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Do You Want The Best Maleficent Costume Idea For This Halloween? (Know How To Dress Like Her)

Have you tried recreating the quirky charm of Disney’s most famous female villain? Trust me! Some cool Maleficent Halloween costume ideas this year can help you ace your fashion for the spooky season.

Maleficent is evil but in the femme fatale way! So, want to get dolled up in a sexy Maleficent costume?

Here is the inspiration you need.

Easy And Sexy Maleficent Halloween Costume Ideas 

Maleficent Halloween costumes can be varied. The basic wardrobe, or rather the vibe, will remain the same. But there is no harm in adding a pinch of creativity to the overall look.

Also, if you have noticed carefully, there are subtle differences in the Maleficent costume in the two movies.

I aim to offer some ideas to make you look sexy, spooky, and fit for the theme without much hassle.

Adult Maleficent Halloween Costume: Keeping It Steamy 

Adult Maleficent Halloween Costume_ Keeping It Steamy

Aha! There is always an uncanny connection between being evil and sultry. Also, the mercury goes down outside as Halloween sets in.

So, why not warm up the ambiance a bit with your sexy Maleficent avatar? 

Get a leather or lace bodysuit with a big cut-out at the front. Now, wear the headgear of the evil fairy and a pair of high leather boots to get going. 

Don’t forget to paint your lips red for that extra oomph factor. 

Futuristic Maleficent Costume

Futuristic Maleficent Costume
Futuristic Maleficent Costume

Caption: Futuristic Maleficent Costume 

If you want to keep it a little jazzy, you can always give the look of the Disney villain a shimmery touch. 

Wear a black bodysuit with sequins all over. 

The highlight of the look lies in how you give your headgear and nails a quirky twist.

Go for a silver headgear with horns and wear silver opera gloves in your hands to nail the look.

Opulent Maleficent Costume For Halloween 

Dramatic Maleficent Halloween Costume
Dramatic Maleficent Halloween Costume

Caption: Dramatic Maleficent Halloween Costume

The spooky season asks you to celebrate the diva in you. So, there’s no harm in giving your Maleficent dress an opulent twist.

Go all metallic and wear a gown heavily embellished with sequins and different adornments. You can add some fringe detailing along the sleeve hem to emulate the wings of Maleficent in a subtle way.

Further, wear a feather or metallic headgear that complements the color theme and appeal of the gown.

One small tip from me. Pick dark purple or black lip color to paint your lips.

Colorful Maleficent Halloween Costume 

Colorful Maleficent Halloween Costume

Are you still searching for a “Halloween costume Maleficent?” You can try a colorful version of the evil fairy’s look.

Also, if you have a penchant for surreal fashion, you can always get as creative as you want.

You will need a black halter neck long gown to create this look. Now, get big wings attached to the back of the gown.

Remember to use feathers of various shades in the wings, as the idea is to add a lot of colors to the entire ensemble. 

Team your gown with a pair of black opera gloves. I really like this look as it does not need you to wear a heavy crown/headgear.

Style your hair the way you want, but keep the eye and lip makeup a little dramatic.

That’s it! You have your own surreal version of the Maleficent look.

Angelia Jolie Maleficent Costume For Halloween: Keeping It Basic 

Angelia Jolie Maleficent Costume For Halloween_ Keeping It Basic

Do you want to go for an exact copy for the Maleficent look? Wear a black top and pants made of leather, and ensure that the top has some feather detailing around the neckline.

Get the wings stitched at the back. 

The Maleficent look is incomplete without the headgear. You will easily find one online or at the stores selling fancy dresses and accessories.

Once your wardrobe is on point, wear black fake nails and paint your lips red before stepping out.

Maleficent “Well Well” Scene Costume 

Maleficent “Well Well” Scene Costume

Who doesn’t remember the iconic “well-well” scene from Maleficent? The costume in the scene is as dramatic as it can get. 

The look is not as tough to create as you think. You will just need a long black robe and the headgear with horns to get your wardrobe right.

Maleficent’s robe in the scene has a winged finish around the neck. You can get your robe designed like that, or if you want a minimalistic version, you can do without it.

Caption: Maleficent Well Well Scene Look

Now, paint your lips, read, and define your eyes with bold and black eye pencils.

Don’t forget those black fake nails and the stick for the final touch to your look. 

Sheer Maleficent Halloween Costume 

Sheer Maleficent Halloween Costume

When it’s dramatic and sensual, it has to be something beautiful with the skillful use of sheer fabric.

If you want to flaunt your love for Haute fashion, get a sheer gown made with copious lace work and sequin embellishments.

Further, the sleeves can be designed like wings to create the perfect Maleficent look.

Also, make sure that the gown has enough flares to give you a flattering silhouette. 

In addition, your makeup will play a vital role in nailing this look. Keep your hair loose and neat with a central parting.

Focus on your eye makeup and keep it smoky. That’s it! Paint your nails black and step out in style. 

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Halloween Costume 

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Halloween Costume

Are you looking for a Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Halloween costume for your little one? It’s easy to create.

Make the little one wear a simple short-sleeve dress tailored with a sheer overlay. However, ensure the dress is neutral brown or green in the shade to stay true to the theme.

You are going to need a few accessories to complete her look. Get wings stitched to the back of her outfit, or if you want to minimize the hassle, you can also go for a matching cloak.

In addition, you will need a beaded necklace and a headgear with horns.

If the headgear seems heavier for her, replace it with a hair band with horns. 

Final Words 

I really had a fun experience curating the best Maleficent Halloween costume ideas for you. Further, to create the look of this iconic Disney villain, you can always add your creative touches and twists. There are so many areas where you can fuse your fashion aesthetics without ruining the theme.

So, what do you think of the costume ideas I have highlighted here? Do you have any other exciting ideas in your mind?

Don’t forget to share! 

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