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How To Create Makeup Looks That Match Your Outfit

The best way to seal your perfect outfit is by pairing it with the right makeup. With the number of things and ways you can play around with your brush, you might have difficulty matching your makeup with your clothing, especially if you have a favourite go-to look.

While that colour combination helps to make you look radiant and fresh all day, it might not be the best pair to go with, especially if you’re going for an edgy look. With that, you need to adjust your makeup look accordingly.

Matching your makeup with your outfit will help to complete your look and deliver what kind of mood you’re going for. To have an adequate supply for every look you’re going with, you can begin shopping for makeup at suppliers like nationalsalonsupplies.com.au and others. Moreover, below are some ways to create a makeup look that matches your outfit:

Don’t Match Everything To Your Outfit

Don’t Match Everything To Your Outfit

Back in the day, it was quite common for people to match everything with what they were wearing for the day. For example, if you’re wearing a blue sweater, you’ll probably wear blue eyeshadow to complete the look.

However, that style no longer applies to this generation, as it makes your appearance look too flat and dull. It’s like you ran out of ideas for your makeup.

While you can always pick a single colour from your outfit for your makeup, it’s essential that you only use it as a highlight and not for the entire makeup look.

Going back to the blue sweater, for example, you can use a blue eyeshadow for the lid colour and brown or black for the other parts of your eye, such as the crease and outer V.

Stick To A Single Colour

single colour for your eyeshadow and eyeliner

It might be tempting to play with colours, especially if you have a lot of makeup in your stash. However, you must learn to control yourself and stick with a single colour for your eyeshadow and eyeliner, and another for your blush and lipstick.

Going with various colours may make it look so distracting that it no longer complements your outfit but ruins everything. To avoid this, you should stick to shades of a single colour for your eyeshadow and eyeliner and blush and lipstick.

Apart from choosing a colour palette for your makeup, you also need to consider your outfit’s colour. For your lipstick, if you’re just playing around with nudes, pinks, and reds, then you need to see if you’re going with a warm or cool tone for your overall look. This should help you decide whether to go bold or soft for your lips.

Don’t Go Overboard With Everything

There are instances wherein you’d like to show off your amazing makeup skills. It could be how good you are with a cut-crease eyeshadow look, how you’ve perfected a winged eyeliner, or even how you can transform your lips into something plump and thicker by using bold lip colours. While being creative with makeup is impressive, try to balance everything perfectly.

Ideally, it would be best to choose which part of your face or makeup you’d like to emphasise. It could be a bold colour for your lips, an intense eye shadow, or bushy eyebrows. While doing everything all at once is possible, it can break your look and make it too overwhelming. Choosing a single feature helps keep everything in balance but allows you to emphasise something on your face.

Learn Which Contouring And Highlighting Method Suits You Best

Of course, the basics of makeup are learning which contouring and highlighting best suits your face. This way, you can fully utilise what makeup offers and use its power to your advantage.

You can begin by learning your face shape and see which areas you need to contour. It usually goes around the sides of your forehead, cheeks, and jawline. However, the specific position and length will still vary depending on your face shape.

While contouring helps to shape your face, highlighting helps to give it the right glow and morph. Bronzing is another excellent way to lend warmth to your face if you want to keep it subtle and natural, perfect for a summer or laid-back look.

Proper contouring and highlighting will help to bring out the best of your facial features, making makeup matching a breeze as you’ve emphasised your best assets.

Consider Using A Contrasting Shade

Contrary to what’s mentioned above, you can use a contrasting shade for your makeup look as long as it shares the same undertone or scheme. For example, if you’re wearing an all-white dress, you can play with bold colours, such as ruby red lipstick, sharp eyeliner, rose blush, and volumising mascara for your makeup look. That’ll help to cancel out the simplicity of your attire and add character and statement to it.

Alternatively, if you’re wearing an all-black dress, you can wear the same colours for the white dress or try to be on the softer side, such as nude lipstick, to seal the look.

That’ll help to drown out the edgy vibe and create something sophisticated and fancy. You can just layer it with a glittery eye shadow to still add warmth to your makeup look.

Consider Matching It With Your Accessories

Sometimes you don’t have to focus on what clothing you’re wearing, but rather on what jewellery you’re going with. If you’re wearing coloured gems, it might be worth considering matching your makeup colours with its shades. For example, if you’re wearing a ruby red necklace, you can pair it with red lipstick.

For an emerald gem, you can use a dark green eye shadow with a blend of black for a smokey effect to add drama to your look. You can pair it with nude lipstick to balance out everything.

While this can be tricky, ensure that your jewellery pieces are emphasised so that it’s immediately clear why you chose these makeup colours to go with your outfit, as not making it obvious might result in clashing colours.


The perfect makeup look complements the type of outfit you’re wearing. This way, you can make everything look well together and not just something that looks beautiful.

By knowing how you can easily mix and match the colours and which makeup to go with, you can create the perfect balance of everything, allowing your entire look to be beautiful, individually and as a whole.


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