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The Most Popular Louis Vuitton Bags To Invest In Always

Everyone who is accustomed to the world of luxury fashion knows the luxury fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. They are one of the older fashion brands that have established their authority in the fashion world. 

But not all you know is that the brand started off by making the famous Louis Vuitton bags. He initially started by making good quality leather travel bags; later, he was commissioned by the Queen to make leather bags for the Royal family.

So if you wanna know more about these famous Louis Vuitton bags, all you need to do is keep on scrolling through the article and keep on reading. 

A Brief History Of Louis Vuitton Bags

A Brief History Of Louis Vuitton Bags

Founded back in 1854, Louis Vuitton made their mark being the number one craftsman for travel trunks. But with time, it became one of the top luxury brands in the world for its handbags and clothing apparel. 

Louis Vuitton grew more and more popular for its innovative and creative designs of handbags. They maintained a perfect balance of modern innovation and historical significance. The first design of Louis Vuitton was the Damian check which became a part of the brand ever since 1888. 

That year, the iconic logo of Louis Vuitton also became a vital part of the brand’s identity, which reads, “marque L. Vuitton  déposée,” this directly translates to “L.Vuitton registered trademark.” This was the logo before their signature monogram canvas that debuted in 1896. 

“The LV Keepall, LV Noe, and LV Speedy were all introduced during the 1930s and remain among the most popular Louis Vuitton purse styles even today. The LV Keepall and LV Speedy come in two distinct styles, without a strap or with a strap or Bandoulière.”

Then in the late 1990s, more precisely in 1970, Marc Jacobs took charge and became the creative director of Louis Vuitton. From then, the era of artistic collaboration among designers and limited editions of the Louis Vuitton bags and purses. These limited edition purses were in high demand in the secondary market of the fashion world. 

“Louis Vuitton handbags from limited edition partnerships with Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, and Yayoi Kusama have significantly increased in value since the LV bags were initially sold. Marc Jacobs was replaced by Nicolas Ghesquiere in 2013.”

“In 2017, a Louis Vuitton partnership with streetwear brand Supreme resulted in long lines and products selling out globally within days of the launch. Secondary market prices were over 2x retail immediately following the release.” 

“Virgil Abloh was appointed to men’s creative director in 2018 and is focused on redefining luxury and streetwear at Louis Vuitton. A Louis Vuitton purse remains one of the most sought after on the resale market.”

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy

Louis Vuitton Speedy

“High on our list of the most popular luxury brands, Louis Vuitton will always be a household name.” 

“The Speedy was designed in response to the 1930 advance in public transport. The compact design is lightweight and easy to travel with. While the singular silhouette, rolled leather handles, and signature engraved padlock epitomize the luxury inherent to the time-honored fashion House.”

“This Louis Vuitton bag was made popular in the 1960s when Audrey Hepburn was seen carrying the Speedy. The classic sizes come in 25, 30, 35, and 40 centimeters, but Louis Vuitton has also released limited edition Speedy versions in the BB, Mini Sac HL, Nano, and Neo.”

“The original Louis Vuitton Speedy bag was designed without a strap, but in 2011 Louis Vuitton released the Speedy Bandoulière with an adjustable shoulder strap that can be removed.”

“The LV Speedy is available in the classic coated canvas patterns including LV Monogram, LV Damier Ebene, and LV Damier Azur.Louis Vuitton releases limited edition patterns every year with many selling for significantly above the original retail price in the secondary market. The most iconic limited edition bags include the Gaffiti LV Speedy and Multicolore LV Speedy. The Speedy remains the most collectible Louis Vuitton purse.”

Best For: Meeting you at the station

Release: 1930

Retail Price: $1,490 – $2,980

2. Louis Vuitton Alma

Louis Vuitton Alma

“Rumor has it that the Alma was organically designed for Coco Chanel. True or not, it’s indisputable that the domed construction remains one of the most influential handbags worldwide.”

“Distinguished by its structured silhouette, sturdy base, and rolled riveted double handles, the timeless LV classic has been around since the 1930s—and isn’t disappearing anytime soon.”

“The Louis Vuitton Alma has the most structural design and sturdy base of all of the Louis Vuitton purse designs. The first Alma was custom-made in 1925 for Gabrielle Chanel, and years later, she gave permission to have the style manufactured for the general public.” 

“The Alma has had several names, including the Squire, the Champs Elysees, and, finally, the Alma, which refers to “Place de l’Alma,” the tree-lined square in Paris where the Avenue Montaigne meets the Seine. The Louis Vuitton Alma is made in a wide range of materials, and many limited edition patterns have been released.”

Best For: Bridging the gap between function and fashion 

Release: 1934

Retail Price: $1,760 – $19,000

3. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

“The Louis Vuitton Neverfull was first introduced in 2007 and since then has become Louis Vuitton’s most successful handbag launch since the Keepall and Speedy.” 

“The LV Neverfull was designed as an everyday Louis Vuitton tote and came in three basic sizes: the Neverfull PM, Neverfull MM, and Neverfull GM. The largest LV tote size, the Neverfull GM, can carry up to 200 pounds (90 kilograms).”

“Made from supple canvas, the classical chic Louis Vuitton Neverfull flaunts the brand’s iconic monogram or checked prints. While the roomy interior comes in a range of hues—from contemporary Pivoine pink to timeless Cherry red or a versatile beige.”

Best For: Indulging your insatiable appetite for luxury fashion

Release: 2007

Retail Price: $1,960 – $3,100

4. Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories

Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories

“There’s nothing better than a Y2K mini crossbody—unless you add the iconic LV monogram. Born to hit the elusive sweet spot between purse and pouch, this Louis Vuitton mini bag fits all the essentials without adding an extra load.” 

“The all-black Louis Vuitton bag is effortlessly versatile for day-to-day wear. Although we remain unapologetically biased towards the beige monogram contrasted against the black leather silhouette. Add the House’s signature gold chain, and you’ll have every passerby fawning over your accessoire wherever it takes you.”

“This Louis Vuitton purse comes with three pouches and two straps so the bag can be worn in multiple ways including as an Louis Vuitton crossbody purse and Louis Vuitton shoulder purse . The trend in mini and micro bags has helped the popularity of the new Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires.”

Best For: The only accessoire you need

Release: 2019

Retail Price: $745 – $3,100

5. Louis Vuitton Capucines

Louis Vuitton Capucines

“Named after the fashion House’s first store location in Paris’ Rue Neuve-des-Capucines, this Louis Vuitton handbag up levels the brand’s luxury with an elegance à la française— alluringly understated. The signature square silhouette is crafted from full-grain Taurillon leather.” 

“It features a removable shoulder strap and two interior compartments. While the instantly-recognizable front flap can be worn inside or out—with the option to show off an elegant monogram flower or an exaggerated LV monogram (a tough choice, we know).”

Best For: Hitting the streets – Parisian style

Release: 2013

Retail Price: $6,100 – $9,050

6. Louis Vuitton Noe

“Marry champagne with Louis Vuitton, and you know where to find us. The Louis Vuitton Noé was created in 1932 to carry bottles of champagne without breaking the bottles and is the second oldest Louis Vuitton purse launched by the brand.” 

Louis Vuitton Noe

“The original Louis Vuitton Noé was large enough to carry five bottles, four up right and one in the middle upside down. Choosing between the luxury brand’s iconic checked or monogram canvas is no small feat. Although we adore the large monogram print for a slightly contemporary twist on an old-school classic.”

“The Louis Vuitton Noé was the first LV bucket bag which has since become a very common and recognizable handbag shape used by many designers. The name Noé is derived from the bible story of Noah since he became a winemaker after surviving the flood.” 

“The Louis Vuitton Noé came in two sizes, the original and Petit, but in 2013 Louis Vuitton introduced a smaller version labeled BB, and in 2015, an even smaller size called the Nano Noé and both can be used as an LV crossbody purse.”

Best For: Poppin’ (not breaking) bottles

Release: 1932

Retail Price: $1,600 – $3,500

7. Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

“Inspired by the classical retro trunk, this miniature take on Louis Vuitton vintage bags is everything we love about the timeless brand. While it may not fit your weekend wear, the compact design is deceivingly spacious. And a variety of prints and colorways each tell a unique story.”

“The terracotta leather contrasted against white lines and a monogram print is reminiscent of the clay court inherent to the French Open (aka Roland-Garros). The croco green takes us to the wild side. And the brand’s signature Malletage pattern travels elegantly from day to night.”

Best For: Travelling through fashion history – but make it tiny

Release: 2014

Retail Price: $3,200 – $30, 000

8. Louis Vuitton Dauphine

“Reintroduced in the 2019 Spring/Summer Collection, the Dauphine is the quintessential revival of the 1970s’ instantly-recognizable rendition—but with a contemporary twist. With its foldover flap buckle closure and gold buckle, the sumptuous silhouette is a modern marriage between old-school romance and clean lines.”

“The neo-vintage style has quickly become one of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags amongst fashion icons and It-girls. The removable gold chain adds an extra dimension to the alluring accessory. While signature color combinations remain a timeless fashion statement.”

Best For: Neo-vintage va va voom

Release: 70s 

Retail Price: $3,400 – $4,450

9. Louis Vuitton OnTheGo

“Designed with plenty of room for a laptop and other office essentials, the OnTheGo is quickly becoming one of our favorite designer work bags. 

“As part of a range of new LV bags, this on-the-go tote speaks to our partiality towards fashionably functional staples with two Toron handles as well as long shoulder straps. While the elegant exterior flaunts the luxury brand’s signature monogram in a variety of color combinations.”

“We love the white monogram print set against a vibrant green canvas silhouette. The black and white monogram flower print is inspired by vintage wallpaper and speaks to the timelessness of the brand. And the beige oversized logo print contrasted with the red interior encapsulates luxury in every way.”

Best For: Elevated work essentials 

Release: 2019

Retail Price: $3,100 – $3,800

10. Louis Vuitton Twist

“Let’s twist again like we did last Summer—if this accessory came with a soundtrack, this would be it. Adored by all for its contemporary understated design, you can’t miss the signature LV hardware lock, which (fittingly) twists to secure your contents. While a chunky gold chain speaks to the avant-garde design.”

“Exuding classical chic finesse, the versatile style transitions effortlessly from day to night. And while the natural raffia silhouette is a quintessential addition to any capsule wardrobe, the Since 1854 emblazoned monogramming proves that sometimes more is more.”

Best For: Twistin’ time is here 

Release: 2015

Retail Price: $4,200 – $25,200

Wrapping Up!

It is for sure that Louis Vuitton bags and purses are not at all cheap; rather, they are quite expensive and are often bought as collectibles. With the intricate craftsmanship of each of bag, it is understandable that the price of the bags is justified and expected. 

So anyone who is a fashion enthusiast will definitely opt to buy at least one of such collectible Louis Vuitton bags for their own collection. Now if you are someone like that who loves luxury fashion and fashion brands and feels like this article was helpful and informative, then give this article a like and comment down below.

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