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Top 9 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles For Men

A man’s hairstyle is an essential part of his grooming.

It can also significantly influence his appearance, which is why regular visits to the barber should be prioritized.

Moreover, having the perfect, low-maintenance hairstyle can help them cut their preparation time short and simplify their daily grooming needs.

Meanwhile, there are many low-maintenance hairstyles to choose from, such as induction, burr, or butch cuts. The key is to find one that best flatters your features while allowing you to be comfortable and stylish.

It would also help if you choose a haircut that you can easily style and maintain. Significantly, low-maintenance hairstyles require minimal hair products. Minal hairstyles are always in the fashion of the men’s grooming regime. Fewer products, less time, but achieve the outstanding look.

Top 9 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles Men Should Not Avoid

Here are some of the best low-maintenance hairstyles that you can consider for your next barber appointment:

Low-Maintenance Hairstyles Men

1. Crew Cut

The crew cut is characterized by a short, closely trimmed crown that tapers to a longer length at the hairline on the forehead. This cut is not only low-maintenance but also works well with many face shapes. Hence, it’s widely considered a go-to hairstyle for those who want a foolproof, wash-and-wear cut.

Crew Cut

2. Taper Haircut

The taper haircut is another great option if you want something easy to style and maintain. This sleek hairstyle gives you volume in your hair over the crown and center of your head while keeping the back and sides neat and clean.

To style your taper haircut, you’ll only need to finger-comb the voluminous part of your hair and slick it back for a clean look. You can also tousle it for a more laid-back, casual vibe or neatly comb the front part upwards to add dimension and character.

Taper Haircut

3. French crop

In the French crop, the top hair is given more volume while the sides and back are neatly trimmed for a clean, unfussy look. The difference between a French crop and other clean-cuts is the blunt fringe that lines the forehead, allowing you to try various styling options.

For instance, you can put the strands down if you want more definition to outline your face frame. On the other hand, you can also put them up or tousle the hair on top for more volume.

men hairstyle

4. Side Part

Depending on your face shape and personal preference, a side-part hairstyle allows you to keep your hair short and clean on the sides while adding volume to just one side. You can style it with or without a hair product to make the part easily visible and defined.

However, if you want a sleek look for formal occasions, you can give your hair some shine with enough pomade or hair wax and comb it neatly.

Side Part

5. Short Slick Back

The short-slicked back hairstyle is ideal for those who want a clean look on the sides and long, voluminous hair on top that allows styling flexibility. The contrast is great for those who want to add a few inches to their visual height. It also works for those who want to elongate their face frame.

Aside from the flattering effects of the short slick back cut, it’s also perfect for those who love to finger-comb their hair for a quick fix. You can add a small amount of wax or hair cream and push your hair back for an effortlessly polished look.

Short Slick Back

6. Shag

If you prefer to keep your hair on the longer side, you can consider the shag haircut, which works for straight, wavy, or curly hair. It’s low-maintenance and gives you coverage and framing around the sides of your face.

It’s up to you to add volume by blow drying the hair with a brush or keep it sleek with wax and styling cream. You can also experiment with various man buns to give your hair a comfortable yet stylish look.


7. Induction

The induction hairstyle is your best bet if you’re in for the shortest buzz cut. Named after the haircut given to new army recruits, this hairstyle requires minimal styling and is easy to maintain because it features a near-clean shave.

This short hairstyle gives you enough coverage on your head. And it can easily match any casual or formal attire. This haircut is so low-maintenance that you can wash your hair and scalp every other day, especially if you’re active. To keep it in tip-top shape, you can use a mild cleanser and a light conditioner.


8. Butch Cuts

The butch cut features hair trimmed evenly up to about a fourth of an inch in length.

It has more volume and coverage than an induction cut, though the crew cut has more length on the front. Since the hair is cut short and even, butch cuts can be considered the ultimate wash-and-wear style you can sport on any occasion.

It also requires little to no styling, and maintenance will only require regular washing and light conditioning every other day. You may also need to visit the barber now and then to keep your hair at an ideal length.

Butch Cuts

9. Burr Buzz Cut

The burr cut sits between the butch cut and the induction cut, slightly shorter than ¼ of an inch. The name is derived from the usual haircuts given to military men.

As with similar hairstyles, it’s also easy to maintain and doesn’t require much styling. You’ll also find variations regarding length and gradation, which you can discuss with your barber before getting this style.

Burr Buzz Cut


Low-maintenance haircuts are ideal for gentlemen on the go since they’re easy to style and match with any wardrobe.

If you choose any of these haircuts, you’ll only need a few minutes in the morning to fix your hair, if required. However, it’s essential to regularly wash and condition your hair to prevent product buildup or dandruff.

Also, you’ll need to visit your barber now and then to keep your hair at an ideal length that would keep you looking neat, clean, and adequately groomed all the time. Finally, you’ll have to learn different ways to style your haircut so you can switch up your looks as you like.