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10 Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Great

It’s official: your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your entire house.

Science dictates that you’ll spend around a third of your life in your bedroom (assuming that’s always where you sleep, of course), so why settle for a drab or unexciting sleeping environment? Of course, your bedroom shouldn’t be too exciting – it’s not good to be too stimulated before you rest, after all – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look amazing.

Checkout Ten Best Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Look Great:

Here are some tips to make your bedroom look great and help you look forward to spending time there!

1. Buy some fun duvet covers

What’s the main centrepiece in any bedroom? Naturally, the answer is “the bed”, and so if you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, it stands to reason that the first place to go is the bed itself.

 bedroom ideas

Buying some fun, colourful duvet covers will make hopping into bed during those autumn nights all the more enticing. Why not buy themed duvet covers for every month of the year? That way, you’ll always have something new to look forward to every time the calendar flips over!

2. Hang up some art or photos

Your bedroom should feel like an intensely personal space; after all, it’s only going to be you (and presumably people you really trust) in there, so it’s important that it feels intimate. With that in mind, hanging artwork or photos around the walls is a great way to create a close, personal atmosphere.

For that extra touch, why not try hanging up some metal prints with some of your favourite photos or artwork on them? This will really transform your bedroom and make it feel all the more unique to you.

3. Redecorate

It might sound obvious, but if your bedroom is starting to feel a little drab and samey, then one of the best ways to combat that is simply to redecorate the space.

If you’ve got wallpaper, tear it down and replace it with a different pattern, and if you don’t like the colour your space is painted anymore, then change it to something more to your liking. Remember that this is going to be a fairly time-consuming project, so don’t start it up unless you’re confident you want to see it through.

4. Open up natural light sources

Many people block off the windows or natural light sources in their bedrooms, which can make for a darker space. While that might seem like a good idea at the time, letting in natural light is an important part of creating a healthy sleep cycle, so make sure that your windows aren’t being obscured by anything.

Artificial light is all well and good, but emphasising natural light is healthier, so creating a balance between the two is critical if you want your bedroom to look and feel great.

5. Add dimmer switches

If there’s one room in the house that would benefit hugely from dimmer switches, it’s your bedroom. After all, if you’re looking to control the ambience and lighting in your bedroom, then having dimmer switches is the best way to do that.

dimmer switches

You can even opt for smart lighting if you’re feeling particularly fancy; being able to control the level and hue of the light in your bedroom from your phone never stops feeling cool, and it allows you to create a wider range of scenes for your room.

6. Don’t buy everything from the same store

This is a surprisingly easy tip to implement, but it’s one that many people fall foul of. When you’re buying furnishings for your bedroom – whether that be a bed, a wardrobe, or any other item – make sure that you mix up the sources a little.

Don’t buy everything from the same store, because if you do, you’ll create the unmistakable “show home” look, where your bedroom starts to look like a show home instead of a lived-in, personal space for you.

7. Buy a thick rug

Your bedroom is the one room in the house that should almost exclusively be for relaxation. With that in mind, buying a huge, thick rug that you can sink your feet into at the end of a long and difficult day should be a priority for you.

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning on a cold day and not having to put your feet onto cold tiled flooring, either, so make sure you shop around for a rug that’s going to give you a reason to swing your legs out of bed.

8. Add lots of pillows

What gives a bed that plush, luxurious look? Believe it or not, all you need to do is add some accoutrements to the bed; throwing on plenty of pillows will give it the look of a bed you can leap onto and lose yourself in.

Adding blankets, linens, and other extras to the bed will also give it that decadent feel. Just make sure that you’re arranging your pillows correctly because simply throwing them onto the bed willy-nilly won’t make it look any better.

9. Keep it simple

We’ve spent this whole article telling you about ways to add things to your bedroom to make it look great, but one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the look of your bedroom is to keep things simple.

 tips to make your bedroom look great

Clutter can lead not only to a room that doesn’t look great but also to poorer mental health, so make sure to make time in your schedule for decluttering. Keeping everything streamlined will help you to relax when you head into your bedroom after a long day.

10. Add some plants

While it might be true that plants cleaning up the air in a room is mostly a myth, that doesn’t mean plants wouldn’t make a great addition to your bedroom. Adding plants can transform a space; they bring a vibrant shade of green to a room and make it feel more “alive”.

Try not to buy fake plants if you can help it. Stick to plants that are easy to care for; this will have the added benefit of giving you an ongoing project, but not one that’s too time-consuming or demanding.

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