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Do You Want The Best Makeup For Green Eyes? (Learn 7+ Tips For The Season)

They say that there is no stopping being creative if you know how to wear makeup. However, if you are someone who loves to play by books, you will surely want to have an idea about how the color of your pupil has a role to play in planning your eye makeup.

Do you want to know how to do makeup for green eyes? 

Here, I have created a simple makeup tutorial for green eyes. You can explore the styles and use them for different occasions. Let’s start!   

What Is The Best Eye Makeup For Green Eyes?

It does not matter whether you are doing bridal makeup for green eyes or need some makeup ideas for your daily dose of fashion. Keeping some simple tips in mind will help you to ace the makeup for green eyes. 

1. Warm Neutral Makeup For Green Eyes 

Subtle and dewy! This is the look you can create if you want neutral makeup for green eyes. Take neutral tones of brown and copper and apply those shades to your eyelids. Blend the two colors seamlessly for a perfect dewy and neutral look for your green eyes.

Choose the same colors as the blusher for your cheeks. Further, pick a color in the shades of plum for your lips. 

2. Shimmery Silver Makeup For Green Eyes 

Do you want to know which wedding makeup looks for green eyes? You can try this silver makeup. This is also one of the most dramatic looks you can create while exploring the makeup for green eyes. 

To achieve this look, you need to apply a statement silver eyeshadow on your eyelids and define your lash lines with black eyeliner.

Now, use a mascara and curler to get the classic elongated eyelashes for your eyes. The overall makeup is very vintage, and it never goes out of style.

To balance out your eye makeup, wear a bold lip color (preferably dark red) for your special day. 

3. Pink And Brown Makeup For Green Eyes 

Pink and brown eye makeup is great for highlighting the green color of your pupils. This color combination further accentuates the golden tone in your eyeballs. 

Do you want to know how to create this look? Take pink and brown eyeshadows. Pick a softer shade of brown for the eyeshadow, smudge it upward, and bring the mix toward your brow lines. Now, use the shade of pink for the areas closer to your eyes.

The combination of pink and brown will create a beautiful play of light and shade. So, the overall eye makeup will be soft and stylish. 

4. Pink Makeup For Green Eyes 

Do you want a dewy effect for your eye makeup? You can try a pink eyeshadow to make your green iris pop out. However, choose softer shades of pink to achieve that desired dreamy vibe.

Don’t use dark lines of eyeliners to define your eyes while trying this soft pink makeup. Also, don’t forget to curl up your eyelashes for a perfect finish. 

5. How About Some Soft Goth Look?

Soft goth is very much in vogue for eye makeup these days, and this style is very much suitable for green eyes. 

To ace this look, you can use black eyeliner and draw thick lines along with lower lash lines. The bold and beautiful lines in black will complement the light green color of your pupils. However, make sure that the eyeliner on your upper eyelid is thin. Otherwise, your eyes will look smaller.

Choose neutral tones for eyeshadow. Also, keep the overall makeup neutral to bring all the focus to your eyes. 

6. Abstract Gold Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Do you want an abstract makeup for your green eyes? You can use golden gel eyeliner to flaunt a glammed-up look. This makeup also has an element of folk charm in it.

Use the golden eyeliner to draw single or double lines across the crease areas on your eyelids. Use the same metallic eyeliner to define your lower lash lines. 

To keep things more perked up, you can draw a single streak of golden eyeliner below your lips. 

However, if you want to keep things minimalistic, you can only focus on your eye makeup using this golden gel eyeliner. You can try a similar look using silver eyeliner. 

7. Pink Eyeshadow Makeup For Green Eyes 

You don’t always have to go for something as detailed as smokey eyes if you want to highlight your green eyes. You can even try a simple pink eyeshadow look for your eyes while attending a party or just flaunting your high-fashion aesthetics.

Take a liquid pink eyeshadow and smudge it across your eyelids using your fingertip. Don’t forget to add a touch of shimmer to the eyeshadow for the much-needed glam quotient.

Finally, use a gel eyeliner and draw thin single lines across your upper and lower lash lines to add definition to your eye makeup.  

8. Classic Hollywood Eye Makeup With A Contemporary Twist 

The classic Hollywood style is never out of vogue, and when someone like Adele wears this style for her green eyes, we cannot help swooning over it. 

She has applied thick lines of eyeliners on the upper lids of her eyes. She has further used the same eyeliner to define the inner corners of her eyes.

The flattery eyelashes have further added softness and a feminine touch to her eyes. In addition, the well-defined lash lines have made the green pupils pop. 

Talking about the contemporary twist, it comes from Adele’s bold red lipstick. She wears bold lip color to balance the soft eye makeup. 

Final Words 

There is no dearth of ideas if you want to know about the best makeup for green eyes. Along with the styles I have discussed here, you can also try a shimmery purple look, the perfect smokey eye look, and a dreamy look with soft lilac on your eyelids.

Do you like the styles I have discussed here, or do you have some other ideas in your mind for the makeup of your green eyes? Don’t forget to share. 

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