women also wear.

1. Mens Boho Style Skirts

Mens Boho Style Skirts

If you have an idea about the men’s fashion trends in 2023, you have already seen names like Dior, Etro, and Hed Mayner making headlines with their skirts. 

So, this year, men’s bohemian style is seeing surging popularity in men’s skirts. A long-pleated skirt in black teamed with a blazer and oxford shoes, can make you look dapper, and this dress code has well surpassed the stereotypes of gender identity.

2. Boho Shirts For Men

Boho shirts for men come with a relaxed fit and cut. You will get too many colors and prints in these shirts. So, be it the most-feminine florals and paisleys to the funky animal prints, you will have a lot of options to pick from.

Boho shirts are usually made in cotton and other breezy fabrics. If you really want to flaunt that unkempt look, don’t iron your shirt.

Talking about sleeves, boho shirts usually come with short ones. However, I find the rolled-up sleeves extremely macho. And to make all the girls swoon over you, keep a couple of buttons open!

3. Boho Style Men Harem/Hippie Pants

Boho Style Men Harem/Hippie Pants

This is another gender-fluid style element in bohemian fashion. You have seen women flaunting harem or hippie pants with crop tops and T-Shirts. These are very much in when we talk about men’s bohemian style in 2023.

Have a look at the Burc Akyol “Spring 2024 Menswear” collection, and you will know why I consider these pants important for men’s boho fashion in 2023. In this collection, we have seen some regular harem pants and some with slits at the front to make things oh-so-sexy.

Nevertheless, in harem pants, feel free to add wind beneath your fashion wings. Try simple monochromes, stripes, prints, and absolutely anything you love.

4. Boho Shorts

You don’t need to hit the beaches to step out in style in your shorts. In boho style, comfort is an essential spice, and you can find that in just the right amount in boho shorts.

You can go for cool cotton shorts with lots of prints and flashy colors. You can even wear the coordinate set you have brought as your favorite loungewear. These coordinate sets, including shirts and shorts, look cool with hats and funky shades.

However, a little traditional take on these boho shorts is the chino shorts. Remember your school days? These shorts will surely remind you of your school uniform.

With loose-fitting and a little extra length in these chino shorts, you will have a relaxed look. Team the shorts with T-Shirts, shirts, and loafers. 

5. Bohemian Trousers

Bohemian Trousers

Men’s bohemian style trousers are all about old-world charm. These trousers have a baggy style in the legs, and you need to keep them belted around the waist.

To create the vintage look, wear them with a shirt or a T-Shirt layered with a jacket. 

6. Boho Jeans

Jeans are the staples in men’s boho-style fashion. I am not talking about denim jeans with a dark wash and the perfect straight cut. You can keep them for your Friday office visits.

Go for distressed and rugged jeans in various colors, lengths, and cuts. My favorite features of a boho-style pair are ankle-length ripped jeans with a frayed hemline. 

7. Boho Outerwear

Boho Outerwear

If it’s a little chilling and you need some layering, try trendy jackets, sweaters, and cardigans for the perfect boho statement. 

You can explore different designs, patterns, colors, and lengths. However, long cardigans with a shawl neck, Aran sweaters, fair isle sweaters, or cable-knit sweaters seem a better match to this style of clothing because of their vintage appeal. 

8. Boho Accessories

Accessories are very important in men’s bohemian style. These accessories speak a volume about your style sense and are very much associated with bohemian fashion’s “artisanal” character.

In accessories, you have a lot of options. Team your outfits with neckpieces and wristlets made with wooden beads, straw hats, tote bags, patterned scarves, chained earrings, and rings. You can even complete your look with bold strokes of kohl in your eyes. It looks sexy!

9. Boho Shoes

Boho Shoes

Flip-flops are common in men’s bohemian style. But you can choose to be different with your choice of footwear.

Team your outfits with gladiator shoes, moccasins, loafers, or Velcro shoes to put your best foot forward. 

Final Thoughts

Men’s bohemian style is a perfect fusion of fashion and comfort. This genre of fashion allows you to sport a relaxed look with lots of colors and unconventional patterns. Further, the appearance of bohemian clothing on runways and celebrated fashion shows has made it a popular trend in 2023.

So, bunk minimalism. Go boho and be you! 

And don’t forget to share if you have just added some boho outfits or accessories to your wardrobe.

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